Actions For Non-Designer: How To Make Beautiful Ads In 5 Clicks

/ July 18, 2018 | 5 Mins Read

Actions For Non-Designer: How To Make Beautiful Ads In 5 Clicks

Don't know how to make a beautiful ads? Here are some tips.

We bet that while surfing the internet space you have bumped into Photoshop action advertisement for the several times or more. And each time you scroll down because you find these tools used only for designers and photographers. But we will shatter your illusion.

The main target audience is photographers and designers. But any marketer who wants to make his work easier and more productive must turn his attention to these time savers. With some specific Photoshop actions are will complete the most efficient and beautiful advertising material in 5 clicks.

Photoshop Actions are a set of recorded steps, which you can use in your Photoshop. It’s the known tool that is often not noticed by many professionals, including marketers. Actions can help save your working time by doing the repeated task over again.

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Some designers’ tasks are very similar to what marketers do. They also need to catch people's attention and focus on some specific information. Creating such design or advertisement can become a tedious task when you deal with it every single day.

You must pick the perfect approach, determine the desires and need of the target audience, find the way to stand out from the crowd of the others advertisements, complete your work and make all these tasks in the shortest terms. Designers are doing almost the same things, so it will be logical to use the same additional timesaving tools.

Some marketers are wary of using “tools for designers” in their work. The reason they keep themselves from using actions–problems with applying process. They think they can occur to be too complex for non-specialist. 

However, experience has proven that those marketers who decided in favor of using the Photoshop actions in their work achieved more efficient results. It’s because modem Photoshop actions are so easy to use, that even the Photoshop amateur user can figure out how they work just in few minutes. Even if some issues appear, you can always Google or just read the instruction attached to the action.

Statistics says for now almost 50% of marketers use the Photoshop actions in their banner creation! It means a half of marketers value their time and make fulfill their order faster!

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How fast can you fulfill the banner order by using the action? If you spend about 3 working days in your banner with the Photoshop actions, you will complete it in one working days or less! It will boost your working process three times faster!

But how can you use the action in your work? It’s simple. It aims the Photoshop action to make the image more sophisticated and interesting for clients. With these tools, you can add the unique look to the general and uninteresting ad. Experiment with text styles, add lighting and color effects and you see that your advertising material can become much more sophisticated and it’s without tedious procedures.

Creating a perfect advertisement will be like taking candy from a baby

In the beginning, each marketer search for the way to make his work more productive and faster. It’s a wise decision, cause time is money. You can give your work a big boost if you learn how to create the beautiful advertisement. To save your time without compromising the quality of your future advertisements, you can use so known Photoshop actions.

But what kind of Photoshop action is the save choice for marketers? Where to start? Let’s concentrate on the goals of the efficient advertisement. It must catch the target audience attention and be informative. So let’s start with the text styles.

1. Text effects

Text effect can become the best way to concentrate clients attention on the information you want to announce. The text style you will choose depends on the advertisement specification and your personal preferences.

The most traditional and universal variant is gold text style, it will suit any advertisement you pick. Another save choice will be any 3d text style. Designers use the 3d text styles for creating more realistic and catchy designs. You can do the same. The range of text style effect you can use is unlimited, just try once and you will rely on them each time you’ll need to create the new ad.

2. Realistic Photoshop actions

Each advertisement includes not only the text part but also the visual part. For your visual part, you can use some realistic Photoshop actions, which will make your ad more sophisticated.

It can be an oil painting effect when each detail of your image transform into the dash of the brush trendy HDR effect which will provide your advertisement with the sharp and high-contrasted look in a few seconds.

Even if your advertisement has a small visual part, you shouldn’t neglect it. Human brains perceive visual information much easier than just a written text, so the perfect visualization is your key feature for creating the productive advertisement.

3. Double exposure Photoshop actions

Wow, it’s one of the most mind-blowing photo effects you have ever seen. With such the creative approach, your advertisement won’t be unnoticed. Double exposure effect is a trendy model solution how you can create a combination of two different images.

They often use this design for the covers of music albums, in modern magazines and in advertisements. And there is no wonder why. The appearance of two or more overlapping photos looks thrilling and hypnotizing. With one this effect, you can forget about any other trick to attract attention to your advertisement. This single tool will do the whole work for you. 

4. Duotone or color toning Photoshop actions

Experiment with the color grade of your ad. It’s a simple and wise solution when we talk about the ad. Now the retro and vintage styles are on the top of their popularity and the duotone effect can provide you with retro or vintage vibes in the most tender manner.

Duotone photo effect will make your visual part a great background for your informative part. It will be catchy but not too much for drawing attention away from the information, you want to be focused on. Every time you run the duotone action, you will get a high-contrasted result, which looks so catchy. 

5. Artistic Photoshop actions

These Photoshop actions subcategories comprise a plethora of directions: oil painting, vector art, selective area color Photoshop action and many other directions. In the simplest terms, this category comprises all actions, which can provide you with outstanding creative photo look. It’s reasonable to use them when you want to put emphasis upon the visual part of your advertisement, not the text. Remember this to avoid the mistakes. 

 Let’s sum up the main benefits the marketers can get from using the Photoshop actions:

-    Can help to put emphasis upon the visual or text part of your advertisement, as you wish.

-    They will enhance the text layer in your advertisement.

-    Simplifying the process of creating a new ad

-    They have a reasonable price, considering the multiple uses. Sometimes, you can even get high-quality Photoshop actions for free.

-    Actions speed up the process of advertisement creation. For creating the custom appliqued banner, designers spend 2-3 working days! With the help of Photoshop action, it can reduce this time period to less than a day! You will speed up your working process more than for 70%!

-    You will get consistent results.

-    Your advertisement will look like a Photoshop expert was working on it.

-  It’s easy to change settings and make the actions work according to your needs.

As you can see, the Photoshop actions are as much beneficial for marketers as for designers or photographers. After applying the action to your advertisement, you will come up with a work with combined techniques, tones, and photo and text effects. Using the Photoshop action in advertisement creation is a progress, and only unprofessional will ignore the progress.

Marketing, Design, and Tech passionate with over six years of experience. Digital Marketing is a passion for me rather than a profession. Also learning smart tips of the Photoshop to use it in SMM. He is currently working with styleactions.

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