7 Must-know Tips and Techniques for TikTok Marketing

7 Must-know Tips and Techniques for TikTok Marketing

Tiktok began life as a moderately successful video-sharing app and has exploded successfully out of nowhere. A combination pack of the vines, Twitter, and Instagram, has over over 500 Million monthly users and has become the talk of the town for almost all marketers.

The internet is many things. What it is not is ‘boring’ and ‘uncreative’. Billions of people around the world have access to the internet today. While some use it for mining information, others see it as a complete book of opportunities that will help them create a business out of it

The internet is the means to generate tons of information that helps people be aware of happenings around the world. It is also a platform where people create an identity for themselves. The internet can be considered as both a boon and a bane. One must know how to utilize it with the best interests. 

With growing trends, people have started becoming more creative in using and creating things. The internet has seen the rise of many things; most of what spread around the world like a wildfire. 

Some of the major creative things that shook the internet were the kiki challenge, the ice bucket challenge, the musical.ly, Kylie Jenner’s lip colour challenge and so on. While there have been positive and fun challenges, there were negative ones as well - like the other time, when the world had to see the very deadly blue-whale challenge that rattled parents, across countries. 

While there have been things like this, there also emerged other Apps that gave new opportunities to seekers. One such highly successful Apps is TikTok. The rise of tiktok has been quick and spread across various countries in the world. It can be regarded as one of the biggest marketing platforms on the planet.

Let us dive in and understand how tiktok rose to become one of the leading platforms in the world. 

1. All about TikTok 

TikTok is a social media app. It allows its users to create lip-sync videos for music, comedy and dialogues. It came like a storm and washed off all other platforms for a while. It was created by a Chinese software enthusiast and is known as Duyoin in China. When they decided to spread the app in other Asian and eastern countries, they renamed the app as TikTok giving it a new life.

On the contrary to expectation, this app rapidly spread across other countries and hit the tables with the highest downloads and users. It has never looked back since then. After becoming a giant in the world market, they acquired the second most popular music app called musical.ly.

They merged both the platforms and eventually all the musical.ly user accounts were moved to TikTok giving them a boost and much broader reach. There are around 524 million users of TikTok. People see this as one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms

2. How TikTok helped in the rise of influencers? 

After a steep rise in popularity, TikTok earned billions of dollars. It is an app that is used by most youngsters. Around 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24. The app has given them scope and advantage to rise to fame. Here’s what it has done to people across the world: 

●       A budding platform for future influencers - There are many stories of people having become superstars and famous by only doing TikTok videos. With more videos and more likes, they become more prominent and thus an influencer. Some users have put this App to the right use that helped them become famous.

●      Best app for content creators - You have good content, then TikTok is your option. It has the highest number of users, and the reach would be tremendous. TikTok gives an opportunity through various options and the in-app features in creating great content. For budding content creators, TikTok was and has been the most preferred platform. 

3. Understanding the Marketing techniques and strategies for TikTok 

TikTok is one of the biggest social media marketing platforms. The marketing platform builds brand and fame within days provided one knows the tricks and the right usage of the app. Here are some marketing strategies from famous TikTok users that made them what they are today.

We shall also see some great examples of people from various parts of the world who made TikTok as a cool weapon in building their image: 

Creative Content - TikTok is all about creativity. The more creative you get, the more followers you get. People look up to you when you do something different, and that is how you rise to become an influencer. Find inspiration from around. You never know, even the simplest things can make a hit on the platform. 

Take inspiration from great people but make sure your content is original and not a copied version. If there is one thing that can complete, crash your online presence, it is plagiarized content. Brainstorm and make fun, unique and creative content. 

●       Hashtag Ads - Another effective way to market your brand on TikTok is through hashtag ads. When you want an idea to spread across the platform, you can create and use hashtags. A hashtag combines all the posts that use it. A brand uses its hashtag to promote its products through posts. Hashtag challenges promote brand awareness. This is a way to make people use your products which will, in turn, increase its market value. Many social media agencies recommend this to generate followers and traction.

●       Using trending tracks - TikTok is always full of new content. When someone posts a new idea, and it becomes trending, pick that challenge and do it for your brand. People are more likely to see and share compelling content. The algorithm of TikTok is created to help you find trending tracks. The mechanism is such that it will suggest tracks that favours your current campaign. This will help you boost your followers and views.

●       Understanding metrics - TikTok has an option to switch to pro-account that will help you find the analytics section. The analytics provided will help you understand better about your brand performance. It is pretty straightforward and simple to understand. The analysis is given on three basis - profile, content and followers insights. Frequently check your statistics to perform better.

●       Collaborating with Influencers - If there is one thing that will help your profile grow exponentially, it is collaborations. Gen-Z rules almost all major platforms. There is constant stress on creators to make content thrilling and appealing to them. They look up to young influencers. You can collaborate with small-time brands and use their products to create content. When you know you have reached the targeted audience, collaborate with other influencers to generate traffic and better content.

●      Using the right tools - One foremost and essential thing is to create quality content. If you have a five-megapixel camera and take videos, it will not sell online. If you want followers and want to drive viewers, you need to create compelling and attractive content. Invest in a phone that has a good camera. Spend time in editing and be patient while you do this.

●       Challenge People - The best thing about these platforms is that it connects people. Another effective way to increase subscribers is to challenge people. When you create any new video, tag and challenge people to do the same, when more people accept the challenge, there is more visibility of your profile as you will get tagged in the posts as the original creator.

●       Developing your strategies - Understand your crowd better by analyzing the statistics. Develop strategies that fit your brand and your space. Create unique strategies to attract more followers. Each brand has a unique requirement that suits their followers. Hashtag challenge or usual challenge, collaborating with brands or individual influencers, check what helps you bring more followers and better traffic. Creating a strategy for your brand is as important as being present on the platform. As one of the best marketing platforms, TikTok is a tool that when utilized rightly, can give out tremendous results.

Ever since TikTok was created, it only gave more and more scope for people to create and explore their talent. Let us get inside and see some examples of some of the most famous TikTok creations and their creators:

●       #theants - This was one of the trending hashtags of 2019. It earned more than 11.2 million views in just six days! It went viral due to its unusual nature. In this short video, people will have to imitate ants, and there have been some tremendous innovative and creative outcomes.

●       #differentpeople - Another viral hashtag that made people bring out the creative side is this one. When this hashtag was trending, people went down to different roads to find the most creative way to trend this. In this short video, the user acts as a person or a thing and then compares it with the most frequently confused thing. Like the previous one, this too earned 11.3 million views in a very short span.

●       Peppa Pig - Who would’ve thought that a child’s play would be of TikTok trend. Last year, the famous UK TV character Peppa Pig went viral on TikTok. People used different versions. Some made videos, while some created memes. It all started with one of the users creating a TikTok after she found a Peppa Pig toy inside her chocolate.

●       Distorted Meme - This is created using the distorted filter in the TikTok app. In this, the user shoots videos in various scenarios and adds this filter to make it look comical. This was followed by many users who brought in their creativity to make the best meme out of the filter. 

Though the app is just two years old, it has taken the digital market and preceded all other apps in a brief period. TMany ordinary people have risen to incredible fame through this App. Some of the world-famous TikTok personalities are - @charlidamelio who is the world’s leading TikToker with 50.4 million followers; followed by @lorengray with 42.5 million followers. 

And, the third most followed personality is @zachking with 41.5 million followers. A surprising fact to note here is that these three users have crossed the number of followers that are for the app itself. Meet the fourth most followed page on Tiktok, the app itself; with 39.3 million followers. 

The internet never rests, and there is always something new and creative coming up. The current trend is TikTok. Who knows what would be the future. But if there is anything for sure, it is that there is never a calm and peaceful phase in the internet world. Someone somewhere is working to make something big. Until then, let’s wait and see!

Sorav Jain has been recognized as one of the 'Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India'. He is an avid blogger and has written several social media marketing blogs not just on his own blog site but has guest blogged as well. He has delivered numerous informative lectures at the Confederation of Indian Industry, NASSCOM. He has hosted over 300+ social media workshops across India, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. His numerous writings, on the social media subject, range from the latest social media marketing strategies to be implemented on Facebook advertisements to Instagram marketing and a lot of other related topics. He also spearheads echoVME, that was recognized as 'The Best Social Media Agency of 2013' by CMO Asia.

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