SEMRush 2019 Review: Know More About SEMRush Features And Pricing

SEMRush 2019 Review: Know More About SEMRush Features And Pricing

A simplistic SEMRush Review with all of its features, pros & cons, pricing and more.

Competitor analysis is the most influential way to outsmart other competitors. As well as getting enormous organic search visibility. But you must establish a professional website first. Followed by guest blog posting and engaging with some experts on digital marketing

 You'll get to drive more traffic to your site and increase your revenue. But only if you already got a full grasp of competitor analysis and have to finally implement your understanding. 

The lifeblood of every online business is, of course, targeted traffic.  

The main goal of doing keyword research, guest blogging, social media interaction, and influencer marketing is to engage more people to visit your website. Nowadays, most marketers and website owners try to spy on their top competitors through a manual process. Yet, doing a manual process only takes time and somewhat annoying. 

On the other hand, other online marketers and strategist use a unique tool which is SEMrush. Below is a complete review of SEMrush. Read more to know how it can help your business get in the top. 

1. What is SEMrush? 


SEMrush is one of the most well-known SEO software with unique features for website audits, social media tracking, SERP rank monitoring, etc. 

It’s considered as the primary SEM tool because of its competitive analysis feature. It provides important data about your competition. Examples are information about organic and paid search, display advertising, and link building. 

SEMrush can also help you realize why your website has a poor performance, let you stay away from low-performance campaigns and focus on establishing new sources. 

You can use this SEM tool to address various tasks, such as: 

  • Website Audit 
  • Keyword Research 
  • PPC Research 
  • Backlink Analysis 
  • Position Tracking 
  • Social Media Monitoring 
  • Content Planning 

Moreover, the SEMrush tool is the most efficient SEO competition intelligence solution. You can find Many SEO tools on the internet that also perform the same tasks, but SEMrush leads the pack. 

2. Overview of SEMrush Features 

Alongside this SEMrush review, you will know all the details about the helpful features of SEMrush and will guide you on how to carry out particular tasks using these features. 

It widely distinguishes its benefits in three main categories: 

Analytic Reports - This category provides insights to your competitors’ strategies, whether in organic search, paid search, or link building. 

Tools - It helps you conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis on domains and keywords. 

Projects - Your universal campaign will be of great help to obtain complete insights of your competitor, be it rankings, keywords, on-page, and off-page health, etc. 

SEMrush has the ideal features to outline your advertising strategies, and at the same time monitoring your competitors. Let’s take a look at some of the core features of SEMrush. 

3. Keyword Research 

Source: semrush.com 

Unlike most other keyword research tools out there, the keyword research feature of SEMrush is very comprehensive. You couldn’t only perform basic keyword research because you can also find out which keywords your competitors are using to rank high. There is also a “Related Keywords” feature that you can utilize to find new keywords based on your niche that you haven’t discovered yet.  

Here are some of the crucial points you need to know from the keyword research feature: 

  • Acquire a complete list of appropriate, tested and tried keywords 
  • Break the bonds of languages and regions, and take a look at the keywords that are region specific 
  • Pair keywords and phrases. Determine other related keywords 
  • There are times that primary keywords won’t do the trick. You can incorporate long-tail keywords which eat up almost 70 percent of the total search traffic 

4. Competition Analysis 

SEMrush lets you detect your competitors quickly and perform a thorough analysis of their strengths and weaknesses in SEO and uses this data to compete with them strategically. 

If you’re wondering why you should observe your competitors furtively, here are the main reasons: 

  • It gives you an idea of what your target audiences are looking for. 
  • It provides you a better idea about the trending topics in your niche. 
  • It allows you to have a great idea on what keywords to apply to boost your traffic and sales. 

5. Full Website Audit 

Source: semrush.com 

SEMrush can help you conduct a complete SEO audit of your site and lets you find out which part you need to improve, as well as fix all SEO related issues. 

Here are a few important benefits this Site Audit feature have: 

  • Monitor SEO optimization progress 
  • Prioritize SEO issues and pick out what to fix first 
  • Inspect your website’s overall health with the SEO analysis tool 

You won’t find link building much easier than when you utilize the SEMrush tool, because you can spy on all your competitors’ backlinks, as well as where and when they obtain every link.  

Instead of guessing the strengths of your competitors, you can access their backlink info and use it to beat them in the organic listings. This backlink data won’t only save you plenty of time and effort, but it will also ensure you to be successful. 


7. Organic Research 

When you use SEMrush Organic Research feature, you can produce an in-depth organic research report quickly according to a domain or keyword phrase. This organic research includes all the necessary parameters to establish a strategic search engine marketing plan. 


Searching for the perfect keyword is critical when you’re trying to reach out to your target audience through organic search engines. This vital feature lets you determine the keywords that you need to use to enhance and increase your search engine ranking. Aside from that, you will be able to know your competitors’ content strategy that they might be using to bring more organic traffic to their site. 

8. PPC Advertising Insight 

PPC advertising can be complicated, demanding, and disappointing. Mainly when you’re not aiming for the exact keywords. The worst thing that could happen is when you already wasted a lot of money on your PPC campaigns. 

It’s a good thing that SEMrush allows you to have a look into the campaigns of your competitors concerning paid keywords and utilize this information to your advantage. 

9. Sellerly 

SEMrush recently launched a new tool for Amazon sellers. It’s a free feature that helps boost conversions of Amazon product pages doing a split testing on the primary factors that affect sales. 

Split testing is a technique used for data-driven optimization, and Sellerly helps sellers to implement it to their Amazon listings. You should not rely on your intuition alone if you’re serious about running your business. You also need to back your decisions with data. This particular tool enables you to run endless split tests and slowly improving to create the most successful listing. 

Here are some important main features of Sellerly: 

  • This tool is free! 
  • Reject any changes in just a single click, and leave what’s useful only 
  • Monitor each experiment live 
  • Test various descriptions, titles, and prices to find out the perfect combination 
  • Manage your product listings personally by incorporating your Amazon Seller Account 

10. SEMrush Plans and Pricing Details 

Source: semrush.com 

After knowing a few primary features of SEMrush, it’s now time to discuss the different plans and pricing model of this incredible SEO tool. SEMrush is very much budget-friendly and also provides a FREE TRIAL option for new users before deciding to purchase any plans. Here is the pricing model of SEMrush: 

PRO - starts at $99.95/month 

It is perfect for freelancers, in-house marketers, and startups who are in a limited budget. You can easily run your SEO, SMM, PPC, and other content projects since the PRO plan has 28 advanced tools you can use to know your competitor’s rankings, traffic, sources, social media results, etc. 

  • 10,000 results/report 
  • 5 projects 
  • 3,000 reports/day 
  • 500 tracked keywords 
  • 100,000 pages to crawl 
  • 50 social profiles for monitoring 
  • 10 social profiles for posting 
  • 5 scheduled PDF reports 
  • Display advertising research 
  • $999.40 for Annual Subscription 

GURU - starts at $199.95/month 

GURU is best for SMB or other growing marketing companies. This plan includes all the PRO features with additional Historical Data, Branded reports, and extended limits. 

  • 30,000 results per report 
  • 50 projects 
  • 5000 reports/day 
  • 1500 tracked keyword 
  • 300,000 pages to crawl 
  • 100 social profiles for monitoring 
  • 30 social profiles for posting 
  • 20 scheduled PDF reports 
  • Historical Data and Branded PDF reports 
  • Display advertising research 
  • $1999.40 for Annual Subscription 

BUSINESS - starts at $399.95/month 

It is applicable for businesses, agencies, and e-commerce projects with a large-scale web presence. By getting the Business plan, you acquire all the features in Guru with additional sharing options, extended limits, API access, and White label reports. 

  • 50,000 results per report 
  • 200 Projects 
  • 10,000 reports/day 
  • 5000 tracked keywords 
  • 1,000,000 Pages to crawl/month 
  • 300 social profiles for monitoring 
  • 50 social profiles for posting 
  • 50 Scheduled PDF reports 
  • Historical data, Branded PDF reports, PLAs, White label PDF reports, API Access 
  • $3999.40 for Annual Subscription 

11. Who is SEMrush Suitable For? 

This SEMrush tool is ideal for: 

  • Business owners who manage their SEO 
  • SEO consultants and agencies 
  • In-house marketers for small to medium-size businesses 
  • Enterprise companies 

The SEMrush tool presents many data on different aspects where there’s a considerable amount of information. Many will benefit from this, but some may suffer from information overload. It’s an excellent way to find out new opportunities and partnerships within enterprises, which may help you save on some cash that you’re supposed to spend on keywords. 

For example, look for some relevant companies and get in touch with them to know whether they’re interested in placing some ads on your website. You will succeed on this when you discover that they’re spending a lot of money on advertisements for keywords. Since these agencies are spending a substantial amount on Google ads, you should place yourself where you can work out better rates. 

12. Top Competitors of SEMrush 

Analyzing this tool and creating an in-depth review like this wouldn’t happen without having to compare SEMrush between its top competitors. That said, here are two handpicked competitors that also provide services that have the same nature to SEMrush, both in terms of their setups right now and at which level they execute. 


A lot of experts might agree that there are no other tools on the market that challenge SEMrush like Ahrefs does. Because this tool also has a vast index of backlinks, an excellent keyword tracker, smart UX design, SEO tools that enables you to process almost the same research and analysis, and so much more. 

It’s challenging to find out which tool reigns, but in the end, it’s still up to you which of these two SaaS services you would use instead. 

Moz Pro 

Another strong competitor of SEMrush is the Moz Pro. Some people may think that it is less powerful compared to SEMrush and Ahrefs, it’s still an efficient tool for SEO because it also shared similar features and has both advantages and disadvantages compared to its opponents. 


Spying and knowing all the workarounds of competitors have become the norm nowadays. If you don’t have any idea of what and how your competitors are doing, it would be hard to decide on a marketing strategy that will not only drive more traffic but also allow conversion. 

Only paid ads don’t serve the purpose in terms of website rankings. Even if paid ads are a much faster way to rank high, organic search results still guarantee your stability in the market. Online tools such as SEMrush helps in identifying even if the tiniest data about your competitors, and eventually enhance your search ranking substantially. 

It would be fair enough to say that this SEO tool has already come a long way ever since a couple of years back. Currently, SEMrush is a leader in its field together with a very few efficient competitors, always striving hard, pushing the borders further in terms to what are our expectations from one of the best SEO SaaS providers in the field of digital marketing. 

Sawaram Suthar is the founder of TheNextScoop and Jagat Media. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in branding, promotions, page optimization, research, and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on Twitter @sawarams.

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