Content Marketing Optimization Tips with SMO [6 Actionable Tips]

Content Marketing Optimization Tips with SMO [6 Actionable Tips]

Just implement these practices while performing SMO tasks for your brand and leave your competitors behind when it comes to lead generation and sales.

Almost all digital marketing professionals unanimously agree to the importance of SMO in a web-based business.

It helps companies to increase brand awareness, attract a large number of people available on different social media channels, boost the ranking of websites, and generate more business opportunities & revenues.

It is often said that the more social sharing/likes/shares/fan following you have, the more business opportunities are likely to come at your way. Using content marketing tricks, you can achieve great success in SMO. But how? Let’s study & find out.

1. Find The Content Preference of the Targeted Audience

There are different types of content. Some people love to read out interesting text content, while some others are crazy about image content. There are a good number of individuals who love video and audio content and they hate going through text content.

Content Preference

So, before optimizing your content for social media audience, you need to understand what type of content is liked by the social media user base maintained by you. There is no benefit of pushing long text content to a social media fan who is interested in video/image/audio content.

In such cases, the effectiveness of SMO campaigns is declined dramatically as users don’t react to your posts. So, conduct a proper research and find out what type of content preferred by the targeted audience. Only then you will be able to conduct SMO campaigns effectively.

Types of Content Uses in Social Media optimization
Entertainment Content On social media websites, the main purpose of this content is to entertain, relax, entertain fans and followers. Humour, collections of beautiful photos, interesting stories, postcards, quotes, poems, music, movies, etc, all these are entertainment content. Entertaining content is actively shared by users. Always keep in mind that entertainment content does not solve business problems. It doesn’t convert the user to the next stage of your content marketing funnel, but it keeps your fans/followers entertained when they visit your social media pages.
Educational content This type of content dominates the commercial communities of the B2B segment. It comes in the form of Instructions, training materials, FAQs, translations, studies, expert interviews, etc. This type of content is necessary to get the desired success in content marketing strategies via social media channels as they educate customers by demonstrating your competence in the chosen field.
News Content This type of content let visitors know the upcoming events in your company and take decisions accordingly. Do not post too much news about your company as it frustrates people.
Communication Content Such posts encourage users to make an opinion about your brand. Discussions, chats, survey, etc, solves the problem of fans and followers & boost their engagement with the brand.

2. Share Website/Blog Content on Social Media Pages

Always keep in mind that social networking websites expand the circle of communication among people living away from each other. You can use social media websites to make new acquaintances online, find new friends abroad, communicate with old friends who emigrate to other countries.

This holds true when it comes to business promotion on social media websites. Sharing the live content of your website on social media channels benefits you a lot as it helps to gain more page views, traffic and business opportunities.

Google considers the social ranking of websites while ranking them in its SERP. A website with a strong social signal is likely to appear in top search results compared to a site with weak social signals.

So, share your site content regularly on different social media websites to get the desired success in SMO campaigns.

3. Create & Share Social Media Specific Content

All digital marketing individuals often try to keep SMO activities away from SEO campaigns to target fans and followers in a better way and get repeat business.

You should also create and share social media specific content regularly to send special messages to customers and include them in your conversion rate optimization.

People always love to read interesting content on the web. So, from time-to-time, you see that some of your posts go viral on different social media channels because they meet the needs of the targeted audience.

So, from time-to-time, you should reshare your old posts that were popular initially. It helps you get some more page views, likes, comments, business opportunities also.

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5. Make Proper Use of UGC in Social Media Campaigns

User content is original content created by the customers and clients of your brand voluntarily. You can use them to increase the effectiveness of social media campaigns and gain more business opportunities.

Always keep in mind that 90% of all users read about the brand on social networking websites before making transactions.

When you launch SMO campaigns, people trust UGC more than the content generated by professional content writers. So, display Positive comments and posts, praising reviews, photo and video reviews on your social media websites (submitted by your audience) to attract new visitors.

Use of UGC in Social Media Campaigns

You must always keep in mind that creating SEO content takes a lot of time. Furthermore, SEO professionals have to prescribe suitable titles, subtitles, descriptions, tags, and keywords to help search engines find the content and show it in their SERPs.

Always keep in mind that content helps to promote a brand on the web with low-frequency queries of 4-6 words. E-commerce companies heavily rely on UGC to impress visitors and encourage them to make more transactions.

6. Use Custom Content Marketing For SMO Campaigns

Always keep in mind that traditional content marketing is focused on attracting new customers to your business.

However, it will be wise to use custom content marketing while performing SMO campaigns as it seeks to attract the attention of your existing audience. Its content is mainly focused on their interests and questions.

This will strengthen your brand and create new business opportunities as custom content helps you to maintain your relationships with people who already know your company.

Final Words

The uninterrupted availability of user-centric content is the key to get the desired success in SMO campaigns.

Just implement the above-mentioned practices while performing SMO tasks for your brand and leave your competitors behind when it comes to lead generation and sales. Good luck!

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