How To Use Social Media Platforms For Your Business?

How To Use Social Media Platforms For Your Business?

Ever wondered what the best way to use social media platforms for your business is? If no, here's a blog that will help you achieve this feat with certain tips.

Social Media is now no longer just a platform for social interaction. With time it has grown and has commendably embarked itself as a massive platform for promotion and growth for other brands. Be it a giant company or a startup, each of them is directing themselves to the ocean of Social Media Platforms.

While some make it big, there are few who are still struggling.

1. What creates the difference in the growth chart?

The first question that pops out here is why few brands hit it big and remaining doesn’t? Remember there’s no rocket science behind the concept of Social Media. Promotion over Social Media Platforms is like making your brand stand right in the middle of the crowd.

Here, the crowd is your target audience; make sure you chose them wisely. To sustain and to get the desired attention, you need to present yourself to the crowd who is of your kind, or the one who love to have what you have.

This is just one of the points to consider while going ahead with the concept of Social Media Platform.

Let us now have a look at ways in which you can use Social Media Platforms for the growth and success of your business:

2. Choosing the Right Network

The very first thing you need to do is to choose the right network/(s) for your business. The presumptions that are linked with having all that is present on all the networks, or the one that says, ‘hit thousand, at least 100 will surrender’; let me tell you, Social Media Platforms are definitely flooded but they aren’t a jungle.


You need to well define the circle you need to join and then connect with them. Also, you need to understand that which sort of Social Media Platform is suitable for you and your business. You cannot attract the teen crowd on LinkedIn or Twitter as good as you can on Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram. You need to check your demographics, and further plan the platform you want to use.

3. They should like what they see

For this, let’s take it this way. What impresses you first about anything? The answer undoubtedly is the looks. Yes, let’s just accept the fact that if someone likes what he sees, the next step is that he’ll approach.

Similarly, you need to be sure that you are using good visuals for your brand. Further, you can just attach the link that takes your potential buyers to your website. Here are few really helpful tips about how to use visuals to have more buyers and followers.

Helpful tips for creating visuals

  • Choose a color palette that represents your business well enough: To choose the right color palette, you can take the help from your logo. Don’t go for new color combination every time; it will confuse people.
  • An avatar can be added for more clarity: While the audience now knows you by your logo, having a funky avatar can add the much-required essence.
  • Filter your visuals carefully: Using new filters every time might make you look inconsistent and unorganized. Also, if your company is having a Social Media Marketing Team, try having a template for them. This will again help in maintaining the consistency in which you are presenting.

4. Be Confident and Clear with your Voice

The voice here indicates the way you approach your audience. This is again something that calls for consistency and transparency.  What you post and what you share must stay around your company policies, culture, and audience; keeping in mind that you are not being fake. With this, you can interact with them in a better way and for a longer duration.

5. Don’t leave the track

So as to let the business move swiftly, you must not leave the track. Post something that’s connected and relevant to your company. If you are a fashion brand, you don’t have to share your piece of knowledge related to finance or operations.

Also by posting inconsistent content, you are presenting your brand in a wrong manner. Always remember, your audience isn’t interested in checking your knowledge about the worldly things, they just want to see how good you are in what you do and what they are looking for by following your company.

Along with this, also be sure that you are posting your contents on a regular basis. Now this doesn’t at all mean posting four to five times a day. The bottom line is that you must keep a flow of your posts, keeping it up to one or two a day.

6. Stay Engaged

Social Media Marketing isn’t just about what you post, but having relativity with your followers. Let it be your competitors, audience, or some other entity, have an engaging conversation; be it an appreciation, condolence, wishes or just anything.

Stay Engaged

This way you will not just come into the eyes of your audience but also their share of the audience. This is a very good way to get the attention and is followed by both big brands and startups.

7. Be Responsive

Last but not the least, or can say one of the important points of being in this Social Media Revolution is to be responsive. The queries and feedbacks you receive on your Social Media Accounts are important. Make sure you reply them back suitably and without much delay.

Your prompt reply won’t just portray that your team is there for your customers and their queries, but will also show how confident you are with the product and services your brand is offering. This is the only way you can see where you stand and what your audience thinks about your brand.


Social Media has evolved itself as a vital tool to market and publicize your brand. The platforms can be used impeccably to promote and interact directly with your target audience.  ‘Choose wisely flourish well’ is the mantra here.

Author Bio:

ShahidMansuri co-founded Peerbits, one of the leading mobile app development companies, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style has yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. Being an avid nature lover, he likes to flaunt his pajamas on beach during the vacations.

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