17 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Fuelling up Lead Generation Efforts | 2020

Sam Makad / October 27, 2020 | 9 Mins Read

17 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Fuelling up Lead Generation Efforts | 2020

    Digital Marketing has established itself as one of the essential, if not the only marketing method to build a brand online, generate a significant inflow of leads, and get the desired ROIs. 

    A successful digital marketing strategy leaves no stone unturned. Social media platforms are also the right place for lead generation. 

    Many marketers say that social media works better for awareness and engagement, and doesn't do much when it comes to lead generation. While this may be true, there is one social media platform that has empirically proven to be a lead generation machine. We are talking about LinkedIn. 

    LinkedIn Works! 

    This professional social media platform is not only helpful in building new business connections and hiring talent, but it is also beneficial in gaining precious leads to upscale your business. 

    • LinkedIn's lead conversion rates are 3X higher than other major ad platforms, including Google Ads. (LinkedIn)
    • Roughly 15% of marketers are creating content for LinkedIn. (HubSpot)
    • Only 10% of marketers say they're investing in LinkedIn. (HubSpot)
    • In a study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that LinkedIn's traffic generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost three times or 277% higher than both Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (77%). (HubSpot)

    Having said that, doing LinkedIn lead generation efforts manually is rudimentary. 

    Just like every other marketing endeavor, lead generation on LinkedIn mandates for automation as well.

    Reasons for leveraging Linkedin Automation Software for lead generation

    In 2020, there has to be no doubt in bringing automation to any business vertical, especially lead generation. Even then, here are some of the key points that might not be eye-opening but useful reminders as to why automation is needed for LinkedIn lead generation efforts.

    • Precise Targeting 

    LinkedIn automation tools help you target audiences based on several demographics and filters like designation, industry, age, interest, and many more. Furthermore, some advanced LinkedIn automation tools also help you find the right audience based on sentiment analysis, i.e., those interested or more likely to be interested in your service or product. 

    • Personalized Approach 

    Smart LinkedIn automation software uses Machine Learning. Through Machine Learning, they recognize patterns and suggest you create the right messages and InMail subject lines. They also automate this entire process. 

    • Process Automation 

    LinkedIn automation tools reduce the repetitive work like finding the right prospects, sending them a connection request, and then setting up a meeting. These tools automatically message your 1st contacts and send connection requests to 2nd and 3rd contacts. They can also automatically scrape LinkedIn profiles of people that could be your potential customers. 

    So, now that you know the importance of LinkedIn automation tools for a lead generation, here is an exhaustive list of our recommended LinkedIn lead generation tools for 2020.

    17 LinkedIn automation tools for companies to fuel-up lead generation in 2020

    1. Expandi 

    Deployment: Saas/Web/Cloud

    Expandi is a safe and reliable cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool for lead generation. Amongst all the potent features this easy to use LinkedIn lead generation tool offers, here are the ones we like the most.

    Expandi helps you connect with the LinkedIn profiles of potential audiences from any Facebook or Twitter group. 

    It helps you scrape the people who are most interested in the type of products and services you offer and allow you to target them automatically on LinkedIn.


    • Unlimited campaigns and automated sequences
    • Analytics dashboard for A/B testing
    • Zapier/Integromat and API integration
    • Blacklist function
    • In-app LinkedIn chat, and many more


    Just like the lead generation tool itself, it's pricing plan is easy and convenient as well. Expandi charges a flat fee of $99/month/user packed with all its features.

    You can read more about the features here

    2. Kennected

    Deployment: Chrome-based browser extension

    Kennected is a LinkedIn automation platform that helps small and medium businesses, large businesses, and startups to optimize their LinkedIn marketing efforts.

    It is not only a LinkedIn automation tool but also a platform that provides education as to how to leverage LinkedIn to generate leads. 


    • Automatically find relevant prospects
    • Allow to contact up to 100 prospects in a day 
    • Sync prospect details and activity to Hubspot in one click
    • Easily collate business emails 
    • Follow-ups automation and reply detection


    Kennected has three plans to choose from according to the business needs. 

    Professional - $59.95/month/user

    Grow - $89.95/month/user

    Ultimate - $115.95/month/user

    Detailed pricing plan here.

    3. Cleverly 

    Deployment: Web app 

    Cleverly is one of the most sought-after LinkedIn automation tools with clients like Lego, Amazon, Sony, Hulu, Marriott, and others.

    This LinkedIn automation tool helps you build detailed lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn. It then helps you create A/B-tested and customized cold outreach messages that are most likely to be responded to.

    Along with leveraging automated prospect lists, persuasive copywriting, automated outreach, and a data-driven strategy, this LinkedIn automation tool also has the following features.


    • Intelligent response handling dashboard 
    • Real-time campaign metrics reporting
    • Automated follow-up messages to prospects
    • Send 1000s of custom messages to your ideal prospects every single month


    Cleverly has three pricing models according to your business needs.

    Silver - 197/month/user

    Gold - 397/month/user

    Platinum - 597/month/user 

    See the detailed pricing plan here

    4. LinkedIn Helper

    Deployment: Chrome-based Browser Extension

    This LinkedIn automation tool helps businesses in LinkedIn lead generation in more than one way. 

    It helps businesses scrap and export data to CSV files (Google Sheets/MS Excel) from LinkedIn contacts, targeted prospects, and even those who have visited your company's LinkedIn page.


    • Allows shooting personalized invites to 2nd & 3rd generation contacts
    • An efficient auto-mailing system
    • Sequential Messaging to 1st generation connections or LinkedIn Group Members
    • Automatically endorse contacts to get endorsements in return
    • Automatically add your signature to LinkedIn messages


    LinkedIn Helper has four payment plans.  

    $15 per month (1 month payment $15)

    $13.33 per month (3 months payment $40)

    $10 per month (6 months payment $60)

    $8.25 per month (12 months payment $99)

    Get a free trial here

    5. Clickedin 

    Deployment: Web-based software

    Clickedin leverages artificial intelligence to empower your lead generation process on LinkedIn. 

    It gauges negative and positive sentiments of people towards your business or industry and filter leads accordingly through AI.

    This LinkedIn automation software promises that you'll get a prospects' verified email address, full name, phone number, business name, address, and others.


    • Easy follow-up automatically by email or on LinkedIn
    • Export data in a CRM or G-Suite
    • Allows for email and social media marketing
    • Targets people based on several parameters, including a time when they're most likely to convert


    Business - $1197/3mo/1 license

    Team Plus - $1497/3mo/5 licenses

    Know the detailed pricing plan here

    6. Getprospect

    GetProspect is easy to use and an effective LinkedIn email address finder. All you have to do is enter search criteria like designation, company size, industry, etc. and you'll get a list of all the prospects. 


    • Import or export prospects to apps like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Gmail
    • Collaborate with team to find prospects quicker
    • Easily export prospects to XLS file format
    • Gather important information like company website, physical address and phone number, company size, number of employees, and more


    It's pricing plans are designed according to the number of email ids one can extract

    100 emails per month - $0

    1000 emails per month - $49

    5000 emails per month - $99

    7. Aeroleads 

    Deployment: Chrome-based browser extension

    Aeroleads is another lead generation tool for business-people. This tool helps businesses generate leads in real-time, which are very accurate. It does this by gathering as many as 15 data points like full name, job title, location, generic company emails, and business phone numbers from a single LinkedIn search. 

    This lead generation tool has bagged clients like IBM, Gartner, Domino's, and others.


    • Export data to Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, and others
    • Easy to use user interface
    • Optimum customer support


    Take off - $49/month

    Climb - $149/month 

    Cruise - $599/month 

    They also have customized pricing plans for enterprises. Know more here.

    8. Lead Connect 

    Deployment: Chrome-based browser extension

    Lead connect is another LinkedIn automation tool that helps with quick and efficient lead generation. It helps businesses use LinkedIn Sales or LinkedIn Navigator to find prospects and convert them into leads automatically.


    • Sends a follow-up, up to 10 times till you receive a response
    • Automatically stops following-up after receiving a reply
    • Collaborative features for teamwork
    • Blacklisting option 


    Lead Connect has 3 plans according to your business needs:

    Professional - $22.95/month

    Grow - $40.95/month

    Ultimate - $77.95/month

    See the detailed price list here.

    9. Very Fast 

    Deployment: Chrome-based browser extension

    Very Fast is a LinkedIn automation tool that promises to give the best help to your lead generation efforts but also make the process very quick! 

    This lead generation tool helps you connect to prospects, follow-up with them through custom templates. And it does this very fast, saving you your precious time.


    • Works anywhere on LinkedIn 
    • Ready to use, quick and easy templates 
    • Recommends you smart subject lines


    This LinkedIn automation tool costs $20 for 3 months. Know more here

    10. Crystal 

    Deployment: Chrome-based Browser Extension

    This LinkedIn automation tool uses ML (machine learning) to predict any prospect's personality based on the information they have put on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Crystal leverages this information to help you effectively write InMails.

    These automatic messages would reflect the unique personality of the targeted prospects.

    To improve LinkedIn sales, it's imperative to become a better communicator. It's automatic suggestions help you communicate better on LinkedIn.

    Here are its main features


    • Instant access to millions of personality profiles
    • Tailor your emails, phone calls, and meetings for every customer's unique personality


    You can start using this tool free here.

    11. Discover.ly 

    Deployment: Chrome-based Browser Extension

    Discoverly is another LinkedIn automation tool that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses. It helps businesses find prospects, target them, follow-up, and set up meetings automatically.

    Here are some of its unique features:


    • Alerts you if you have any mutual Facebook friends each time you visit someone's Linkedin profile
    • Reveals the person's recent tweets to help you build their profile
    • Works with Boomerang, Rapportive, Hubspot, Buffer, Hunter, Yesware & Right Inbox



    12. Intouch

    Deployment: Chrome-based browser extension

    Intouch is an intuitive LinkedIn automation tool that can automate LinkedIn invitations and automatically follow-up your connections. It automatically sends personalized messages based on your connections in order to prompt them to respond.

    It helps you target only those prospects interested in your product/services and not those at the top of the funnel.


    • Sends auto connection requests to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections
    • Automatically send drip campaigns to your 1st-degree connections
    • Sets up your message sequence
    • Sends tailored follow-up messages according to your schedule


    BIZ – $29 user/month

    START $19 user/month

    It also has a free plan for limited functions. 

    Get detailed pricing information here.

    13. Octopus 

    Deployment: Software 

    This LinkedIn lead generation platform helps thousands of LinkedIn users simplify prospecting efforts and grow their business with its advanced marketing automation and lead generation tool.

    Octopus helps you create your personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel. You can remove and combine features quickly and easily, save all your prospects in your personal dashboard, and build a broader client base.

    It also generates attractive analytics reports to watch and measure your KPIs 


    • Sends personalized connection requests to 2nd and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn
    • Shoots bulk message 100s of 1st level connections
    • Automatically endorses up to 7 skills of your LinkedIn contacts


    Octopus has 4 pricing models according to your business needs. 

    Starter - 6.99$ per month

    Pro - 9.99$ per month

    Advanced - 14.99$ per month

    Unlimited - 24.99$ per month

    Visit the website to know more about pricing

    14. Zopto

    Deployment: Cloud-based software

    Zopto's LinkedIn automation tools are mainly used by sales teams to automate their LinkedIn lead generation efforts. However, due to its various engagement features, it can also be used by startups to attract investors and by recruiters to find the right candidates.

    The advantages of integrating Zopto tools into your lead generation efforts can add huge value to your marketing efforts. You will not only be able to automate your lead generation process but also acquire new customers outside of your network within days.


    • Agency Dashboard to view everything at one place 
    • Profile View Generator to automatically visit thousands of LinkedIn profiles to show them your presence
    • Free InMail Messages to 1000s of premium LinkedIn users
    • A/B Testing and Advanced reporting


    Zoo has three pricing models according to your needs

    Personal: $215/m

    Grow: $395/m

    Agency: $895/m

    Visit the website to know more about the pricing plans. 

    15. Dux-soup

    Deployment: Chrome-based Browser Extension

    Dux-soup is another LinkedIn automation tool that helps you generate leads in many ways. With Dux-Soup, it's easy to find, attract, and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn. Let Dux-Soup automate your LinkedIn lead generation leg-work, so you can focus on growing your business and closing deals


    • Automatically follow and endorse connections
    • Visit based on previously downloaded CSV and tagged profiles
    • Filter out 'Influencers', 'Premium Members', 'Job Seekers', 'Open Link members', 'CRM imports' and customize campaigns for each 
    • Auto-skip previously visited profiles


    Free: Auto-visit 100 profiles per day

    Professional Plan: $15 per month. Auto-visits 1,000 profiles per day, plus the functionality listed below

    Turbo Plan: ($55/month)

    Click here to know more about pricing. 

    16. Meet Alfred

    Deployment: Web app

    Trusted by businesses like Deloitte, Airbus, Cocacola, and others, Meet Alfred is one of the most sophisticated LinkedIn automation tools out there. 

    Not only does it provide you with the best LinkedIn lead generation tools, but it also ensures that you do it cost-effectively. 


    • Create and execute multiple sophisticated messaging campaign sequences easily
    • Helps you engage with your LinkedIn network using your Gmail or G Suite account.
    • Allows you to ensure your Linkedin account is within their commercial limits.


    Essential - $39/month

    Advanced - $59/month

    Professional - $99/month

    Get the detailed pricing plan here.

    17. We Connect 

    Deployment: web app

    We Connect is another LinkedIn automation software that comes with an array of more than 55 features like interactive inbox, API & zapier, reports & charts, duplicate suppression, blacklist, and auto-withdrawal to make your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn more effective. 


    • Easily import your search results. Save unlimited lists and start outreach campaigns
    • Invite up to 100 people a day. 
    • Automatically send follow up messages
    • Automatically get dedicated IP addresses based on your location, inbuilt randomization, and usage limit protections to avoid detection. Automate, yet look human 


    It has a flat fee of $49. Know more here.


    LinkedIn has remained the most sought-after professional social media network to grow your business and business network. As mentioned above it has always surpassed other social media networks in generating quality leads. 

    It is only wise to know the right tools and techniques to utilize the full potential of this potent social media platforms for professionals.

    We hope this exhaustive list of LinkedIn automation tools will help you find the right ones for your lead generation endeavors on LinkedIn. 


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