7 Ways AI Helps To Boost your Social Media Presence

7 Ways AI Helps To Boost your Social Media Presence

Artificial Intelligence can save a lot of time and efforts of social media marketers. With AI, you can make both social media marketing easier to manage and can get better results as well.

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is essential for most businesses in this day and age in order to achieve their business goals.

However, social media platforms have drastically evolved from a simple network that involves just uploading your posts and adding a few hacks hoping to get some form of engagement.

It is now more competitive, complex, sophisticated, and diverse than ever before, so you will need all the help available to succeed with social media marketing.

Thankfully, in recent years AI has evolved from something that looks far-fetched and theoretical to a practical part of our daily lives.

In fact, 41% of consumers believe artificial intelligence will improve their lives in some way.

With the use and application of AI to your social media marketing strategies, you can powerfully boost your social media presence in comparison to not employing AI.

According to a report by markets and markets, AI in the social media market is estimated to grow from 600 million in 2018 to USD 2.2 billion by 2023.

Using AI can bring about better and more effective results from your social media efforts.

Here are ways you can leverage AI to boost your social media presence:

1. Content Creation and Management

Instead of just creating content solely based on what you have been told in articles, or mimicking what your competitors are creating, you can use AI to create content based on data analysis. 

Data-driven storytelling is one of the best forms of content that offers compelling and relevant tips to the audience. 

With machine learning predictions you will get insights into what's more likely to be engaging based on what has proven to work in the past.

Because AI helps in analyzing the data at hand to give you insights on the best type of content that is appealing to your audiences.

Some AI technologies even go as far as highlighting certain keywords, hashtags, and timings that have proven to perform well.

Additionally, you can also employ AI to optimize your content, as it can point out grammatical errors, word suggestions even as far as the type of tone included. 

This overall makes your content creation process not just easier but better.

For example, Hubspot is a great AI-based social media content tool that helps you to automatically create social media posts based on the metadata of the link you provided by simply copying and pasting.

You can easily generate your content by clicking on creating a post, then selecting a social media network, a text box will open then you will include the URL containing the information. 

After attaching the link, a short headline or meta description of the page will pop up. And finally, the post copy is generated which can be optimized to match your brand's social tone.

Another example is Cortex, an AI-powered social media marketing tool that allows you to create engaging content that matches your audience's needs. 

Cortex uses AI to process social media data, uncover patterns that would manually take months to find to optimize your social media content.

Also, it has a feature called the Cortex Foresight platform that tells you the images, colors, keywords, and hashtags that inspire your audience using historical metrics. 

Additionally, it schedules posts at the right time to reach your audience.

2. Social Media Management Automation

There are a lot of social media platforms to handle as a business owner or marketer and these networks keep getting complicated each day.

Therefore it can be really difficult to stay on top of your social media marketing game.

You can use AI to automate so many tasks that can eat up a huge chunk of your time. Automation will help you stay relevant and engaging with your audience without losing sleepless nights.

For example, Sprout Social's automated technology can help you auto-respond to your audience by generating tweets suitable for replies.

This tool can analyze the context of a comment or mention and recommend an auto-response that can be used or tweaked.

Another example is from Postcron, which allows you to schedule your social media posts so that your content can be automatically posted across all social media platforms.

Postcron also has a feature called Bulk uploader that allows you to post up to 1000 posts, pins, or tweets at once from an Excel or Google Docs file.

There is another software, Lately, which is an AI-based tool that can automate your entire Social media content creation process.

Lately's social post auto generator allows you to repurpose previously published content into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-short linked social media posts for automatic postings.

You can also automatically link RSS feeds to your social posts for consistent uploads of related content saving you tons of time. Lately said on their homepage, all you have to do is "Set it and forget it" with AI.

3. Competitor Analysis

The business world is a very competitive one, and you have to stay ahead of your competitors to succeed in the social media scene.

You need to analyze what your competitors are getting right and how you can do better, what mistakes have they made, and how you can avoid it.

However, analyzing these pages manually is not just tedious but inefficient, it's hard to make sense of all the data you will collect from your competitor's social media pages.

However, with AI you can easily analyze all your competitor's pages, strategies, and data through Machine learning algorithms.

Doing this will give you insights into what's working for them, which hacks can you implement, what their followers love about them, what's driving their engagement rates.

Knowing all this information will help you make smarter decisions and optimize your social media marketing strategies.

For example, Crayon is a top-notch AI-powered that uses Machine learning to carry out in-depth competitive analysis for brands.

Crayon allows you to capture, analyze, and act on your competitor's activities. It tracks over 100 data types across millions of sources to give you a complete view of your competitors’ activities.

Additionally, Crayon analyzes that data with AI to prioritize what's important to you in an organized curated view.

4. Audience Analysis

Your audience is the core of everything you do, if your social media marketing strategy or message doesn't speak to your audience, then your efforts are futile.

In order to create better marketing strategies and social media content, you need to know what your audience likes, engages with, dislikes, and is likely to share.

Therefore carrying out audience analysis is crucial, and it needs to be accurate as possible. Employing AI can simplify this process and provide detailed information about your audience.

For example, Finteza is a great AI-powered intelligence tool that can be employed to analyze your audience data. 

Finteza can provide a generalized pen portrait of your audience without violating their privacy. It breaks down conversion data based on user device type and model, provider, IP, browser, geographical location, and language.

Additionally, Fintenza has advanced filtering functionality that can effortlessly create multi-level reports to give you an overview of your audience data.

Another example is from Social Baker's, it is an AI-powered tool that provides in-depth audience analysis in a fast single-step process.

Social bakers use AI to define your marketing personas, identify what content your audience love, and which influencers they trust.

Furthermore, you can auto-set your targeting based on exact persona preferences to reach the right people on social media.

5. Connect With Appropriate Influencers

With Influencer marketing, it is no longer a question of if but how to go about it. Your choice of influencers can make or break your Influencer marketing strategy, therefore it's important that you select influencers that will be relevant to your brand and message.

To get a high ROI, you can use AI to easily find the best Influencers that are related to your niche and have been used by your competitors for their Influencer marketing.

AI will save you the hassle of manually searching, filtering, sorting, and selecting Influencer profiles to find the right one.

For example, Affable.AI is a great Influencer marketing platform that is powered by AI to help you discover and connect with appropriate Influencers through data-driven analysis.

This AI-powered tool helps you predict an Influencer's audience reach and grant you in-depth insights into their followers base to help you make smarter decisions.

Additionally, you get to connect with Influencers that drive engagement on interests that align with your brand goals.

Therefore employing AI in your social media marketing strategy can save you all the complications that come with Influencer marketing.

6. Deliver Personalized Experiences with Chatbots

Enhancing customer experiences on social media is a top priority for most businesses and marketers.

To boost your social media presence, it's important that you personalize your audience experiences.

AI can help you achieve this through the use of AI-powered chatbots. They help respond to audience messages instantly and at any time of the day, which is key as customers love to be attended to immediately.

And this is not possible with customer service representatives, plus it is expensive to hire these manual teams, it is more budget-friendly to use chatbots.

Also, these conversations are not robotic, as these AI-powered chatbots can be optimized to sound human nature to connect with the customers.

You can fill your chatbots with relevant and common information that customers ask on a frequent basis.

Additionally, AI-powered chatbots use machine learning to tailor their responses to different scenarios.

You can also gather information from the conversations of these chatbots to personalize your social media marketing campaigns.

For example, Manychat is an AI-powered chatbot for the Facebook platform that converses with customers through Facebook messenger. 

You can easily create a bot with Manychat in a few minutes with its drag and drop builder and integrate your responses in it.

Manychat can help your brand collect contact information, send coupon codes, and converse with your audience.

Another example is from Sequel, it is an AI-based tool that allows you to create bots for different social media platforms.

The sequel has different features you can explore with your chatbots to power up your social media strategies like polls and Live Q&A.

7. Create Smarter Social Media Ad Campaigns

With the popularity of social media ads, to ensure high ROI especially with the competition you need to go the extra mile.

Creating ads that will be to your social media audience will be exhausting and difficult. Furthermore, ads are getting very expensive and you want to ensure you get the best out of your ads.

Using AI can help you create better and smarter social media ads from optimizing the marketing copy to analyzing ad performances and more.

For example, Wordstream Advisor, an AI-powered tool for improving PPC ad performances across all social media platforms.

Wordstream Advisor uses machine learning to analyze your ads and provide you with data-backed recommendations to optimize your ads for higher ROI.

The 20-minute work week feature on Wordstream Advisor saves you all the hassle of manually assessing your own ads, instead it does all the analysis and gives you automatic recommendations.

Another example is Phrasee, it is a top-notch AI-powered copywriting tool that helps brands optimize their marketing copy. 

Phrasee utilizes deep learning to predict the best language that will be perfect for your audience, and generate leads. It highlights which social media copy is underperforming and which will bring the best results.

Additionally, Phrasee allows you to test the performance of your ad copy and also employ the ad copy is recommended.


Gone are the days when marketers or business owners have to rely on our assumptions and guesswork to make things work.

As a social media marketer, it's no longer an option to employ AI in your social media marketing strategy, but a necessity.

There are different important use cases of AI that can boost your brand's social media presence, and the crucial ones to focus on as mentioned in this post are:

  • Connect with appropriate Influencers
  • Content creation and management
  • Social Media Management Automation
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • Deliver Personalized Experiences with Chatbots
  • Create smarter social media ad campaigns

Get started with all of these use case options and see a significant result in your social media marketing strategy.

Joydeep Bhattacharya is a digital marketing evangelist and author of the SEO Sandwitch Blog. He has over 9 years of experience in online marketing having worked with several businesses and improved their revenues online.

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