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The main aim of creating The Next Scoop (TNS) blog is not just publishing an article, but to share valuable piece that are useful for readers. So if you’re digital marketer, looking to publish content, then we always welcome.

We are quite different than other common Internet Marketing bloggers because we focus on quality rather than quantity. When it comes to guest post, we are very choosy one. We accept only high quality guest articles. Each and every article is reviewed by an editor before it goes live on the blog, so be careful and read below guideline before pressing submit button.

Writing Guideline for TNS

If you did plan to contribute an article on TNS, you must check these guidelines.

  1. We do accept blog on following domains

a)  Digital Marketing – Trends, new tactics, something new, How to, case studies, and Infographics

b)  SEO – trends, tactics, how to guide, infographics

c)  Content marketing – everything about content, writing, blogging, case studies, How to guide, infographics etc.

d)  Social media – new trends, case studies, how to guide, outstanding tips etc.

  1. All articles must contain at least 1000 words. The article must be well-formatted
  2. We hate plagiarism, so be careful. No grammar, punctuation mistake
  3. Along with article, you must provide relevant image with high dimension.
  4. We accept only .doc format article.
  5. Editor reserve rights to remove, edit links and content.
  6. Article should not be submitted elsewhere without our prior notice.
  7. We reply each blogger within 2 business days.
  8. Provide author bio of 100 to 200 characters, with social media links (preferable – twitter, facebook, linkedin)

If you’re following above guideline then don’t hesitate to send us your ideas. You can send at

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