5 Reasons You Should be Using Instagram IGTV for Your Business

5 Reasons You Should be Using Instagram IGTV for Your Business

Are you going to considering adding Instagram IGTV to your current business strategy? Here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge, chance to learn and grow with it!

Instagram has just launched its latest app, Instagram TV (or as it’s more commonly known, IGTV), and many believe that it will soon be competing with the likes of YouTube - especially with its’ vertical format, which makes it perfectly aligned with both video creation and consumption on your phone.

If you’re considering adding IGTV to your current business strategy, here are a few reasons you should take the plunge...

1. Video is the Future

According to statistics from Wordstream, a third of online activity is spent watching videos - and over half of that video content is viewed on our mobile phones. What’s even more exciting for IGTV users, is that these figures are expected to rise, with Cisco predicting that by 2021, a massive 78% of mobile data traffic will be video.

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What these statistics are telling us is that as online marketers and business owners, we need to make marketing video an integral part of our content marketing strategy - and those of us creating a video that’s optimized for mobile will be a step ahead of the rest.

instagram Video

2. You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment

If you haven’t already been using video, then you might be put off by the potential cost involved, with sound, lighting, filming and editing hardware and software often coming with a hefty price tag.

The thing is, none of this is necessary to get started. IGTV’s vertical format is a positive invitation to video makers of every level to get creative with the phone in their pocket! This channel is designed for exactly that - and while the more expensive equipment can still be used, it’s no longer necessary. As long as you have a mobile phone, free apps such as InShot help you get started with everything else.

3. No One Else is Yet!

If you could go back to 2005 and start a YouTube channel when it first launched, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

Well, you have that chance now… This is the time to get in on the land grab for IGTV! With relatively few users at the moment, this is the perfect opportunity to get established, learn what works (and what doesn’t) and stay ahead of the pack, who will surely be hot on your heels before long as IGTV’s popularity grows...

4. Instagram Wants You to…

This is Instagram’s shiny new toy - and they want you to use it! Why should that matter to you? Well, because they’re going to incentivize you!

We saw it happen with Facebook Business Pages when these first launched. Page owners were seeing 100% organic reach!

We saw the same with Facebook Live as they again gave their new favorite more reach than other traditional post forms.

We can expect the same thing to happen with IGTV - in fact, we’ve already seen a couple of great features they’ve given to IGTV users…

The coveted ‘swipe up’ feature from Instagram Stories is now available to anyone who wants to promote their IGTV video (not just accounts with 10k followers or more), AND Instagram is allowing links in our video descriptions - something not available anywhere else on the channel other than in our bio.

These perks won’t last forever, so get in there now and reap the benefits!

5. It’s Easy

No one is expecting a Hollywood movie level of content! Mobile video creation is, by its very nature, more rough and ready. The convenience of it allows us to capture content like never before without the need for a complex setup or technical kit.

Of course, experienced videographers will still want to show off their expertise, and their knowledge and kit will be useful.  But you can still create engaging and entertaining content without all that.

So if you haven’t given IGTV a go yet, I encourage you to take out your phone and go for it.  Why not start with something small, like an introduction to you and your business?

Want to Get Started?

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you, and you’re keen to give IGTV a try - but before you do, here are a few top tips to help you:

a. Be Strategic:

Don’t dive into IGTV without considering how it will align with and support your business goals. There should always be a purpose to any content you create - and IGTV is no different.

b. Include a Call to Action:

Once you’ve set goals for your IGTV content, ensure you know what that means for your audience. What’s their next step after viewing your videos? Perhaps you want them to comment? Or to follow you on Instagram or sign up for your email list?

c. Be Consistent:

As with any other channel, the key to success is consistency. Once you’ve committed to IGTV, post regularly and consistently.

d. Be Authentic:

A video is a perfect way to build your brand because it allows your audience to see and hear you, which feels much more personal than a blog post or podcast. Ensure that the content you produce is real and authentically represents you and your business.  This is the best way you can stand out in a crowded market.

e. Experiment:

With so few users right now, this is the perfect time to experiment with different types of content to see what works best for your audience.

f. Research:

There are already tons of great resources out there to help you to get started with IGTV, so give yourself the best chance of success by putting in some groundwork.

g. Measure Success:

With a channel that’s so new, we’re all learning together, and there are very few benchmarks out there. So monitor your own performance and track which types of video work well and which are less successful. By doing this, you can optimize your IGTV strategy and results.

Lastly, have fun! Instagram TV is still new, and you can learn and grow with it - so enjoy the ride!

Colette Broomhead started her own business 2 years ago, following a 13 year corporate career with a FTSE 30 company. She is the founder of Your Business Lounge, a monthly membership for new online business owners which helps them to cut through the overwhelm and start earning consistent monthly income so they can quit their 9-5 for good.

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