Top 11 Social Media Marketing Tips

Top 11 Social Media Marketing Tips

Do you want to maximize your business by utilizing social media marketing at its maximum effectiveness? If yes, check out this blog wherein we have enumerated 11 social media marketing tips to follow in the current year.

Social Media Marketing is one of the major sources when it comes to digital marketing. According to statista.com, the worldwide social network users in 2018 was 2.62 billion and it will be up to 3 billion in 2021. These numbers contain users of all social media platforms.

Now, it gives us a clear idea about how social media platforms are struggling to increase their users. Every social media platform is updating their services according to their UX.

The best example of this is Facebook. In 2010, it was a chatting and profile creation site but now we can upload videos, histories and do many more things.

For marketers in 2007 Facebook launched Facebook ads which helped many businesses to reach their target audience.

 The social media platforms help businesses to engage their users and promote their products & services. If you promote your products & services in the right way then no one can stop you from becoming a brand. Now let’s discuss tips to market your business in  2021 with the help of social media.

1. Engaging with influencers

Many firms have been doing this lately, getting along with some already big digital marketing names to support their business until they get noticed and they get along fine.

An influencer is a person who has a good number of followers and people like to follow his/her lifestyle. The influencers can be Actors, Cricketers, YouTubers and those people having huge numbers of followers.

If an influencer promotes your brand through his social media profile then his/her followers will also show interest in your product or services. As we discussed some social media platforms are most engaging platform today. The great opportunity for you is to go on such platforms, find some influencers and start influencer marketing.

People do follow influencers and that is how the world of advertising works upon. If you're starting small, you get to people who have already made it big and have a huge digital fan following and they certainly help you to make a stand in the market.

2. Write Engaging content

As we all know content is king. Whether it's on own website or on social media. Your content will engage your followers on social media. You may be able to pull a lot of crowd for yourself in digital marketing but only good and creative content is the thing that will make them stay and inclined to you.

People nowadays don’t just read anything, watch anything or agree to anything that easily described, people want more of mature content and they seek logic in what we provide to them.

They want to hear more interesting stories and read novelty articles, if you are not able to provide them that, they will certainly skip you to something more interesting and something which is more trending and will leave you behind.

So make your content interesting and easy to read by the user. Don’t let the user get confused about your products & services. Let him create a thought process and think about your products. The positive content will always create a positive image of your business.

3. Video marketing

Today Engagement rate of videos in social media is higher than the content published on it. Not only Youtube but all the social media platforms heavily engaged with video marketing. Videos are dynamics, they speak for themselves and are way more communicative than any other form of social media postings.

Youtube channels and many recent celebrities have earned quite a fortune by posting their own personal good directed content on youtube and social media platforms.

Channels like TVF, Goalcast, Fitlercopy and BBkivines are some of the majorly influencing channels on Youtube. Also, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google plus are most famous platforms where users spend most of the time of their life. These platforms are also available today for video marketing.

If you want to increase your users then try to upload engaging videos on your social media pages. The video can be in various forms like Vlogs, Interview,Webinar, Presentation, Tutorial, Product Review, Testimonial & Animation.

The best  idea to do less efforts for video marketing is competitor analysis. Just go for competitor research and lookout what type of videos are getting more views on competitors page. When you find the types just go and create such types of videos for your business and publish it on your page.

4. Quora Answers

Quora went to become promptly famous since from its launch in 2009, though it is nothing but a simple question and answering platform it has helped a lot of people to take the right decisions and also helped some to show their knowledge, while many people learned new things from it every day.

Quora has established itself as a platform to market product and brands on the internet. People started answering questions with respect to market their own products and advertise about their services. People find good questions and answers in such a way that they end up promoting their own business.

On the other end, Quora is both huge and open to all that knowledge and pleasing invite people to take part in the activities of both questioning and answering as well.

Marketer smartly links their answers to their websites, address, URLs and answer covering as much as keywords as they can.

5. Proper use of Hashtag

The hashtag we use on social media is for getting searched by the user. The hashtag is always used with the pound sign (#). The hashtag is nothing but the keywords. Let’s say if I am interested in knowing about the particular product and I search for it in the search bar of social media platform. It will show me its images, stories, pages and videos of the product.

Proper use of Hashtag

When it comes to social media marketing the hashtag should be such keywords that are intended to be searched by users. Some platforms show the keyword suggestion like facebook etc.

Tips to use the hashtags

Always use a hashtag with the relevant keyword of your content.

Don’t use hashtags on each word. One or two hashtag has more impact than more number of the hashtag.

Don’t split words and use a hashtag for it. The better way is to join words and give a single hashtag to it.

Don’t force to use hashtags on each post.

6. Paid Marketing

Some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn offers you paid marketing. In paid marketing, you can reach out to peoples having interest in products & services you offer. The benefits of running ads on social media platform are you can always do target based marketing which also helps you save money.

7. Follow Your Competitor

If I said you your competitor will help you to get more followers. okay, you will not believe me but don’t worry I will explain how?

Every business has competitors today and because of them we have to   struggle a lot in the market to reach out to customers. But somehow our competitors helps us understand the customers in the market. I have done lots of competitor research and found the easiest way that you should try for your business too.

If you have a competitor who is marketing itself on social media also then you are lucky one. Because their marketing techniques are going to help your business. Let’s say you have a competitor having a huge number of followers compared to you. Just keep your eye on this page and see what techniques the competitor is using.

If the focus of competitor is on informative types of content and through that if he gets more followers, then this strategy will also help you for getting more followers. Note these techniques and follow the trend of your competitor.

8. Reputation Management

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small venture or a big company, good reputation needs to be brewed perpetually so that people don’t just remember your brand but they also recognise you instantly.

9. Exclusivity

Providing exclusive and customized content to your viewers and audiences is the key to attract more and more customers. Because after a certain period of time every content becomes boring, seen and old.

Because technically you are not offering something which your clients or customers do not already have access to, With the posting of new content and stories one needs to be specific and updating all the time. But if you come up with the concept of exclusivity it makes them wonder what more you can offer in future.

10. Web Development

Creating a website for your business helps in a big way, creating a website for yourself is one of the initial steps into digital marketing, getting it registered with a good web hosting company marks your digital address on the internet.

Create a user-friendly website and always link it with your social media pages. Whatever activities you are doing on social media try to link your business pages with content you are posting. The benefit of linking with social media is that you will divert traffic from social media to your website & indirectly you will get visitors from social media as you become a brand.

Note: - A good website is not only which has a lot of effects and graphics but it must have a good page speed as well, or else you’ll be losing the patience of your users in order to attract them. The type of images, videos and font size, formats all that is crucial and needs to be taken good care of.

In social media marketing, you must have an eye for emerging technology and what are the new avenues that can be covered and looked up to. Early adoption of emerging trends teaches you a lot and you stand as the early investors in it, which eventually pays off later in time.

Though it may sound like a risk factor it’s worth a try.

Go ahead and use these tips for your business. Make your business a brand in 2021.

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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