Megapush Review: How to Get the Most Out of Your Push Notifications

/ December 3, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

Megapush Review: How to Get the Most Out of Your Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most powerful tools to engage your audience or users. In today's post, I am going to explain how Megapush platform is winning the push notification race.

If you are struggling with a less than stellar conversion rate, there can be a simple solution to help with that. Push notifications have been around for several years and are an effective way to ‘push’ traffic to your landing pages.

1. What Is a Push Notification?

Quite simply, a push notification is a communication method that accesses mobile devices. It looks like a typical pop-up message that contains some form of information. They can have sports scores, the weather or even suggest that a user do something like downloading a coupon or send them to a different page for further information on an event or activity.

Megapush is the first ever push notification advertising network. The program focuses on delivering push notifications to both mobile and desktop devices. This system can be specifically targeted to pre-determined demographics which produce higher conversions. The higher conversions result from a better quality of traffic.

2. The Traffic Categories Used by Megapush

The personalization tools that make Megapush so valuable are built around three key dynamics. The categories are simply identified as Gender, Interests, and Age. It is from fine-tuning these three components that your push notifications can be targeted to only those you want to see your message. In other words, users not meeting falling into the categories won’t see them.

3. Some of the Best and Unique Megapush Features

If you are tired of trying to promote your affiliate pages through traditional means, you have to take a closer look at the features built into Megapush. They include the following:

Pop-Ups You Can't-Miss

Push notifications reach users readily as they are pop-ups in design. This means that when a user is doing something else on their device, a push notification will appear overtop whatever else is being viewed. This makes push notifications difficult to ignore yet easy to recognize.

Wider Reach Capabilities

As push notifications cannot be ignored, they ensure that attention is drawn to them. For an advertiser, this means their message is virtually guaranteed to be viewed when received. Push notifications also reach users quickly and are more effective as a result.

Advertiser Friendly Format

For advertisers seeking a cost-effective way to reach they have chosen the audience, there is nothing that compares to push notifications. Megapush saves you on having to spend more on tracking tools in order to see if the marketing is working. What this means is less cost and more results for you.

Support and Referrals

With Megapush you are not left in the dark to figure it all out. If you encounter an issue, there is 24/7 customer service and support available. Plus, when you join the Megapush referral program you can earn up to 3% in recurring lifetime commissions by referring other affiliates.

Simple to Understand and Use

The interface is intuitive and easy to work with. Even if you are not as skilled as a seasoned affiliate you will be able to work with the network and get your push notification system in place without much trouble.

4. Other Benefits From Megapush

Even with all the great features already mentioned, this is one push notification program that takes the entire concept of direct marketing and flips it on its side. Some additional extras include:

Worldwide Traffic

Megapush can be fed to devices all over the world and to most countries in the world.

Multiple Setting Options

Want to get extremely specific in relation to where you target your push notifications? Megapush gives you the flexibility to actually pinpoint your targets by OS/platform/country/browser and ISP.

5. Why Use Megapush Over Other Marketing Programs?

That’s actually very simple to answer. You are always in control with Megapush and as a result, it allows you to remain in direct contact with the user. There is no third party you have to go through in order to reach your potential customers. You send the push notifications directly.

What this does is it removes any possible delay in reaching your users. That produces higher conversions as well as faster conversions. This alone makes Megapush a truly unique and innovative network that is fast and more reliable than existing ad networks.

6. Where to Use Megapush

Not too sure how push notifications would fit into your marketing strategy? Here are some great ideas on how Megapush can benefit your online presence.


You can send push notifications of special offers or promotions that are linked to specific products, services or even related to specific holidays.


If you have users interested in news and/or sports, you can utilize Megapush to provide these people with updated content.


You can provide users with downloadable content such as coupons, books, templates, and additional value-added bonuses to keep them engaged.


Yes, Megapush can also reach your customers with games they can download and keep as added incentive bonuses.

7. Compatible with Most of the Payment Platforms

Megapush is user-friendly when it comes to adding options for accepting funds for internal transfers. Most common payment platforms are compatible including Visa, MasterCard, Wex, Tele2, QIWI, Payoneer, Beeline, ePay and more. For direct transfer payment options currently include Bitcoin, ePayments, and WebMoney with more to come in the future.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of good reasons to take a good, hard look at your digital market strategy and see where Megapush can improve your reach and conversions.

Considering it is the only ad network of its kind sending push notifications to both mobile and desktop devices, you can’t go wrong. It is easy to use and set up a system where you can start your first campaign soon after set up. Add to this the fact that it responds to a PPC CPC delivery and has no limits on creativity it is well worth a look.

Plus, since Megapush works all over the world you will be able to specifically target users with the assistance of the demographic settings and filters. There are also extremely fast payouts. Whatever you earn through your campaigns is credited to your account within two hours.

Push notifications are predictable and immediate. No other affiliate marketing program is as precise and cost-effective as Megapush. Visit their website at for details on how you can start increasing conversions.

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on @sawarams.

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