5 Productivity Hacks Every Successful Person Uses

5 Productivity Hacks Every Successful Person Uses

Are you weary of multi-tasking? How about when you’ve multi-tasked but still don’t have enough time at the workplace to complete your tasks on time? Here are a few of the tried and true methods that can improve your efficiency at the workplace.

Are you weary of multi-tasking?  How about when you’ve multi-tasked but still don’t have enough time at the workplace to complete your tasks on time? If the answer is yes, do not despair because you are most certainly not alone.  The fact is that many people find it daunting to manage work efficiently. The emails, client meetings, intra-departmental issues and fatigue all take their toll and by the end of the day you leave the office feeling like a zombie. If this sounds familiar, there is no need to panic. By utilizing a few simple productivity hacks, you can manage to complete all of your work tasks with ease and avoid getting bogged down.

Successful people do not do anything magical to increase productivity, but they do have different approaches to work-related issues. If you adopt a few of these tried and true methods, your efficiency at the workplace is likely to improve.

1. Distancing yourself

A lot of people end up wasting precious time at the workplace simply because they fail to distance themselves from others and obstacles to the work. On days with a usual workload, there is nothing wrong with chatting a little with colleagues or taking a few coffee breaks. However, on days with loads of work and tight deadlines, it is best to put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside of your work door! Also, it is okay to tell colleagues not to interrupt you for any reason until you’re done.

2. Right tools

While eliminating technological distractions at work is a necessity, that does not mean you will not make use of the technological weapons to save time and enhance productivity! There are plenty of apps and software that you can use to boost productivity at today’s workplace.


The best part is that a lot of such apps and software can be used for free. The paid versions for business users come with additional features. Tools like Evernote, Google Drive,Stay Focused and Jive help enhance your workflow significantly. And further it can automate regular tasks and can also prove to be helpful. These tools eventually prove to be useful for the entire workforce.

3. Eliminating technological distractions

Technology can literally prove to be the double-edged sword in life, but more so at your workplace. You may not even realize how many minutes you spend every day checking your phone or tablet for WhatsApp chats and Facebook messenger! Some people also find it addictive to use Google Hangout and Facebook to chat with co-workers during office hours. They fail to realize how they are killing their productive time in the process.

Eliminating technological distractions

You have to make up your mind to restrict or stop using those online services when you are busy at work. Stay offline or put your smartphone on silent mode when you are really busy. This will help save a lot of time and you will be able to complete an assignment and tasks within office hours.

4. Relax

No matter how much of a salary you draw or how many people there are in your organization, you need to find time to relax. Some of the business tycoons have their private jets and islands! You may not be that wealthy, but that does not mean you cannot unwind. You may have your own way of relaxing.


It can be any activity that makes you happy. And when indulging in it, you have to discard work-related thoughts from your mind. If you prefer gardening or a weekend vacation, switch off the work phone when you indulge. You may even go to your favorite restaurant occasionally to taste some scrumptious dishes.

5. Social networking

In an era when most people prefer communicating with their smartphones and laptops rather than meeting in-person, developing a social network is what you should do. If you look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs, you will see that they have large social network followings. While a lot of them include professional acquaintances, there are friends too. This not only helps you interact and share thoughts with but you may even find ways to boost career prospects by interacting with such people. Such friends can also be useful when you want to share work-related or other stress, at times.

Social Network

What else you can do

Apart from all these examples, you can make subtle changes in the way you do things to enhance workplace efficiency.  For example, do not push yourself through hardcore multi-tasking at the workplace. When a number of tasks are pending, learn to prioritize and do them one at a time rather than handling all at once. This tends to be more effective for stress management. Besides, you actually save time when you handle one task at a time. So, stop delaying the pending tasks and try to get them done as quickly as you can.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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