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9 Business Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers



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9 Business Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers

Business Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers

There’s no doubt that business intelligence tools benefit digital marketers. They are packed with features and functions that make digital marketing significantly easier. They bring about efficiency by automating repetitive processes and compiling information that would have taken a long time to gather manually. They can also help guide marketing processes and ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten.

The following are some of the most useful business intelligence tools digital marketing specialists should consider getting:

1. ClearSlide

Advertised as a sales engagement platform leader, ClearSlide is excellent software that extends its benefits not only to marketing and sales but also to customer service teams. It is designed to boost sales representative productivity, enhance coaching and the accuracy of forecasts, and optimize sales content to achieve greater impact. It is focused on ensuring successful interactions with customers. It features an intuitive platform called “My ClearSlide” to improve sales content, communications, and analytics. It also promotes leader effectiveness through better deal visibility and more powerful coaching. Moreover, it comes with its proprietary “For You” (recommended content) and Activity Insight Cards features to help sales, marketing, and service managers and personnel on next-step actions.

2. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing is one of the three software products in the HubSpot Growth Stack developed to facilitate the generation of leads, closing of deals and management of a company’s pipeline. It is business intelligence software designed to be an all-in-one inbound marketing application. With a responsive support team behind it, HubSpot Marketing claims to provide everything necessary for traffic generation, lead conversion, and fast ROI. When used with the rest of the HubSpot Growth Stack software (HubSpot CRM and Sales), this business intelligence software promises more efficient operations and greater marketing impact.

3. Compete

A software created for data-driven marketers Compete is touted as a solution for obtaining and using digital insights to drive the business forward in the context of online marketing and competition. It is aimed at helping marketing professionals and business managers in finding new business opportunities, keeping track of competition online, and benchmarking performance. It has the capabilities for tracking consumer behavior, identifying marketing strategies that are most likely to succeed, and revealing previously untapped opportunities. You may have encountered Compete as you stumbled upon “Compete Rank,” a web page rank similar to the Alexa Rank. Compete focuses on online marketing through websites or web pages.

4. Optimizely

Dubbed as the “world’s leading experimentation platform,” Optimizely aims to provide “the easiest and most powerful solution for transforming customers’ experience.” What it does is to help marketers and sales professionals in creating customer engagement or interfaces that result in higher conversions and increased revenues. It allows companies to create online customer engagement strategies that reduce bounce rates, increase the time visitors spend on a site, and delight loyal customers or patrons. Optimizely makes it easy to do A/B or split testing as well as multivariate testing to achieve the best marketing and advertising campaigns.

5. Convertable

Dubbed as an inbound marketing intelligence software, Convertible is mainly a web-based free lead tracking tool that comes with real-time analytics, contact forms, and lead management functions. It features an enhanced but easy-to-use contact form creator that gathers more useful customer information as compared to what other standard contact forms typically obtain. Basically, with Convertible, users can quickly create forms that can be pasted on blogs, websites, forums, or emails and gather data usable for marketing and sales campaigns. It can generate and analyze data in real-time and is also capable of linking PPP, banner advertising, social media, and organic marketing campaigns.

6. InsightSquared

Billed as the “#1 business intelligence software” InsightSquared is sales analytics software ideal for high growth companies. Its host of features and functions serve the needs of business executives, sales leaders, and sales operations personnel. These include SaaS metrics, sales forecasting, pipeline management, and the ability to produce reports with data obtained from outside of the CRM system.

7.  BIME

BIME is a data visualization and business intelligence software tool developed by Zendesk. It is being advertised as a tool that allows anyone to become a data analyst as it enables the easy creation of data sets, custom metrics, dashboards, and reports. All of these can be done without the need for SQL. Additionally, it can be integrated with other software tools to handle special types of data. It is compatible with Google Analytics and AdWords, which should be useful for those involved in marketing. BIME also works with Salesforce for the benefit of sales and support teams. Likewise, it works with Redshift and BigQuery to efficiently do warehouse data querying, analysis, and visualization.

8.  Market Smart360

Market Smart 360 is a unique marketing intelligence software tool useful for any kind of business. What it does is to perform comprehensive comparisons of company websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts to come up with a score that can help guide marketing endeavors. It employs a proprietary algorithm takes into account website traffic, the number of Facebook likes, retweets, and various other factors to generate a score and various data useful for crafting marketing strategies. Also, it features a number of functions to guide marketing efforts. These include a marketing dashboard (to access all important marketing and sales metrics), tracking console (to measure campaign effectiveness), landing page editor (with A/B testing), email marketing tool, website optimization function, and a local listings system (to distribute company information to major web directories).

9. DBxtra

DBxtra is business intelligence reporting and dashboard software. Its main selling point is its ability to generate reports and dashboards in minutes with all the database connections, reports, queries field expressions, filtering, and end-user input parameters efficiently handled. Its dashboard designer provides a highly intuitive interface for creating interactive dashboards quickly. DBxtra creates advantages in the form of better business performance monitoring, the ability to consolidate live data from multiple sources, business change impact visualization, and a quick view of key performance indicators. These advantages are not only helpful for top-level business management. Marketing teams can also benefit from the information generated by the software.

While there are a wealth of business intelligence tools available to digital marketers, it’s important to remember that they cannot rely on 100% of the time. Sometimes, a simple conversation with a teammate, a physical handshake, or human contact is needed. And when it comes to dealing with your clients internationally, as yet, there is no digital tool that can make the grade.

Author bio:

Bernadine Racoma is a writer at Day Translations, a human translation services company. After her stint as an international civil servant, she pursued her interest in writing. She treats each written piece a work of art. She tweets @DineRacoma.

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  1. Greg

    February 21, 2017at4:17 pm

    Great list. I don’t know any of these apart from Hubspot. A good alternative for small businesses is GetResponse. I like their marketing automation’s ease of use.

  2. Lisa

    April 24, 2017at11:57 pm

    I had used Hubspot Marketing Tool and it is very good software.Now I had learned about new software through this post ,I would like to explore it more.

  3. Rehaan

    August 28, 2017at10:41 am

    Useful list.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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