20 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools: Get your Social Media Sorted

20 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools: Get your Social Media Sorted

Social media pundits are always on the lookout for such tools that help you publish your posts even when you’re offline, especially when your target audience is online. 

They do this with the help of a  social media scheduling tool.

The problem is, there are a wide variety of social media scheduling tools available in the market, albeit with different functionalities. Hence, to make things easier, I’ve narrowed down the field for you.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, you will see the best social media scheduling tools. 

And since every tool has something exclusive to look forward to, I have tried to provide the unique values of each to help you take a wise call.

List of 20 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Here’s a look at some of the best social media schedulers that can help you effectively operate your social media account for business.

1. Buffer


(Image Source: Buffer)

Buffer is one of the best social media scheduling tools available in the market. It comes in the form of a software application that can be utilized for web and mobile. The good news is, it lets you schedule content to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn from a single dashboard. Can it get any better than this? You can even use its templates without any prior design experience and post on its pre-designed layouts without any hassle. 

How will Buffer Help Your Business?

  • It lets you create a preset publishing schedule for each social account
  • Gives you the scope to customize your posts for each social network
  • Allows you to view all the content that you have lined up in the calendar
  • Select from the two Instagram scheduling options - direct or native
  • Collaborate on content with your team
  • Enables Immediate Sharing or “Add to Buffer” option
  • Ideal fit for small business and enterprise
  • Comes with multi-media sharing options

Unique Values

  • Power Scheduler feature to schedule multiple messages across different accounts and times
  • Consists of an image creator called Pablo designed by Buffer that aids you to select and size an image to different social media specifications, thereby ensuring hassle-free text overlays and backgrounds to create richer, more engaging photos.
  • Consists of Buffer for Instagram feature wherein you can schedule single-image posts to any business accounts and then Buffer automatically publishes that for you
  • Enables you to schedule a video or multi-image post
  • Buffer does not publish your posts directly on Instagram. Instead, it sends a push notification at the scheduled time. This way, you only need to hit the “publish” button while the post gets automatically loaded on Instagram


  • Lets you opt for the time to post an update
  • Very user-friendly
  • Acts as a medium by collaborating your posts while you add them in queue
  • Posts your scheduled social media content as per the priority of queue set by you


  • Uploading your posts on an immediate basis can create some issues
  • Not an ideal fit for an extensive network as it can get tiresome and expensive
  • Lags in Instagram promotion 
  • No particular monitoring tool for hashtags as you need to install a unique tool for this purpose



2. HootSuite


(Image Source: HootSuite)

HootSuite is one of the most popular social media scheduling tools mentioned in this list. The reason being, it is used by more than 15 million people and more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Just like all other social media scheduling tools mentioned in this list, HootSuite enables you to schedule posts at your preferred time in the future. However, the difference with this social media scheduling tool is, you can post to an extensive range of social media accounts by opting for the plans sold by the company.

HootSuite can be employed on different platforms like personal accounts, business pages, and other social activity types. In its free plan, you can schedule a maximum of 30 messages across three social profiles. Another good thing about this tool is, it is an all-inclusive platform that enables you to curate and schedule content, measure your social ROI, run social media ads, etc.

How can HootSuite Assist Your Business?

  • Monitor multiple streams like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. from a single place
  • Comes with a team management facility to effectively assist your team manage your social media empire
  • Enables you to store draft messages that can be posted while you receive FAQs on Twitter
  • Aids you in cross-posting to your Google+ Page
  • Helps you to get free reports through email


  • Aids in scheduling social media posts in advance
  • Effortlessly lets you view Analytics data
  • The special add-on tool Hootlet plug-in enables you to share information in a hassle-free manner
  • Enables you to track key phrases and terms across other users’ posts to determine when your expertise can come in handy
  • Effectively lets you manage your team 


  • An expensive monthly/yearly subscription for using HootSuite’s Pro or Enterprise plans
  • The free trial period lets you manage only three social media accounts with basic analytics, basic message scheduling, limited access to basic applications, etc. 
  • Additional fees for using some of the apps on HootSuite
  • Difficult to use for people who are not computer savvy
  • There is a training cost to learn about HootSuite

Unique Values

  • Ability to monitor multiple accounts and keywords
  • Connect with more than 35 social networks
  • Helps you to perform bulk-scheduling for social media posts
  • Its unique analytics feature provides a comprehensive overview of how well your social media strategy is working by tracking clicks across all your favorite social platforms and delivering them in the form of easy-to-read series of charts
  • Comes with a terrific Hootlet plug-in that enables you to share content across the web with your followers effortlessly



3. SocialPilot


(Image Source:SocialPilot)

SocialPilot is one of the most comprehensive and straightforward social media marketing tools mentioned in this list. It lets you post on various social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and VK. 

Every feature present in SocialPilot is in line to add more value to the social media schedule and marketing efforts. 

How can SocialPilot Assist Your Business? 

  • Aids you to create customized posts for individual social platforms
  • Provides analysis, monitoring, and reporting of your social performance
  • Generates super-swift white-label reports
  • Leverage social inbox to revert without any hassle
  • Manage team members seamlessly with collaboration features
  • Manage your multiple client’s social accounts in an effortless manner
  • Manage ad campaigns and boosts post
  • Suggests new content with the help of the content curation feature
  • Gives you the ability to share blogs using integrated RSS Feed automation
  • Helps you upload 500 posts using the bulk scheduling feature
  • Visualize content strategy using the social media calendar
  • Contains a smarter URL shortener feature
  • Supports Native mobile apps seamlessly


  • Very cost-effective
  • Supports all major social media platforms, including TikTok
  • Provides almost all social media management functions like scheduling, social listening, etc.
  • Contains advanced analytics
  • Comes with reseller and content curation feature
  • Gives you the scope to bulk scheduling with images
  • SocialPilot is now Instagram approved for direct posting 
  • You can also access smooth integration with Instagram starting 8th February 2021


  • Does not include Instagram analytics
  • Absence of a completely free plan

Unique Values

  • Only social media scheduling tool that provides the most reliable and express support to users through chat, email, social media, and phone
  • Consists of suggestions-Content Discovery feature wherein you can easily share exclusive and exciting updates to engage more audiences
  • Helps you to connect unlimited accounts, including all your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts like Facebook pages and LinkedIn pages 
  • Consists of a specially designed managing groups feature to categorize all connected accounts in groups



4. Loomly


(Image Source: Loomly

Loomly is one of the most effective social media scheduling tools available online. It matches up with the tedious demands of your target audience by transforming your business digitally. 

Irrespective of whether you are a freelancer or an enterprise looking to meet the staggering social demands, Loomly is the best social media scheduling app that provides insightful social media posting schedules in quick turnaround time. Just sit back and relax while Loomly helps you manage comments, messages, tags, and track mentions.

How can Loomly Help You?

  • Consists of analytics
  • Comes with automated publishing content management 
  • Provides comprehensive customer targeting
  • Filters keyword 
  • Schedule posts conveniently


  • Comes with calendar templates
  • Consists of audience targeting
  • Get all your assets at your fingertips
  • Get your posts reviewed and approved by your collaborators before even hitting the publish button
  • Create post & ad mockups
  • Create automated publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business
  • Create objective-driven Facebook ads and Instagram ads
  • Provides the option of data filtering and period comparison


  • A bit expensive
  • Need a bit of technical knowledge to take maximum advantage of this social media scheduling tool

Unique Values

  • Provides the ability to create a master message that can be personalized for different social media platforms
  • Tells you for each channel if it is an excellent time to post, if your text is too long, etc.
  • Effortless collaboration, hassle-free approval process, and simple mechanism to post comments for your team
  • Consists of an individual calendar in case you are managing more than one company
  • PDF export available with the PRO version of the tool



5. Agorapulse


(Source Image: Agorapulse)

Agorapulse is a smart social media scheduler that assists agencies and teams work in unison. 

With the help of this social media scheduling tool, marketers can engage, listen, collaborate, and even measure social media efforts. It is compatible with major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. 

It gives you the option to centrally post to all your social media accounts, with a queue or schedule that ensures that your content is delivered at the best possible times. 

You even have the option to re-queue or reschedule evergreen posts. 

How can Agorapulse assist you?

  • Comes with a social media calendar that gives you a better view of your scheduled posts with the help of its unique color codes
  • Provides comprehensive social media message management
  • Get instant information about your followers
  • Consists of a robust social media analytics feature with reports
  • Ability to perform brand-related search results to see what people are saying about your brand
  • Share evergreen content now and then using the queue functionality
  • Organize and categorize your queued contents based on the time slot and topic
  • Gives you the ability to schedule and queue content on your Android or iOS device


  • Comes with analysis tools
  • Can be utilized as a browser extension
  • Can be utilized as a mobile app
  • Perfect for scheduling social media posts
  • Consists of a social inbox


  • Consists of limited functionality
  • Can be used only by two users

Unique Values

  • If you hate scheduling post-by-post, Agorapulse provides the option to plan and schedule a campaign offline like image posts, text/link posts, or posts from your favorite RSS feeds and then bulk upload in a single .CSV file to the social media platform
  • It comes with an Instagram view feature, which gives you a preview of what your post is going to look like directly in the post creation pop-up
  • Provides time slot options for your queues
  • You can set up a default time slot for each day of the week; that way, when you add your posts to your queue, it is automatically set up to be published at the best time of that day



6. Sendible


(Image Source: Sendible)

Sendible is one of the best social media scheduling tools if you wish to manage social media marketing for multiple clients at a time.  It’s a tool that has been developed, keeping the needs of agencies in mind. 

This fantastic social media scheduling app supports reputed social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google My Business, YouTube, and Pinterest, along with other blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Tumblr.

How can Sendible Help You?

  • Schedule social media posts, videos, and images on an individual basis or in bulk
  • Plan a complete campaign offline, then import in bulk to the scheduler
  • Tailor content for each social media network to maximize organic reach
  • Categorize posts into campaigns and schedule on separate queues
  • Recycle your evergreen posts with repeating schedules
  • Represent and reposition content on the interactive publishing calendar
  • Create and share high-quality content with the RSS Auto Posting feature


  • Great integration with all the reputed social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram
  • Consists of an RSS Feed Poster, content suggestion, and a built-in library with effortless access to the Canva, the design tool
  • Ability to bulk-schedule content like images through the upload of a CSV file
  • Consists of several automation tools that assist in driving engagement and increasing social followers
  • You can even use it as a mobile app for iOS and Android
  • A great-looking tool that provides the ability to create precise custom reports in a quick turnaround time
  • Effortless to set up and utilize workflows and user permissions


  • Currently, there is no free plan available. However, Sendible is available at the 30-day trial
  • The geographical keyword monitoring provided by the tool is not always accurate
  • At present, there are no apparent plugins to utilize with WordPress

Unique Values

  • Sendible has exclusive integrations like the Canvas graphics editor, royalty-free image search, and YouTube search
  • Its content recommendation tool lets you search by a topic and virtually pulls up a never-ending list of trending articles to share
  • Comes with a simple built-in CRM that not only aids you in automating everything but also allows you to interact and build relationships with other social media users
  • Offers Twitter auto-replies and auto-tweets by monitoring Twitter for certain keywords or hashtags and then post an automatic reply or retweet



7. PromoRepublic


(Image Source: PromoRepublic)

PromoRepublic is a social media scheduling tool launched in 2004. It provides content creation, publishing, and analytics as a part of its services. It includes a visual editor built-in to the interface. 

With the visual editor’s help, it becomes easier for you to apply fonts, shapes, and images directly to your post content during drafting. It also comprises analytics with reports to directly be exported to PDF for easy sharing amongst your team.

It can even be used as a monitoring tool that helps track and analyze your social media performance. Once you give the green signal, this fantastic social media scheduling tool posts at the best time for optimal reach. 

How can PromoRepublic Assist you?

  • Post idea library consisting of more than 100,000 visuals and templates
  • Integration with all major social media platforms
  • Easy application of more than 200 fonts, shapes, and banners to the posts
  • Comes with an events content calendar to create beautiful social media posts for holidays, trends, events, etc.
  • Comprises of Momento optimal timing tool that aids in publishing content at the most suitable time on the basis of your location and followers activity on Facebook
  • Integration with Buffer, Hootsuite, Yext, and Hubspot


  • Suggests personalized, automated post ideas
  • Consists of an advanced graphic-creation tool
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to derive maximum engagement
  • Comes with a 14-day free trial
  • A very versatile tool that isn’t just optimized for Instagram alone but also other social media accounts
  • Comes with a straightforward and compact user interface
  • Provides comprehensive reports and stats
  • Presence of a great help center consisting of an extensive library of tutorials


  • Does not enable bulk upload posts
  • Unnecessary pop-ups come up while you are using the tool
  • No refunds available
  • No live chat on weekends

Unique Values

  • What makes PromoRepublic different from other social media scheduling tools is a post ideas library of more than 6,000 ready-made templates, packed and ready to be published
  • Thanks to its insightful built-in analytics, you get the suggestion to publish the posts at the best time for different industries



8. ContentCal


(Image Source: ContentCal )

ContentCal is an all-inclusive social media scheduling tool that consists of an in-built visual calendar. From the main view, you can schedule your posts, review post previews before publishing, and customize header colors, etc. 

It comes with integration for hundreds of apps that enables you to post on all your social media channels. You even have the option to perform analytics by tracking the performance of your posts.

How can ContentCal Help You?

  • Integration with reputed collaboration tools like Slack and Trello
  • Functionality to drag and drop posts through a pinboard to your calendar
  • Add custom tags to content for effortless categorization
  • Comprises of publishing calendar to gain a solo view of your content plan to get daily, weekly, or monthly view
  • Effortless organization of your blog content, emails, webinars, or press releases apart from your social content
  • Color code your content to better organize your themes, topics, and campaigns to make reporting simple
  • Utilize the analytics feature to understand the type of content that is working the best and the reason for it
  • Respond to comments and messages across social media channels from a unified inbox


  • Very cost-effective, especially for teams who wish to avail of similar features from reputed social media scheduling tools
  • Effortless customization of team workflow to meet the individual needs of your team
  • In case you have separate calendars, it is possible to have a distinct workflow approval system for each
  • The calendar feature in this social media scheduling tool is perhaps the highlight that makes you use this ingenious scheduler
  • Comes with an excellent planning feature where you can plan for posts ahead in the year for scheduling
  • You can add information to the scheduled posts, which can come in handy for your entire team
  • Ability to create “placeholders” that act as a digital sticky note and remind you of what’s happening on the date before you are ready to create a post to schedule
  • For every campaign, you also get an area to add useful information, videos, or images that your team can use at a later date
  • Each campaign is given a distinct header photo to make it look different on the calendar
  • The planning feature is truly a blessing for teams as they no longer have to search for an email trail or Trello board; you can have a comprehensive correspondence trail right there using ContentCal
  • Consists of a “Pause All Content” button, which can be employed in case something has happened when you do not wish to post the content


  • While videos can be easily stored, they need to be redownloaded by each team member each time they want to use it
  • ContentCal is not compatible with Snapchat, Pinterest, or Facebook groups; however, you can still plan content in the planning boards in case it cannot be scheduled since there is no integration for these platforms
  • Analytics is not robust enough
  • The pricing is costly, particularly if you fall between the category of the Individual and the business plans
  • No presence of integrated link shortener

Unique Values

ContentCal really shines when it comes to managing the content process. Whether it is planning and creating to approve, schedule, and publish content, it is the best.



9. SocialOomph


(Image Source: Socialoomph)

Socialoomph is a comprehensive social media scheduling tool that is tailored for individuals and teams. With its help, you can effortlessly manage your posts and even of your clients from a single account. 

Its team feature enables you to organize content by clients efficiently, and this way, post approvals can be effectively managed for your entire team. 

Socialoomph allows you to link up with different social and blog platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Shopify.

How can SocialOomph Assist your business?

  • Lets you schedule social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Discord, StockTwits, and Reddit
  • Effortlessly schedule your blog posts on WordPress.com and .org, Shopify, and Tumblr
  • Create post queues
  • Comes with bulk uploading functionality
  • Consists of self-destructive posts feature
  • Ideal for individuals or teams


  • Saves a lot of valuable time
  • Exclusive features for social posting
  • Assists in boosting followers on social media
  • Ability to automate the posting on social media
  • Assists in monitoring your activities on social media
  • Aids in scheduling posts in an effortless manner


  • Limited usability for Instagram

Unique Values

  • One attribute that makes Socialoomph different from other social media scheduling tools is its self-destructing (time-limited) updates for Twitter and Facebook 
  • Once you opt for this feature, it enables you to post updates to Twitter and Facebook that will get automatically deleted from your Twitter/Facebook feed after a specific period that you opt for.
  • It even gives you the option to set up periodic updates, which get published at regular intervals (hours, days, or weeks)
  • You can also opt for alternative text options to make each social media post different



10. MeetEdgar


(Image Source: MeetEdgar)

MeetEdgar is a multi-purpose social media scheduling tool that makes it effortless to publish your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It lets you schedule, share, and recycle the posts you want when you want. 

You can employ its category-based scheduling like “Blog Posts on Tuesdays,” “Inspirations on Friday,” and “Motivations on Mondays.” 

The particular thing is, each category has its own color-coded queue. This aids in seeing it at a glance what type of content is on the schedule. 

The good news is, it continues to publish and reshare content, even when you get to the end of the queue. It simply goes back to the onset and starts again.

How can MeetEdgar Assist Your Business?

  • Manually upload your content utilizing bulk import
  • Import blogs or articles automatically using an RSS feed
  • Effortlessly organize your content with the help of color-coded categories
  • Schedule distinct categories for set times
  • Utilize auto-generated content to keep scheduled content fresh


  • Ability to organize content by category
  • Provides a constant flow of content for social media
  • Comes with a single login to post to all your social media accounts
  • Gives an analytics review of the posts
  • Set the post and forget about it
  • Keeps links to your old blogs in front of your audience, which ensures that the epic posts keep on getting the ongoing attention
  • Great for planned posts like a topic that talks about a specific topic on a particular day of the week, for example, #MotivatedMonday


  • Gives you the ability to post only on three platforms
  • No apparent access to manage the real conversations
  • Need to login to each platform individually to retweet, share, comment, etc.
  • Provides only a single-way control
  • Posts get added to a library with only a scramble option to select the order they wish to be posted in
  • Restriction over the number of posts that can be added to the library. 1000 for entry-level at $49 per month and 5000 for the second level at $99 per month. The more accounts to manage, the larger the plan you will need

Unique Values

  • Twitter rules prevent you from reposting the same content. This is where MeetEdgar has developed its ‘Variation’ tool that allows you to reshare the same content with a unique twist. It gives you the scope to add as many variations as you wish to keep your posts live & kicking. 
  • In case you are looking for motivation, MeetEdgar’s ‘Auto Variations’ tool automatically generates a selection of quote-worthy text from already published blogs or articles that you can utilize



11. CoSchedule


(Image Source: Coschedule)

Coschedule is an exclusive social media scheduling tool that concentrates on publishing. It is well-known for its content calendar feature. 

With the help of coschedule, you can easily manage your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr social media accounts. 

You can even integrate with blogging tools like Hubspot and WordPress, which aids in organizing and publishing your blogs directly from your Coschedule account.

How can CoSchedule Help You?

  • Real-time reporting and analytics at your fingertips
  • Comes with an editorial calendar
  • Helps in scheduling and publishing posts
  • Perform social media monitoring activities
  • Visually preview social media messages before sending
  • Re-promotion of most popular past posts


  • Ideal not only for individuals but also for marketing teams
  • Gives you the ability to combine with blogs and pages
  • Comes with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Gives you the ability to create entire media campaigns
  • Popular content gets automatically “ReQueued” - in simple words, it means that it never totally disappears
  • Consists of a very effortless and clean user interface
  • Comes with a 14-day trial plan


  • Does not provide 24x7 support
  • Comes without review on page
  • Expensive
  • Users have to pay extra to avail of the Re-Queue feature
  • Social media analytics are not included, which means users have to pay extra again

Unique Values

  • What makes Coschedule unique is its ability to organize all its projects, including social media, content, events, emails, etc., all in a single place
  • Its ReQueue feature aids you automatically find optimal posting times and filling gaps in your social media schedule with your best posts



12. Tailwind


(Image Source: Tailwind)

Tailwind is one of the best social media scheduling tools for Pinterest and Instagram. It assists you in scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and measuring results. 

Tailwind even provides recommendations for enhancing your Pinterest and Instagram performance. 

You can easily schedule your social media posts and even rethink and re-post with higher-performing social media content. It even consists of an image crop feature that enables you to post images of any size on different social media platforms. 

This is the best social media scheduler for influencer marketers. 

How can Tailwind Help Your Business?

  • Comes with a smart schedule that aids in selecting the time when your target audience is most engaged
  • Consists of features for scheduling posts, discovering content, monitoring comments, analyzing trends, and tracking results
  • Has a Hashtag Finder that recommends the hashtags to be used in your posts
  • Effortless to drop pre-saved lists of hashtags into posts


  • Suggested hashtag features are quite useful
  • Conducive for scheduling Pinterest pins
  • Ideal for batch working
  • Effortless scheduling of Pinterest pins
  • Effortless scheduling of Instagram posts


  • Does not come at a competitive price
  • Its load time is pretty slow

Unique Values

  • Tailwind is perfect for Pinterest and Instagram marketers. The reason being, it consists of a wide range of features specifically targeted to these social media platforms like Pinterest content promotion and Instagram UGC content management.
  • It comes with an interval scheduling tool that comes in handy to prevent the same pin from being published to different boards at the same time; you can keep a minimum time interval in between the pins
  • Consists of a smart loop feature that enables you to re-publish your old content to keep your traffic flowing
  • Comprises of Tailwind Tribes feature to find fresh content for your Pinterest account, enabling you to join tribes related to your own website
  • Comes with the Pin Inspector feature that saves your time scheduling pins by reflecting your best performing content



13. Everypost



Everypost helps you create visual content that can be published on your social media profiles. You can even publish and schedule updates for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest. 

It also helps you customize your post scheduling and delete any previously scheduled posts you want to remove. Apart from this, you can also get analytics for your social media profiles. 

It lets you collaborate with other team members and customize curated posts before publishing them. 

The only problem is, Everypost does not have analytics or reporting capabilities. In simple words, it means that you cannot view how your content is performing or analyze other vital metrics. 

Here, you will need to use another analytics tool to prove the results to your clients.

How can Everypost Assist Your Business?

  • Helps in creating content from different social media platforms like YouTube and Flickr
  • Ability to customize post before posting on multiple social media platforms
  • Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, and email
  • Posts to WordPress and Evernote through email
  • Helps in team collaboration


  • Enables you to publish your own videos from YouTube
  • Allows you to post to multiple social media accounts at the same time
  • Consists of a simple text editor
  • Gives you the ability to post pictures from your camera roll as well
  • Access previous posts at any given point in time
  • Makes it an effortless and straightforward task to add social media accounts


  • The interface consists of small fonts
  • The free version provides limited access to the number of accounts you can employ on each social media service

Unique Values

  • Everypost is amongst a few social media scheduling tools that enable you to customize your social media post for every social media platform
  • With its visual content curation feature, you can effortlessly search for and attach the multimedia content you want
  • Consists of an exclusive functionality that enables you to post content without having a 140 characters restriction that most post schedulers have



14. Crowdfire


(Image Source: Crowdfire)

Crowdfire is one of the best social media scheduling tools for startups and entrepreneurs. Ideally, one would not like to hop between different social media posting tools to manage various networks. This is the main reason why I love Crowdfire.

It is branded as “the only social media manager you’ll ever need,” this platform lets you handle Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram in a single flow. 

The ultimate objective of this smart post scheduler is posting and scheduling. Crowdfire aids you in searching for relevant content from across the web. With the help of its curation feature, you can effortlessly filter content by topic. 

Apart from that, you can even convert existing content on your website into shareable posts. This can come in handy, especially while promoting blogs and new products. 

The platform consists of a pop-up calendar that aids you in scheduling posts in advance. Alternatively, you can even enable Crowdfire to suggest the best time to share. 

Before posting, tailored previews provide a small preview of how your post will look on each platform.

To help you figure out your ROI, Crowdfire provides comprehensive analytics reports. Apart from the views, likes, and other standard metrics, you can even use the app to keep track of your competitors. 

You can even manage incoming replies, messages, and comments with the help of Crowdfire. With the help of a unified inbox, you can respond to people of all networks. Crowdfire is an all-inclusive platform for small businesses and startups. 

How can Crowdfire Aid Your Business?

  • Helps you to manage Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Consists of potent curation and scheduling features
  • Gives you the ability to share content directly from the blog, website, or even online store
  • Comprises of comprehensive analytics reports that encompasses competitor analysis
  • Allows you to handle comments and messages in a single workflow


  • Utilize the scheduler free for a maximum of two accounts of the same network. For example, two of Twitter, two of Instagram, two of Pinterest, etc. In case you need to post more than two, you have to pay annual subscription fees
  • Ability to get followers with a guaranteed growth to your social media accounts
  • Provides daily reminders to take action and perform the tasks
  • You can spend dedicated time to scrutinize the suggestions and recommendations it has in terms of growing your social media accounts


  • Crowdfire recommends your articles and images to share that have been posted by other Crowdfire members. This is a self-limiting feature, especially when you wish to share useful content in a small niche. Specific niches didn’t exist at all on Crowdfire, which makes the whole recommendation feature useless
  • The only new followers you get are the ones who have followed tens or even hundreds of other people with no apparent intention of ever seeing anything that you post on social media accounts again
  • Does not allow more than three accounts to be registered on-site and on the application
  • Comes with unstable prices
  • The quality of their images shared degrades
  • Does not provide discounts for loyalty members
  • Does not have the ability to promote your blog in case it is on a self-hosting variety

Unique Values

  • Crowdfire is the very first social media scheduling tool that supports posting to Tiktok
  • You can use this fantastic post scheduler to post on every major social media network
  • It also enables you to share material to a larger section of blogging platforms, video sites like YouTube & Twitch, and online sites
  • Allows you to send automatic welcome DMs to new followers



15. Later


(Image Source: Later)

Later is one of the best social media posting tools that lays emphasis on Instagram. 

Unlike various other social media posting and scheduling tools, you start a post in Later by inserting an image instead of a text. You can upload the image to Later and then create the accompanying caption.

Due to Instagram’s updated API, it can be tricky to set up Later to post directly on Instagram. However, once you have altered your Instagram account to either a Business or Creator account, the process becomes more straightforward. 

Later consists of a Media Library wherein you upload images, and they become available for future posts. 

It is even possible to add notes and labels to your media items and add a star to any image that you want to highlight. You can also filter your images in different ways. 

With the help of the Quick Schedule feature at Later, it becomes possible to drag-and-drop posts into time slots in your schedule. This is equivalent to a queue. 

Later informs you about your next available time slot in context with your media content. In case you have one of Later’s business plans, it gives you access to Conversations.

With the help of Conversations, you can manage your Instagram comments directly inside Later.

How can Later Help Your Business?

  • Assists in post scheduling
  • Supports multi-account functionality
  • Comes with a monitoring feature to check whether your social media posts are successful in engaging customers
  • Utilizes auto-schedulers to assign social media posts at different times
  • Consists of a drag-and-drop design for easy use


  • Gives you the ability to pre-schedule everything 
  • Allows you to create Instagram posts from your computer
  • Ability to create long descriptions
  • Comes with a more regulated posting system
  • Free to use


  • Posts do not post automatically
  • Need to sign-out of multiple accounts and sign in to the appropriate social media account since Later does not read which account you are signed into

Unique Values

  • What makes Later unique from other social media scheduling tools is its visual content calendar
  • The good news is that it enables you to effortlessly drag-and-drop images to schedule them
  • It also provides a free link tool that can be employed on your Instagram profile to link to a shoppable Instagram feed or different websites and blog sites
  • Lets you select the option to see only the content you haven’t posted or content that you’ve starred
  • Allows you to add labels to your images which can even be filtered only to see certain types of images.



16. Planoly 


(Image Source: Planoly)

Planoly aids you in creating a cohesive Instagram feed and managing various social media accounts. It is one of the premier visual planning and marketing solutions for brands and influencers on Instagram. 

With the help of Planoly, you can easily plan, curate, schedule, and post automatically to Instagram. 

Being an official Instagram partner, it provides you with advanced Instagram features and integrations that help you with Instagram marketing. Ultimately, this results in maximum growth in the quickest possible time. 

With Planoly, you can rest assured that your account is optimized for Instagram. It also follows current Instagram’s best practices. 

On top of that, you can use this amazing social media scheduling tool to manage, plan, and schedule content for Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

How can Planoly Help Your Business?

  • Functionality to drag & drop your content till you’re satisfied with the look
  • Ability to schedule posts in advance
  • Helps you in auto-posting images and videos
  • Helps you in the auto-posting first comment
  • Assists in product tagging and location tagging
  • Suggests the best time to post
  • Comes with a comment inbox
  • Easily manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Find out relevant content with the help of usernames or hashtags
  • Report user-generated content in a single click
  • Utilize the Linkit feature to create a beautiful micro-landing page with multiple links
  • Aids in scrutinizing your audience, post, and story engagement


  • Enables two social profiles
  • Integrates basic metrics
  • Effortlessly manages photos and videos
  • Does not expire
  • Allows to schedule a maximum of 60 posts in advance


  • Comes with a limited inbox
  • Can be used by one user only

Unique Values

  • Unlike other social media scheduling tools, you can do much more with Planomy
  • With the help of the Comment Inbox feature, you can effortlessly manage and reply to comments directly from the tool without requiring to log into your Instagram account
  • Its Linkit feature allows you to share multiple links in your Instagram bio
  • And in case you sell physical or digital products, its Sellit feature enables you to create a social storefront to sell anything to anyone using a single link without needing a typical website!



17. Feedly


(Image Source: Feedly)

Feedly’s platform lets you automatically curate content to fill up your social media calendar. One of the biggest challenges of social media scheduling is, no doubt, content curation. It can be a tiring process to dig out fresh pieces of content. The other thing, you do not want to post your stuff on a regular basis solely. Do you? This is where Feedly comes in handy. 

You do not have to waste your time scrambling for news or searching for relevant pieces to publish to your target audience in-between your scheduled social media posts. Feedly does this task for you!

The good news is that Feedly instantly integrates with Sprout Social. Isn’t that amazing?

How can Feedly Assist Your Business?

  • Helps you with social media content discovery with ease
  • Assists in social media scheduling
  • Comprises of social media analytics to analyze your social media activities
  • Comes with a social media team management feature
  • Enables you to automate your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Integrates with Buffer


  • Comes with a clean, easy-to-navigate RSS reader
  • Utilizes Facebook and Twitter to showcase links
  • Gives the users the ability to tag stories
  • Consists of a site discovery tool
  • Recommends great articles
  • Provides multiple choices of layouts
  • Supports a list of UI similar to Google Reader
  • Its extension allows users to add feeds directly from websites
  • Users can easily curate pages, save them to Evernote or Facebook, email, or Tweet pages
  • Enables users to create unlimited Boards (sets/collections/folders) at a premium price and utilize them to organize their saved content.


  • No push notifications are available
  • Log-in can be quite a struggle as the site becomes unresponsive and force closes at times
  • Provides only a few basic free features with a long list of paid-only features
  • Does not have the ability to filter a feed through keyword as a lot of RSS readers do
  • No offline support with the official client
  • Users are forced to log in using their Twitter, Microsoft, or Google credentials
  • Past issues with hijacking page views from original publishers
  • Does not provide the option to sort feeds within a folder, and moving feeds between folders is a difficult task, especially in case you have lots of content
  • Comes with a slow interface

Unique Values

  • It integrates with other scheduling tools as Buffer and Hootsuite mentioned in this list so that you can share and schedule your posts from directly within the dashboard
  • Another good thing about Feedly is that it allows you to keep a tap at other influencers by following their blogs or keeping a tap at the industry news by adding all those RSS feeds to Feedly and seeing them all there! Isn’t that a great time-saver feature?



18. Sked Social

Sked Social

(Image Source: Sked Social)

Sked Social, formerly known as Schedugram, is a time-saving social media scheduling tool. This Instagram scheduling tool enables users to auto-post, schedule & track the post’s performance and measure the ROI of social media efforts compared to the target set. 

Like most Instagram posting tools, Sked Social provides bulk uploading of content. It comes with an all-inclusive in-app photo editor that allows users to edit both text, filters and even add stickers and fun overlays to images. 

Apart from posting on Instagram images, Sked Social will enable users to post onto Facebook, Twitter, stories, carousels, and videos.

How can Sked Social Help Your Business?

  • Enables automatic publishing 
  • Consists of a beautiful visual planner to maintain the aesthetic in your feed
  • Suggests the best time to post and what hashtags to use to ensure maximum engagement
  • Allows bulk upload directly from Canva and Dropbox
  • Allows you to schedule, upload, and automatically post video content to your Insta story
  • Comes with Instagram analytics to gauge the growth and engagement that your account is getting
  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Find & repost content with a single click
  • Unlimited team members can access the Sked Social account
  • Helps you set a Sked bio link in your Instagram account, which showcases multiple destinations for your user to go


  • Ability to schedule Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, and LinkedIn on a single website
  • Schedule Instagram stories
  • With the help of Instagram Feed Planner, users can easily drag and drop to visualize their future posts in comparison to others
  • Sked’s Instagram Management Tool comprises of a built-in Photo Editor which enables for adjusting shades of color, contrasting of clients’ photos, exposure levels, and applying various filters
  • Enables for bulk uploading and queuing of posts
  • Provides advanced analytics for every feature employed for future improvement
  • Gives you the ability to provide relevant hashtags suggestions that best suits your posts and target market
  • Provides unlimited Team Member Collaboration on a single account


  • Does not schedule Instagram IGTV, a popular IG feature that attracts the algorithm
  • Cannot scrutinize Facebook and Instagram messages
  • Monthly subscription fees on this platform are higher in comparison to Hootsuite or Later

Unique Values

  • What makes Sked Social different from other social media scheduling tools is its ability to post stories automatically on your Instagram account
  • It enables you to customize (crop, filter, or edit) images for bulk sharing
  • Allows you to upload to multiple Instagram accounts through an easy-to-use interface



19. Zoho Social


(Image Source: Zoho Social)

Zoho Social is a reputed social media scheduling tool that aids businesses and agencies in enhancing their online presence on social media. It is a perfect social media solution for organizations looking to grow their online presence. 

With this platform, businesses can reach the right target audience at the right time and engage them with the right messages. Users get the opportunity to manage multiple social media accounts and schedule posts effortlessly.

Your social media team also has the opportunity to collaborate with multiple accounts using the same standardized dashboard. It even assists you in tracking your ROI over social media. 

It aids in publishing relevant content to your target audience in an effective manner. You can make more informed publishing decisions with the help of data analyzed by Zoho Social’s prediction engine. 

Businesses get the opportunity to understand the market’s pulse and sentiments surrounding their products, services, and brands. 

You can avail of these data in the form of reports that can be shared with your social media team, other departments, or senior executives. Zoho Social is compatible with Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

You can even utilize it in an integrated way with Zoho CRM and other modules in the comprehensive Zoho Suite.

How can Zoho Social Help Your Business?

  • Offers the best time slot to schedule your posts thanks to its SmartQ feature that finds out when your target audience is most active
  • Consists of CRM integrations where you can engage with prospects and generate potential leads from social media
  • Comes with an integrated content calendar
  • Create automated reports to deliver in your desired format and frequency of your choice
  • Include team members in your delivery list and add a personalized message
  • Comes with a zShare browser plugin that lets you curate exciting articles as you discover them
  • Helps in monitoring and publishing your social media posts


  • Effective in managing your content pipeline with the help of a single screen
  • Comes with a SmartQ predictions feature that informs you when to post based on when your audience is most active
  • Comprises of the bulk scheduling feature that saves time and enables you to concentrate on your core business
  • Ability to create columns to track reviews, keywords, and mentions in such a way that you always stay on top of what people are saying about you
  • The live stream feature lets you see engagements as and when they occur
  • Gives you the option to pay subscription fees annually instead of monthly to save money


  • Does not allow you to post to Pinterest using Zoho Social
  • Like all other free social media management tools, you need to pay to upgrade to access the features that will allow you to grow your brand on social media

Unique Values

  • What makes Zoho Social exclusive from other social media scheduling tools is its zshare browser extension that allows you to directly share social media posts from the web through Facebook post scheduler and more
  • Comes with a SmartQ prediction engine that utilizes integrated data to customize the messages, media, and posts on the basis of the liking of the audience in such a way that they can be published at a time when your target audience is active



20. SocialBee


(Image Source: SocialBee)

SocialBee lets you concentrate on content more and its scheduling aspect less. It is an excellent social media scheduling tool that focuses on scheduling posts to different social media platforms. It then scrutinizes their performance later. 

Unlike Hootsuite, SocialBee does not contain features like social media listening and engagement, content curation, A/B testing of posts, and PDF report generation.

The good news is that SocialBee comes with its mobile application for performing social media management on the go. 

It lets you assign posts into categories, making it easier to schedule different types of posts instead of granularly set them. However, you can even put them individually if you wish. 

Since setting posting schedules is a tiring process, this feature is a huge bonus. SocialBee notifies you in case the scheduled posts get over or anything goes wrong. 

It enables you to study your competitors’ followers on Twitter and recommend good ones. Then the next step is to reach out to them and build your engagement. 

How can SocialBee Help Your Business?

  • Schedule all posts across reputed social media platforms
  • Segregate your content into categories for optimal posting mix
  • Utilize content automation post variations and evergreen recycling to save time and reuse the best content
  • Connect your RSS feeds to social media profiles to share content when a new blog gets published automatically
  • Create a workspace and add accounts to share content for a specific client
  • Schedule posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest
  • Comes with collaboration tools
  • Enables you to set post expiration dates
  • Check post previews
  • Comprises of hashtag collection
  • In-built audience analytics


  • Comprises of solid content scheduling features
  • Aids users to scrutinize their competitors using Twitter
  • Allows you to import posts from the Pocket app, making it a highly innovative social media scheduling tool
  • Avail at cost-effective pricing
  • Compatible with third-party shorteners like RocketLink and Switchy


  • The mobile app of this social media scheduling tool consists of limited features
  • Not an all-inclusive social media scheduling tool
  • Does not comprise PDF reporting
  • You can track competitor analytics that is limited to Twitter
  • Does not provide the option to perform A/B testing of social media posts

Unique Values

  • SocialBee consists of Concierge services that assist in maximizing your social media presence, including  hiring social media specialists, content writers, guide creators, community managers, Twitter community managers, LinkedIn lead generators, hiring them, and saving you valuable time
  • It notifies you in case you run out of scheduled posts or something goes wrong
  • It enables you to study your competitors’ followers on Twitter and recommend potential good ones.



Concluding Thoughts

Whether it is small or large, all types of brands utilize social media scheduling tools to grow their followers, save time, and provide more content. 

Given the fast-paced business world we live in, having these tools onboard is crucial for making your business’ content visible on major social media networks.

So, which of these social media scheduling tools mentioned above are you planning to get today? Do post your invaluable comments below and let us know.