12 Reasons Why You Need A CRM For Marketing Automation

12 Reasons Why You Need A CRM For Marketing Automation

The main aim to Integrate marketing automation with your CRM is to make it cost effective and to gain productivity. Deploying both the software differently is not only cumbersome but can also lead to data leaks and disruption in customer interaction.

Within a business, one of the most important factors for sustaining success over a long period is marketing. More specifically, digital or online marketing is what is driving the industry. These strategies allow a business to place themselves in a convenient online spot that naturally brings clients.

Even better, these strategies can be put on autopilot to allow a business to work on other areas. This process of running a marketing campaign on autopilot is known as marketing automation. 

As great as it is, there is one problem with this process. When businesses run an automation process, it tends to take away from other specific benefits regarding client relationships.

This is where a CRM system comes into action. Also known as a customer relationship management tool, this tool covers the areas that automation misses. It does so by using factors such as client data and analytics as a way to build trust and authority with a current or potential client.

The unfortunate truth is that it is not paired as often as it should with an automation process. In reality, a customer relationship management tool holds its weight in terms of importance given that it can be used completely separately from any other marketing customer acquisition tool. 

When used correctly, it can be the best tool a business could use to retain a client and maintain high sales growth. As we can imagine, these are just a few of the many benefits that a customer relationship management tool gives businesses for their marketing automation process. Having said that, let's take a look at twelve more reasons why your business needs one.

1. It Allows You To Come Up With Different Marketing Opportunities

Finding marketing opportunities has proven to be one of the most difficult parts of running a campaign. It requires brainstorming time, creativity, and sometimes a financial backing as well. On the technical side of a marketing campaign, it can simply be daunting to look at lots of data at once.

As for a CRM system, it helps in the area of coming up with marketing strategies since it can be automated as well. This gives back more time to marketing teams to find opportunities for improvement.

2. It Improves Marketing Department Workflow

One of the more noticeable changes that a CRM brings to a business is increased workflow. More specifically, it improves workflow within the marketing department when it is paired with automation.

It does this with its many capabilities such as data tracking and sales guidance that somewhat force collaboration within the workplace. On this fact alone, a customer relationship management system is more than worth the investment.

3. It Contributes To Higher Marketing Return On Investment

Simply running a marketing campaign will bring a positive return on investment. That said, when a customer relationship management tool is paired with a marketing campaign, the return is even higher for several reasons.

Overall, this stems from the fact that a customer relationship management tool brings more specific data to take advantage of. The combination of client information, campaign performance metrics, and improvement suggestions nearly make it impossible not to see higher returns.

4. It Allows The Use Of Different Marketing Platforms

As any business marketing manager would know, only using one main marketing tool is not enough to get well-rounded coverage on a campaign. The idea behind this is simple, the more tools available to use, the more manageable a campaign is even when it is automated.

This is another great benefit that a customer relationship management tool brings to the table. Not only does it allow the use of different marketing platforms within a campaign, but it also allows them to be used simultaneously. This improves the real-time effectiveness of the campaign itself.

5. It Helps Measure The Impact Of Your Marketing Campaign

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons businesses look into getting a customer relationship management tool is because of its ability to effectively measure campaign performance.

That said, an even better measurement that it gives to businesses is the direct impact that a marketing campaign is currently having. This measurement is different from the performance as it gives businesses a better idea as to how much improvement can be made to a positive returning campaign.

6. It Helps Deliver Purchase-Ready Clients

Another obvious reason to consider getting this tool is because of how effectively it targets purchase-ready clients. Customer relationship management tools are amazing at driving them directly towards the end of a sales funnel.

As far as how it does this, the main way is by pre-qualifying clients from its data and metrics. While other tools have similar capabilities, none can do so as precisely and as specific as this tool can within a marketing campaign.

7. It Incorporates Sales Within Its Marketing Automation

One mistake beginner campaign managers make is confusing marketing with sales. Even though marketing is a big part of sales, it's different in many ways including client retention strategies, ad copy, and other similar metrics. What's interesting is that knowing this distinction can also be confusing.

The mistake people make in knowing the difference is that they keep sales and marketing strategies separate when they should be paired together. A customer relationship management tool immediately eliminates this problem by incorporating sales within its automated marketing process.

8. It Pulls In All Data Into One Streamline

A simple yet effective reason to pair a customer relationship management tool within your automated marketing process is that it is centralized. In other words, it allows all data to be pulled into one streamline. This gets rid of the hassles that come with looking at different platforms and multiple data sources. 

9. It Provides Great Leads For Launching Remarketing Campaigns

Within a marketing campaign, one of the most effective strategies at reclaiming a lost customer is through a strategy known as remarketing.

Quite self-explanatory, this strategy is when a marketing campaign launches other forms of ads to remind a client to purchase from a business. Without getting too technical, this is done by looking through specific client data analytics and qualifying potential returning clients.

Given that a customer relationship management tool's main job is to qualify purchase-ready clients, it is an amazing source for providing remarketing leads to a marketing campaign that might have gotten away.

10. It Speeds Up A Marketing Process

Another noticeable benefit that shows why you should pair this tool within an automated marketing process is the fact that it speeds up a marketing process. In an ordinary marketing process, success usually comes after running and testing copy, organizing a campaign structure, and then finding relevant leads.

With a customer relationship management tool, the last part of a marketing process is taken care of because it would have already found purchase-ready leads.

11. It Helps Improve Customer Relationship For Retention

Yet another obvious reason to consider getting this tool is that it will improve customer relationships between your business and a client. However, this serves a greater purpose. the main purpose of building a strong relationship is that it will ultimately help your business retain that client in the long run.

12. It Is A Cost-Effective Marketing Addition

Perhaps the most convincing reason you need a CRM tool for your automated marketing process is that it is cost-effective. This tool won't break the bank in any way and does much more than what it is worth. More importantly, it won't take away from your marketing budget which is one of the lifelines of your business.

Author: Sanjay Kumar

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