The Importance Of Social Media Analytics

The Importance Of Social Media Analytics

Learn how social media analytics will help in creating the best strategies for your business.

By investing in analytics tools and services, tracking the leads and converting customers through social media efforts can be achieved. In addition to that, you'll not only save money and gain higher profits for your business, but you also get to know your audience for long-term healthy customer relationships.

In this post, you'll learn the importance of social media analytics so you can make a sound decision when it comes to creating the best strategies for your business.

1. Know the Best Time to Share

Timing is a critical aspect of social media marketing. You don't just post anytime you want and appear like a social media wall flooder to your audience. It’s best to post when your target audiences are actively online to drive more engagement, site traffic, leads, and sales.

With social media analytics, you'll better understand your target audience. Reviewing your past posts and relevant social data enables you to determine the best time to share.

Some social networks, like Facebook, allow you to do this easily via built-in analytics on the ‘Post’ section of your insights, displaying the times and days at which most of your fan page followers or target audience are online.

2. Deep Dive Analysis

By using a Social Media Audit Template, you'll be able to assess your social date at the highest level, so you and your team can make better social media marketing decisions. Through analytics, you'll be able to conduct a deep dive analysis and understand the impacts of key social media marketing metrics.

By knowing your metrics, it’ll enable you to take effective and actionable steps, depending on the wall post engagement data. It gives insights into the best content pieces that hit the mark based on a branding perspective. Also, social media analytics will show the content that triggers a brand’s conversation and social media sharing.

Through deep-diving your social media metrics, you can compare your existing content strategy with your competitors to ensure that you're one step ahead.

Social media metrics include the following:

  • Impressions
  • Social Engagements
  • Comments per post
  • Shares per post
  • Likes or Reactions
  • Clicks

3. Create the Best Content

Content marketing and social media marketing are always joint forces. Using social media analytics, you'll have an idea of what topics or content that drives the best results.

Also, you'll better understand how links, infographics (text-based graphic images), audio, videos, or images impact your metrics.

Social media analytics lets you analyze how your blog performs, knowing what content is usually liked and shared, the length of time your visitors spend navigating your page, and the number of visitors who were converted to paying customers.

Here are some of the best social media content trending today:

  • Tutorial Videos: Makeup, DIY, or cooking tutorials
  • Feedback-seeking Questions: Posting a question about what other people think about your brand or soliciting feedback.
  • Ad Videos: Video advertisements are better than static ads.

4. Know Your Best Social Media Networks

While there are plenty of social media networks to choose from to engage with your audience and post your content, not all work perfectly for any niche or business. Driving results is far beyond joining a multi-million-member social media platform.

You might actually realize that smaller networks, such as Flickr or Pinterest, can help you more when it comes to your marketing strategy better. That's why using social media analytics is important in experimenting with the best social media network applicable to you, measuring your traffic, engagement, and sales.

Here's how social media analytics can help when determining the best social media networks for you:

  • You can use the social media data extracted to focus more on the suitable social networks that work for you.
  • The data can be used to set the right amount of time to spend on managing each social media network. For Instance, you can spend more time or prioritize working on top-performing social media networks that bring in greater results.
  • Social media analytics allow you to connect with several social media networks and place data in a single dashboard for faster and easier performance comparison.

5. Know What People Say About Your Business

Your social media reputation is a vital aspect of your business. Social listening improves your reputation and online presence, allowing you to view what online users are saying about your business in real-time. It’ll also help you modify or create better strategies to connect with your audience.

Using social media analytics tools, you can conduct social media listening by signing up for an account and adding in relevant keywords, such as your company name and product name. The social media analytics software will track all mentions and metrics and list them out, showing data in graphs.

6. Better Understand Your Competitors

Just like you, your competitors aim to stay on top by creating appealing and informative content and effective social media strategies. Without data analysis, your social marketing efforts will likely be put to waste.

By knowing the social networks that work best for your competitors, like influencer marketing, you'll have an idea of how to run your social media marketing strategy effectively. Social media analytics allow you to create a widget and track your competitors' accounts by simply adding their username and selecting the metric you want to check.

7. Create Better Social Media Marketing Strategies

Many are not successful in creating the best social media marketing strategy in their first attempt – several mistakes are committed and ineffective tactics are used. However, if you use and analyze social media analytics regularly, it's easier for you to determine the reasons why mistakes or errors happened.

Once you're able to optimize your social media marketing strategies, you can keep those that are working, modify those that need to be improved, and remove or stop doing those that are poorly performing.


Social media analytics displays relevant data to help you determine the best content that gets your target audience's attention. Also, it tracks the performance of your social media campaign. If things are not going according to your plan, then you can simply change or correct your social media campaigns.

With social media analytics, you'll be able to track the key metrics that greatly affect your sales and marketing goals. Using such a tool can help you create better social media marketing decisions and avoid wasting your efforts on strategies that don't work.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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