5 Processes You Can Easily Digitalize To Accelerate Business Growth

5 Processes You Can Easily Digitalize To Accelerate Business Growth

Digital technology is no more only for those in the tech sector. The opportunities and benefits by digital technology for business has crossed all age groups and spans all industries today.

Technology is about innovation and advancement. 

Today brands count on different digital tools to automate their processes and make their day-to-day tasks easier but also to produce better strategies for business growth. 

An interesting stat says that 70% of companies either have incorporated digital transformation strategy or they are working on one.

In fact, brands that use a digital-first approach are 64% more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers. 

To help you follow this example and complete your objectives fast, we are giving you the processes you can digitize and the tools you can use to accelerate your business growth.

1. Productivity 

Employee productivity is one of the most important factors for every company since it is the key to satisfied clients and business growth. 

It helps individuals to be effective at work and brands to utilize the capacity of their human resources.  

However, there are days when the clock keeps moving ahead but your team keeps falling behind. And this may cause losing customers and profit.

In fact, a report on the State of the Local Workplace reveals that 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.

During these times, technology can be a smart investment and a great business growth strategy that can help you improve operational efficiency and achieve all your objectives. 

Here are some of the actual benefits that using productivity software carries:

  • Improved collaboration: These tools allow seamless communication between members and sharing updates on current projects. From text messages and file sharing to video conferencing, productivity software contributes to hassle-free collaboration.
  • Better project management: Improving the way you and your team run projects can save you a lot of time and reduce costs. Project management tools allow you to manage and prioritize tasks, track tasks and event calendars, meet deadlines, and much more. In other words, they contribute to managing complex projects from a strategic viewpoint and with ease.
  • Better workflow: Team members constantly face distractions in the chaotic working environment, Productivity software lets them concentrate on several tasks at a time, easily shift between tasks, and accomplish work at a faster pace.   

Productivity is the key to success and with the right set of productivity tools, you will allow your team to perform at an optimal level and bring you the desired results.

One of the best tools that you can count on to boost your employee productivity is Slack. It allows businesses to easily manage projects by setting tasks and deadlines.  

Team members are able to collaborate and communicate via text messages, voice and video calls. This tool also makes the storage of data possible and keeps it secure. 

Among the other features, we can find setting reminders, switching between channels and integrating with different tools including Dropbox, Google Docs and Salesforce.

Slack pricing starts from $8/month per person.

[Source: Slack]

2. Marketing

In the world, we live today, a strong digital presence is not only necessary but it is also the key to success and viability.

However, the competition is huge and sometimes businesses fail to achieve success despite the efforts they make.

This is where digital marketing tools can be quite handy. They help you develop strong strategies and successfully promote your products or services.

Digital marketing is a broad topic, and there are tools that can help you automate the following processes:

  • Email marketing: There are some great platforms that automatically collect the email addresses of your leads. They can send personalized promotional messages and also provide you with real-time analytics. It is important to incorporate these tools in your marketing strategy because they help you build brand credibility and boost your sales.  
  • Social media marketing: Social media tools help you better manage your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels. They let you schedule posts and publish content, track campaign performance, quickly respond to messages and evaluate outcomes. 
  • Online paid advertising: There are many tools that help you run your online ads like PPC and SEM efficiently. They allow you to pick the right keywords and target the right audience as well as track what your competitors are doing and what queries they rank for.   
  • And more.

Just like many other businesses, you should also invest in digital software to reach a wider audience, generate more conversions and outperform your competitors.  

SEMrush is an amazing tool that we recommend using for its great features that include:

  • Performing organic research and seeing what keywords your competitors rank for
  • Doing advertising research and putting together a paid search strategy
  • Conducting a deep link analysis
  • Finding keywords for both SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Tracking website traffic
  • Analyzing new markets and niches
  • And more

This tool offers only paid versions that start from $99.95/month.

[Source: SEMrush]

3. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an important process that allows businesses to manage their communication with their potential and existing clients.  

However, sometimes there are so many activities to be considered that this operation can be overwhelming.

CRM software has simplified the practice of building customer relationships and allowed companies to attract and serve their clients more efficiently and effectively. 

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy by automating this process:

  • Easy contact management: CRM software allows businesses to organize their clients into groups and easily contact them to educate them about their new products or services.  
  • Improved sales: These tools help businesses to track visitors in real-time and make predictions that allow you to find out whether your results are actually on par with your efforts. Then, you can use this data to improve your selling strategy.
  • Better workflow: CRMs are capable of automating marketing campaigns, data collection and data analysis. All these tasks save team members a lot of time and effort which increases company efficiency.

Thanks to customer relationship management tools you can turn your leads into loyal clients and increase customer retention.

Such tool you can take advantage of is Bitrix24. It has more than six million users worldwide and it helps you run your business successfully.

Among the features it offers, we can find:

  • Collaboration tools including group chat and calendar
  • Human resources management system
  • Sales funnel automation
  • Marketing and Sales Intelligence
  • Multichannel CRM for marketing
  • Quotes and invoices inside CRMFree customer contact center
  • And more

Bitrix24 offers a free pricing structure and paid options starting from $19/month.

[Source: Bitrix24]

4. Lead Generation

Lead generation is an inevitable task for every business. To grow their companies, they are bound to search for people who are likely to become their customers and cultivate them in order to make them convert.

However, to succeed, brands need to have a steady supply of qualified leads which is hard to achieve. Some of them are looking for prospects in the wrong places and some don’t have a clearly defined strategy.  

By counting on the help of technology, businesses can solve these problems and face these challenges more easily.

Digitalizing the lead generation process lets you to:

  • Identify leads
  • Collect contact info including emails
  • Use and customize pre-set templates where you can share your sales message
  • Nurture leads along the customer journey
  • And more

With the right lead generation software in hand, you can manage to capture high-quality leads and turn them into loyal clients. 

OptinMonster is a great choice of lead generation tool whose pricing plans start from $9.month.

Here are some of the key features it offers:

  • Putting pop-ups on your website and collect beneficial visitor info
  • Creating visually stunning optin forms
  • Choosing different campaign types
  • Detecting visitors' behavior
  • Using precise targeting
  • And more

[Source: OptinMonster]

5. Data Management

Every business deals with a huge amount of data including client personal info, financial and IT data. 

While most of the companies out there count on traditional local servers or personal computers to organize and store important details, others make smart investments and digitalize this process.

It’s not that these computer programs don’t work fine, but managing data using cloud computing has the potential to accelerate your business growth.

For getting better results it’s important to keep communication between employees all the time. Cloud computing solutions give business owners a huge opportunity to keep in touch with the company’s employees and let the employees work on the same project simultaneously. Depending on your business size you can choose between public, private, or hybrid cloud for your business. For instance, if you own a small business and can not afford private cloud services, you can always choose public cloud and share that with other companies.

Businesses are aware of the benefits cloud computing carries and the fact that the global public cloud service market is expected to rise by 17% is just proof of that.

IT offers powerful features that allow you to:

  • Manage your operations from anywhere at any time
  • Access files from different devices
  • Backup and keep data secure
  • Create invoices and track sales
  • And more

What’s great about this software is that your supplier is responsible for maintenance and upgrades which not only saves you money but also lets you focus on your business. 

Additionally, using the cloud also provides companies with greater flexibility and increased productivity.

Panoply is one of the best data management tools on the market that offers a cloud-native automated data warehouse where you can store and manage your data. 

It has a user-friendly management dashboard and some of its key features include:

  • Collecting data from different cloud apps like HubSpot, Salesforce and Shopify
  • Transforming data into tables
  • Replicating relational databases
  • Automated scaling and maintenance of multi-node databases
  • And more

Panoply pricing starts from $200 /month.

[Source: Panoply ]


Automating your business processes is of key importance in creating effective strategies and fast-tracking your business growth

Companies that count on digital transformation enjoy better success than their competitors and make higher profits.

To take your business to the next level, make sure you digitize productivity, marketing, lead generation data and customer relationship management by incorporating the best tools on the market. 

Maja Dukadinovska is a content specialist at Digital Silk. She writes for business and for pleasure, focusing on design and digital trends. Allergic to fluff and poor WIFI. Loves dogs and everything cocoa-based.

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