How to Double Your Social Engagement with Images[5 Pro Tips]

/ May 29, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

How to Double Your Social Engagement with Images[5 Pro Tips]

Do you want increase your social engagement and get your post shared like crazy? Try these 5 tactics to increase your social engagements with images.

A picture paints a thousand words. The immortality of this idiom is best declared with what is happening across a lot of social networks.

Social media nowadays redesign their platforms to cater for more picture crazy posts. This is because a picture conveys clearer meaning than words can, and without fail, is more engaging.

Learn how to increase your social engagements by following these tips and tricks.

1. Ascertain which of the most engaging images give the greatest social media presence.

To set things right, deciding on what cause or basis why you chose a certain image to post will help you in improving your social media presence through images. It is basically the first task to do.

Gather as much historical data as you can from your previous posts across multiple social media accounts or if you’re a newbie, make some research on trendy topics. After getting the data or the research output for trendy topics, make some analysis or conclusions out of these. This will be the backbone of your planning.

2. Create or outsource captivating social media images.

Either do it yourself or make someone do it for you like hiring paid freelancer. What matters really is on the quality of how it is done. There are many ways to arrive at quality pictures but always remember the adage that a tool is only as good as its user. So improve the skill too of the user while upgrading the cool features of your tools or devices.

By upgraded gadgets don’t necessarily mean expensive things. Sometimes, a beginner’s camera (under $500) mediocre smartphone with a top-notch camera is all you need.

Discussing the topic of affordability here, you might as well just teach yourself with graphic designing skills via free or affordable software options online. Truly, it will require a lot of patience especially if aiming for the most desirable result. However, it stops you from spending too much on internal graphic designers.

But if you feel that having a team will maximize your productivity or you’re being too busy which makes the job impossible; by all means get a team. Some places where you can avail one include Fiverr.

3. How to create visuals from scratch?

To start from nothing (like any tangible things), is to start with an idea. That idea obviously demands plans on how to make a more appealing visual. To make one, you should understand first some important principles behind strong graphics.

create visuals from scratch

Legibility: Yes you’re not reading a misused word. Visuals have aids like captions or labels to help them make their points across their audience. You should be conscious of color contrasts among the elements in your visual. Make balanced contrasts!

Colors: Be mindful of how the combination of hues will affect the perception of viewers to your material in general.

Visual  Hierarchy: Skimming is the most popular way an audience engage in social media. So make the blending of your colors, different sizes, and strategic positions convey the order of things on how they should be viewed.

4. Resize an image as you see fit.

Now that you have made yourself aware of the must-know things, it is imperative that you should also know resizing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have their own way of placing their visuals. By resizing, you can match these ways or specifications.

Resize an image

Here, you may use Landscape by Sprout Social as an image resizing tool, where you can customize your visuals to the demands of these social networks with ease.

The steps are simple. Open the application. Then drag and drop your image to the crop box. Choose the network you will size it for and chose also its corresponding desired post format. Then you can control the cropping afterward. Download that results via Landscape which will also provide guidance to the image regarding on which social networking site it will go.

Sprout Social also has a social media publishing tool. Using this will help you make a schedule of making shares to your social media accounts and thus finishing the production and publication process.

5. When can you say that you are successful?

In order to know that your social engagements are really getting better, it is important to gauge the degree of your present success. Your present success then becomes your basis for your future improvements.

Change is evidently constant, especially in the world of social media. In the past, the number of fans and followers is the ultimate benchmark of a successful social engagement. However fake accounts and web robots were invented and so a new measure evolved.

Internet savvy professionals these days prefer a lot more dignified benchmarking in social engagements – they look into the real conversations in the comments. Nothing beats an honest opinion when it comes to telling if your masterpiece is really good or not.

A product endorsement picture, a selfie, a groupie, a behind the scenes photo, an action photo, a candid shot, a collage, and maybe any combination of these are commonly used for social engagements in the social networks. Using them effectively will boost your social engagement and always remember the underlying principle – make them as attention-grabbing as much as possible.

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