PosterMyWall Review 2020: Everything You Need to Know about Graphics & Videos

PosterMyWall Review 2020: Everything You Need to Know about Graphics & Videos

A simplistic PosterMyWall Review with all of its features, pros & cons, pricing and more

Some say graphic designing is overrated, whereas other marketers swear by it and consider it to be the lifeblood of their marketing campaigns. So, if you're someone who's been sitting on the left side of the fence and constantly doubting your graphic designing efforts, keep reading. 

The importance of graphic designs in your digital marketing efforts cannot be stated enough. Whether you wish to take your marketing efforts to the next level or drive revenues like never before, using the right software is key. In addition to this, your brand can leverage a host of benefits that come with visual aesthetics. Let's look at what the data tells us:

  • Increased brand awareness: According to research, "65% of people are visual learners – they can retain information better with images, videos, and other visuals than with written words." Plus, it encourages word-of-mouth as "83% of consumers who have watched a branded video would consider sharing it with their friends."
  • Engages readers better: According to BuzzSumo data, "Facebook posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement than those without, whereas Twitter updates with images resulted in 150% more retweets than plain text updates."
  • Encourage better retention: As per data, B2C marketers prefer visual content instead of textual content - "B2C marketers use pre-produced videos (76%), illustrations or photos (67%), and infographics (59%)."

It goes without saying that in the fight of visuals vs. words in digital marketing, the former wins. If you're someone who is struggling to craft a stellar personalized campaign that delivers value and results, you need to get your hands on PosterMyWall - a one-stop tool that offers simple and easy drag-and-drop options, and built-in libraries to help you create all things graphics-related - be it for professional or personal needs.

1. What is PosterMyWall?

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First things first, let's understand what the PosterMyWall tool entails. To put it simply, PosterMyWall is an online tool that empowers you to create graphics and videos without any hassle.

To get you better acquainted with the page, there are four sections that you should know about:

  • My Stuff Page: Consider this to be your home base for all intents and purposes. You'll be able to track down everything you create and save here. Additionally, you can organize your work in folders, and share it with others for smarter collaboration.
  • Create a Design: The holy grail of the website; this option allows you to well, start designing.  
  • Site Menu: It allows easy access to other features such as your Order History, Edit Profile settings, log in and log out options, among others.

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You can also have access to high resolution downloads that PosterMyWall offers. Downloads for images come in $2.99 and $7.99, and $14.95 for videos. Paid image downloads are crisp and provide 300 DPI resolution. 

That's not all. You can create an email campaign on-the-fly, upload email lists, and send emails in bulk to a large number of people from PosterMyWall for free (up to 100 emails a day). There are Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions available for you:

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Without diluting its effectiveness, you can think of PosterMyWall as a ready repository of graphics and videos where you can download a design, publish a post, or edit designs with great ease. 

2. How is PosterMyWall different from other online design platforms? 

At this point, you might be thinking about what makes PosterMyWall unique. Well, for starters, the design templates are crafted by a global design community and high-quality stock videos. Additionally, here are 6 compelling reasons that make this tool truly one-of-a-kind:

  • You can create professional-looking videos at the click of a button using customizable video templates. More importantly, you don't need any design skills or special tutorials to get started:

Image Source

Videos are available for download for 14.95 USD.

  • You get access to a rich and diverse gallery of free customizable templates which can be used for both images and videos, and for offline media and social media content.
  • You can leverage free collaboration options, be it on Cloud, through email, social media, or by copying a link. All you have to do is save and import your work on Google Drive/Dropbox.
  • You get to resize design options for free, without any restrictions on the number of times you can resize.
  • You can schedule and publish content by setting the time and date for the post to publish. The post will automatically publish to the designated social media network(s) and page(s) at the allotted time:

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  • You can access Getty Stock graphics, videos, clip art, and shapes for a more professional look:

Image Source

Key takeaway: Whether you wish to create customized posters and email campaigns or banners and business cards, you can do all this and more from a single design. At its heart, PosterMyWall simplifies the designing process without taking away the aesthetic appeal or graphical sense.

3. Major Sections & Features of PosterMyWall: At a Glance

Moving on, let's look at the top features and applications of PosterMyWall. These include:

  • Video creation: Creating a customized video can be a costly and time-taking affair. However, PosterMyWall allows you to create professional-looking videos with ready-to-customize video templates at a reasonable budget. The video maker is designed to be flexible, allowing you to change an image into a video or vice versa. Videos are available for download for 14.95 USD.

  • Menu creation tools: You can create menus using the menu-maker and other promotional collateral for your restaurant, and engage users the right way.

Image Source

All you've to do is browse the available templates, customized with your images/videos/text, save and download the design and share on your preferred marketing channel:

Image Source

With the entire world going virtual thanks to Covid-19, you can display digital menus on your screens via the Play on Smart TV option and easily alter content from your browser or phone:

Image Source

  • Schedule content: From the My Stuff page, you can post and schedule content to Facebook and Twitter for free. Plus, you can access an endless supply of templates with pre-set schedules that makes the process of designing easy and quick:

Image Source 

Image Source

  • Shared photo collections: It allows you to share logos, brand assets, and stock images with your internal teams as well as your external customers.
  • Productivity tools: You can categorize your designs and organize them so that searching designs becomes a piece of cake. Plus, you can allow team members to comment on designs as well as edit them as required.
  • Audio addition: You can add audio to your designs as per your needs.

4. Pros & Cons of Using PosterMyWall 

Pros of PosterMyWall:

  • Is simple and easy-to-use.
  • Specializes in high-quality prints, downloads, and social media templates - including video for Facebook, Instagram, among others.
  • Empowers smaller businesses to self-serve and create custom designs that look-and-feel professional.
  • Allows you to stay organized with photo and video collections.
  • Enables you to work across smart devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. so that you can work anytime, anywhere.
  • Offer pre-set template sizes for most social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).
  • Offers free collaboration with others through email, social media, or by copying a link.

Cons of PosterMyWall:

  • Searching for templates under a specific theme can become cumbersome due to the sheer volume of options available.
  • Printing high-quality graphics for posters, etc. require you to purchase what you created.
  • Its hard to find a feedback/suggestion column where people can share their glitches and experiences in the website.

What about Pricing? 

The Premium subscription costs about $8.33 per month, billed yearly. Best of all, PosterMyWall offers a free trial. The majority of the features available on PosterMyWall are free to use, and users can even create a design without creating a free account. Talk about unparalleled convenience.

Here's a handy tip: The subscription plans offer a better pricing structure for downloads and offer the ability to use custom fonts, have priority customer support, and can aid in the scheduling of social media posts and email campaigns on-the-go.   

Final Words

All things considered, PosterMyWall can act as a handy guide for born artists looking to adapt to the digital world or even absolute beginners who think that they don't have an iota of artistic flair (for lack of a better term). 

The software can be easily learned by one and all, thanks to the user-friendly editor and a rich template gallery. Remember that you can use this tool for personal and commercial purposes. It offers quick and appealing results (without the help of a graphic designer) at shoestring budgets. Need we say more?

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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