11 New Sales Tech to Invest in 2024 for the Highest Return

11 New Sales Tech to Invest in 2024 for the Highest Return

This article is meant to help you decide on the best sales technology tools to invest in for 2023. We hope that you find it useful to your business.

Sales are one such department whose value cannot be overstated in today’s digital age. They are an essential part of sales organizations and executives as they play an important role in the income cycle. It profitably offers a way to spur growth and foster client loyalty. Due to this reason, most sales leaders are heavily investing in tools as a sales strategy. 

According to the TrueList reports, around 80% of marketers credit marketing automation as the main factor in their success. They also claimed that marketing automation technologies increased their productivity by about 20%.

Thus, we did some research and found some trending tools for you that most sales cycle leaders spend the most money on through 2023 and beyond. Let’s begin.

11 New sales tech to invest in 2024 for the highest return

1. Robust CRM tool

CRM is a vital piece of sales technology for your business as an all-in-one platform to manage your lead and customer information. Think of your CRM software solution as the central hub you build the rest of your sales tools around.

As noted by our State of Sales Report, people who use a CRM tool for sales are 9% more likely to hit their sales targets. Those same respondents also said they were more satisfied in their sales roles.

That's because CRM handles many labor-intensive tasks associated with your regular customer contacts. Your CRM records every lead, customer, or prospect contact with your business, including emails, phone conversations, and website visits. You can eliminate many hours of manual data input just by doing this.

A CRM offers you a place to plan your subsequent activities in addition to recording your prior encounters. As you close to closing, you can quickly identify the discussions you've previously had and what comes up next.

Having these details front and center makes establishing an effective sales cadence for every customer easier. These reasons are enough to convince us that sales technology is a good tool for investment

crm as sales technology tool

2. Artificial intelligence tool

Artificial intelligence is increasingly transforming how we think, work, and even live (AI). Due to AI's numerous advantages, businesses are increasingly employing AI-enabled products. According to a McKinsey survey, most respondents claimed that their organizations had used AI capabilities owing to AI's expanding benefits on cost reductions and the bottom line. Businesses find it challenging to ignore the advantages AI offers to be cutting edge and competitive.

Here are some of the sales benefits that AI brings with it:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Deliver a memorable customer experience 
  • Increase Operational business agility
  • Increasing the Accuracy of Processes that Focus on Content
  • Automating intelligently is enabled

Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI) in sales may monitor better and forecast client behavior, spot cross-selling and upselling possibilities, automate tedious processes, and increase forecasting accuracy. The ultimate aim of AI in sales is to increase productivity and effectiveness while cutting expenses.

You should invest in AI as a sales tech tool for these reasons.

3. The Internet of Things

As interest in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) rises, more businesses are investing in the Internet of Things (IoT). Despite being a relatively new subject, the IoT is multiplying, and there is no sign of this trend ceasing.

According to Statista, there will be more than 25 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2030, up from an estimated 9 billion in 2020. According to the same source, 75 billion IoT-connected devices will operate by 2023, producing 79.4 zettabytes of data.

It is being said that the IoT brings a fourth industrial revolution in the industry and helps bring about a variety of market developments, resulting in a significant rise in sales productivity and the transformation of current company structures. Innovative solutions that will help businesses from various industries become leaders in their respective fields can now be introduced thanks to the deployment of cutting-edge IoT technology.

Overall, IoT is one of the fundamental ways to increase an organization's competitiveness, offering a wide range of commercial benefits. Forbes reports that one in four Chinese businesses using the Internet of Things admit that boosting competitiveness was the primary driver of their investment.

So, these are why people are investing in IOT.


4. Invest in the relationship with an employee

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every business; there is no getting around that. Any business's primary goal is to acquire customers and keep them returning for more. The personnel is lost in all this commotion of achieving regular targets. Customer experience and employee experience are indeed inversely related. According to research, businesses with a positive employee experience outperform their rivals by 147%.

Take Hilton Hotels as an illustration; they are renowned for providing outstanding employee experiences. To enhance the working environment for employees, the corporation took things a step further in 2018 and rebuilt the cafeterias and locker facilities. The stock price of Hilton increased by $20. As a result, they demonstrated healthy progress. From a financial standpoint, Hilton's action may not have been essential, but the kind of goodwill, incentives, and retention it garnered will benefit the business in the long run.
Employee investment demonstrates business culture and boosts sales. Consumers today want to feel your brand's "Heartbeat." They prefer to purchase from a company that communicates with them more humanely than technologically. Additionally, happy staff is the best brand ambassador your business can have. They can generate significant business for you through word-of-mouth and personal networking (as they are the bottom line).

5. Analytics & reporting tool

Professionals in the software and digital industries are accustomed to receiving enormous amounts of real-time data from all directions. We are also acutely conscious of how crucial it is to transform data lakes into understandable, usable insights that can guide future business decisions.

Analytics and reporting tool is one of the essential tools to invest in 2023 as it provides the most valuable resource for any firm that is data, which has various benefits.

One of the prime benefits of data is that it will assist your team in identifying closure probability, opportunity evaluation, and the best opportunities. With this knowledge, sales and marketing teams can more efficiently develop the correct kind of content for sealing deals and improve every stage of the sales process.

This application is typically included as part of a business intelligence package. The reporting tools assist in decision-making. Detailed insights will give you greater control over data.

Reporting tools attractively present the data. By representing the data attractively, these tools make data more readable, sound, and presentable. So, investment in analytics and reporting can be your best bet.

6. Messaging matters

Businesses that approach communications with intention, consistency, and empathy improve the customer experience, which fosters a relationship of assurance and confidence between the prospect and the industry.

Prospects anticipate the same messaging and approach from conducting their research, which they're getting better and faster at, to chatting with a sales representative. All salespeople will be on the same page and give the correct information if a unified sales playbook is created with messaging and strategies.

Several illustrations of beneficial sales documentation include:

  • Scripts for sales pitches
  • Product outlines
  • Case studies and customer testimonials
  • Whitepapers
  • Combat cards
  • Graphics

7. Invest in social selling

Over the past ten years, selling has seen significant change. Social selling has become essential to sales because more than 81% of buyers today conduct internet research before making a purchase.
Through social media, businesses can reach customers that suit their target personas and would value their goods or services. Companies can develop relationships with Internet customers through social media, resulting in better chemistry and higher client retention rates.

Finding potential prospects on LinkedIn is a terrific tool, especially for B2B sales. By actively interacting with people who are active through social selling, you can enhance brand awareness and keep your business at the forefront of their minds. This implies obtaining leads of a higher caliber and more extensive sales results from higher caliber leads. 

Additionally, you may use automation tools to create a strong email list for your sales efforts and save and export prospect data to a CRM.

8. Embrace digital transformation

Using technology to accomplish what your salespeople already do, but better, is the core of digital transformation.

In today's market, digital transformation is essential. Companies must constantly challenge the existing quo, engage in experimentation, and learn to embrace innovation and curiosity. Businesses that engage in digital transformation have a plan that enables their sales teams to adapt to changing consumer needs.

By undergoing a digital transformation, companies can strengthen brand visibility and reputation, enhance customer service and experience, and eventually increase revenue and profitability. Whatfix provides users an interactive way to learn and adjust as they go, reducing the time it takes for sales teams to become accustomed to a new software product.

9. Personalized customer experience

The world has changed, and so has the taste of the customer. Today’s songs that sound custom-written for you make you feel more unique than those that are not. And the same theory applies to both goods and services. Today’s customers identify with your business only when they feel you have gone above and beyond to consider their interests. They appreciate your effort. Thus, if you in invest in personalized customer experience, it will lead to revenue growth. 

The recent rise in personalized experiences has impacted consumer behavior. It has also caused gaps in existing tactics to become apparent. According to research, if a company does not provide a customized experience, 45% of shoppers are inclined to choose a different seller. With this, 85% of companies think they provide individualized content, but just 60% of customers agree.

Businesses are expected to work on these personalization gaps to better serve their clientele in the coming years. 55% of companies are constantly improving customer experiences.

10. The huge surge in chatbox and AI

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of chatbots. They significantly impact sales performance metrics by supporting straightforward operations and procedures.

AI enables sales teams to collect insightful customer data, which can then be used to develop marketing and sales plans or tweak products. AI can increase efficiency by automating tasks, discovering leads with a higher possibility of conversion, forecasting trends to assist sales teams in remaining ahead of the competition, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

For example, an Instagram bot can automatically communicate with customers who have liked your page or expressed interest in your products and guide them through purchasing. To make a later purchase, they may additionally request contact information from them, such as a phone number, email address, name, and more.

11. Put more effort into value-based selling

The average consumer now is more informed and savvy than they once were. They can now recognize smaller to smaller conventional tactics. So, you have to invest more in selling that provides value to them, as this is what people need now. 

Consumers are now searching for more value-based products rather than being lured by sales pitches.

Sales teams that employ value-based selling strategies put more emphasis on demonstrating to consumers the advantages or value they receive from purchasing their goods or services than hard-selling teams do.

According to research, 87% of fast-growing businesses employ value-based selling strategies. Sellers are far more likely to close more deals if they highlight the advantages or personal value prospects can anticipate from their product or service.

Final thought

So. these are some of the sales tools that, without a doubt, every business should invest in 2023. This will directly influence sales and help in boosting them. It enables sales leaders to develop new strategies and enhance the potency of current ones. Also, make it possible to streamline practically all internal operations.

Additionally, you may reduce the sales cycle with the help of technologies like chatbox and AI. You can also minimize mistakes using intelligent data analysis tools to make the correct decisions at the right time. 

In the end, It’s you who have to decide which is the most crucial tool for your particular sales team and workflows, but knowing the software other leaders are putting money into should provide you with some initial ideas.

Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading web and mobile app development company with offices in the UK and India. He has expertise in Mobile Game, iOS, Android, AR & VR App Technologies. With flawless command over app development, Tuhin also has a passion to share his expertise with clients and other enthusiasts. His write-ups are usually based on Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

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