8 Best Graphic Design Blog For Inspiration in 2020

8 Best Graphic Design Blog For Inspiration in 2020

Understanding the right graphic design will help you find the right skills. Learn the best blogs to get the latest designs.

Making graphic designs and logo designs require creativity, and one needs to keep up with the trend to know what their latest design looks like. Also, taking up a career as a graphic designer, you need to ensure that you are using the correct tools or are well explained about the industry standards.

Also, it requires a lot of inspiration and hard work to start with your next design. Following some trending graphic design blogs are where you can find the ideas for your next to be. Certainly, it is not about copying others’ designs, but thinking about others’ designs and bringing them into your creativity. Here we have mentioned some of the best blogs to get the latest designs, including logo designs, brochure designs, and graphic design.


1. Designhill


Graphic design needs creative ideas and inspiration to create artworks and designs to stand out. Designhill is one of the salient sources you can rely on for the latest design trends and incredible ideas & inspiration. This world’s #1 creative marketplace keeps posting inspirational blogs featuring a range of topics related to graphic design. 

Designhill is a great online platform, equally beneficial for freelance graphic designers and design seekers. From logo design to a custom t-shirt, digital tools, artworks, and illustrations—you can explore its blog section for insightful articles on these topics, helping designers get ideas on trending designs.

2. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

Logo design love is the inspiration blog dedicated to all the logo designers out there. The website is devoted to logo designs and visual design and shares ideas related to the latest logo designs. The website has its paperback edition of the book known by the brand name, which guides readers about creating a brand name and how a logo is important to have the brand identity

Fifty thousand copies of the book have been sold, and the second edition of the book is also available, which was launched in 13 different languages.

3. Illustration Age

Illustration Age

Illustration age is another inspiration blog people can lookout to get amazing ideas about trending graphic design, including brochure designs and logo designs. The blog features comic books, articles, classes, digital tools, and artwork, helping users get ideas about trending designs. 

Illustration age blog provides resources to the illustration community, which can be articles, link directories, interviews, etc. The blog's resources section has links to tools for freelancing business, various organizations, online sales, podcasts, communities, printing, art education, marketing, online portfolios, tutorials, art supplies, brushes, textures, color, as well software required for creating the graphic design.

4. Grain Edit  

Grain Edit

Grain edit is a modern graphic design inspirational blog which focuses on classic designs. The blog features and showcase designs from the 1950s to 1970s from contemporary designers to have a throwback feel. 

Grain edit’s content includes interviews, articles, designer’s libraries, examples of posters, vintage kids book, rare design annuals, type specimens, poster, and Ephemera. The site showcases various designs, which can be a good resource for all graphic designers looking for designs from their favorite artists.

5. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a blog that covers all the subfields of graphic design, such as brochure designs, motions, animation, 3d art, and logo designs. The site can work as an inspiration to many creators because of collecting the artwork that is readily showcased at the website for the creators to have a quick idea about how the product will be. 

On the website, visitors can also find many free tools and resources that can be quite useful for a creative designer to create their design and enhance their skills.

6. High On Design

High on design is an inspiration blog that is acquired by Wix. The website has various blog sections that include inspirational posts, tips for creativity, work culture, resources, and pro blogs. High on demand blog has various arts and graphic design which can help creators get an idea about the latest trending logo designs and graphic design. 

The platform also features various tools, including the apps and plugins to help boost your creative process. High on design has a section that includes a step-by-step guide to enhance the skills of the people reading the blog.

7. Made By Folk

Made By Folk

Another site on the list is Made by folk, which is a graphic design blog. The blog showcases all the artists and graphic designers who want their designs and creativity in the world. Made by folk provides them space and the platform, with which it becomes easier for them to present their creativity to the world. 

Many design categories are available on the website, such as Graphic, typographic, screen prints, etc. Made by folk allows you to get the in-depth stories involved behind creating a particular design that is present on the blog. Made by folk helps its visitors find the best design to plan their next creative art or graphic design.

8. Dribble


With Dribble, any person around the world can have their account and upload their designs. Dribble, just like Made by folk, is another platform for graphic designers to present their artwork to the whole world. Anyone registering on the website can submit their creative designs and reach out to the world. 

By doing so, creators can have feedback from different people having a different perspective, thus giving the idea of their next artwork. On its blog page, people can find many stories that explain in detail the process involved behind the creation of particular artwork, be it graphic design, logo designs, or brochure designs.

9. Graphic Design Junction

Graphic Design Junction

If you are looking for an overview of some design, then Graphic Design Junction is your best to go blog. There are multiple posts and threads related to the designs. The blog features topics about typography, fonts, logos, and photography. 

You can find various tutorials on the website, be it an Illustrator tutorial, a tutorial for Photoshop, or any other tool that can help one make their piece of artwork. They have various free products, including logo designs, fonts, artworks, etc. which you can choose from.


Designing an artwork requires one to be passionate about their creativity, and it requires one to be motivated about what they are creating. Designhill got you covered for your design needs; you can hire a creator, get tutorials, tools, and all the stuff required for you to get started with your next design. 

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