How to Double Your Email Deliverability and Skyrocket Your Results

How to Double Your Email Deliverability and Skyrocket Your Results

As email marketers, you’re constantly in search for how to improve your email deliverability. Preparing for success doesn’t end with following basic email marketing best practices also make sure your emails don’t go straight to junk folders.

If you’ve been into email marketing a while now, you know that the gold rush is usually about Open Rates and Click-Through-Rates.

These are the two key metrics that measure how well or how badly your email campaign is doing.

Whether you’re doing a targeted email campaign or large scale email blast, you need a reasonable Open Rate and CTR to get a tangible ROI on your email marketing efforts.

But hey, you know what’s worse than a poor Open Rate or poor CTR?

I’ll tell you…

The worst thing that can happen to your email campaign is for your emails to crash into the spam folder of your potential clients.

This tanks your email deliverability and jeopardizes your chances of effectively reaching out to your potential clients via email.

Though a lot of people don’t pay much attention to this, it’s a big monster that messes up all the effort, time, and money you invest in your email marketing. Thereby reducing your chances of attracting premium clients.

Just so you know, crafting out a good copy for your email campaign isn’t easy.

For guys like us who know this like the back of our hands, it seemingly comes easy – we can put together a great copy in a couple of minutes that gets opened, read, and motivates the reader to take a desired action. Matter of fact, we have a high deliverability rate at ClientsValley.

However, I’m not oblivious of the fact that for most guys, it’s an uphill climb.

You have to come up with an attention-grabbing headline that makes the potential client check out the stuff you have to say in the body copy.

The main content also needs to have the right words and a strong CTA to get them to take action.

It costs effort, time and money to get an email copy ready.

It’s heart-wrenching to see such effort go to waste because your email took a detour into your clients’ spam folder instead of their inbox.

Check this out…

In a 2018 email deliverability report by Return Path, It was seen that the spam placement average across all industries was 13.5%. This percentage is observed to be on the increase year after year.

In essence, spam placement is a growing issue for most marketers.

How do you expect to engage potential clients through email when they don’t even see your messages?

To deal with this, you need to first know why your email deliverability is on a downward spiral.

1.   You’re an Uninvited Guest

How do you feel when someone you don’t know keeps barraging you with calls or rings your doorbell every morning?

The sensible thing to do is put up measures to bar the dude from pestering your life.

That’s exactly what folks do to unsolicited emails.

If you don’t have permission to send an email to anyone, your emails are headed for the spam folder. Period.

Worst still, you’d be breaking the law and there are consequences.

Sending unsolicited emails to email recipients goes against the CAN-SPAM Act and if convicted, you could pay a fine to the tune of $16,000.

What do I mean by being an unwanted guest?

When you send emails to folks who did not give you permission, usually by way of filling an email subscription form, you’ll be trying to get into their inboxes uninvited.

This is common with businesses who buy email lists for email blasts.

To avoid this, ensure you properly set up an opt-in form or website or product page or whatever landing page you can use.

Make your offer appealing enough for visitors to fill out the email subscription form.

And please, don’t even think of using data from cookies.

That way, your potential client will be expecting to receive correspondence from you and not mark your emails as spam.

2.   Your Headline is a Sham

This is another place most folks make the greatest mistake that lands their emails in the spam folder.

I understand the need to use catchy words and phrases to increase Open Rates. It is part of what we help our clients set up in their campaigns at ClientsValley.

However, you’ll be setting up your emails for a spam detour if your headlines are misleading.

When customers feel tricked or deceived into opening an overly promotional email because of its subject line, they mark it as spam.

Trust me, you don’t want to get on the bad side of this conundrum.

According to Litmus, misleading subject lines come in different ways…

  • It could be misleading in terms of who is sending the email
  • Using RE: or FWD: to mislead the reader into believing you’ve been in talks before.
  • Creating a false impression of urgency
  •  Deceiving the subscriber to believe they’ve taken certain actions when they haven’t.

These are a few ways you could craft a misleading subject line.

The destination of such emails is usually in the spam folder.

3.   You Use Words That Trigger Spam

It is no longer news that many email providers now have built-in tools to check emails for words or phrases that trigger spam.

This means that you have to avoid certain words in your email body if you don’t want them to end up in the spam folder.

Words or phrases to avoid include amazing, congratulations, great offer, risk-free, order now, this is not spam, special promotion, etc.

Matter of fact, there’s a comprehensive list of spam trigger words or phrases you need to avoid using. You should check them out sometime.

4.   You Didn’t Include an Unsubscribe Button

You probably know that this is very important to add.

However, email marketers sometimes can be mischievous. They deliberately don’t include the unsubscribe link at the end of their email in order to keep sending correspondences to potential clients.

That someone subscribed to your email newsletter is not guarantee that they will want to be getting correspondences from you forever.

Hence, you’re expected to give your subscribers the opportunity to pull out of receiving emails from you if they feel they don’t need it anymore.

To cut the tails of these prankish marketers, any email that doesn’t have an unsubscribe button heads for the spam folder.

In essence, always include that link in your emails. You can set it up in your email template or campaign.

It’s Time to Double Your Email Deliverability…

Truth be told, email remains an important channel of direct communication with your clients or potential clients.

However, it would be an effort in futility if your emails keep taking detours into the spam folder, instead of the inbox.

Avoiding the mistakes I mentioned in this post will help you double - and even triple - your email deliverability. When this happens, your email campaign will yield earth-shaking results for your business.

Author: Kennedy Cee

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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