11 Things You Should Have To Market Your Brand

11 Things You Should Have To Market Your Brand

A business activity may be very efficient and bestowed with immense profit-making possibilities but in this era of showbiz, it becomes imperative to showcase and eventually drill a solid place in the consumers’ and investors’ minds. These are the two stakeholders who largely define the success or failure of an enterprise.

Most of the big firms have made it a point to understand this and inducted strategies to enhance their sales perspective by ensuring proper marketing tools and measures are included in their operational activities. But only realizing this is not enough as it should be made sure that all the prerequisites for efficient marketing are fulfilled as this is a two-edged blade and needs to be handled with care.

Here is the list of the tools that a firm should keep in mind when ensuing into marketing there brand.

1. Business Cards

Once out in the market, you may come across many types of people. Some of them may be casual acquaintances, some may be friends while some may be business associates, but the most important of the lot are those prospective customers who may come across along the market. There are times when one comes subtly comes across people who in some manner offer opportunities for better improvement and enhancement of the business by offering good and previously unheard offers.

These are the times, and these are the people who may be gravely helpful in enhancing the brand reach and consumer base. A well-designed cheap square business card can be extremely helpful in forging a good and lasting impression on the receiver. It is essential to put proper effort into designing and printing a business card that may reflect your business capabilities and draw positive light upon your business sense.

2. Mobile Phone

Connectivity is a very big concern and it should be made sure that all the recognizable and active members of the marketing team are properly connected through mobile phones to ensure round the clock availability to the client.

With increasing users of a smartphone, a company should focus on building enterprise mobile apps that are possible signal to accelerate growth and boost productivity. You can also win business by using various strategies for mobile devices.

Some of the companies give Smartphone to their employee so that they can get in touch whenever they need any help. The best example is UBER, this company was running on mobile apps only as they have official apps for taxi book. They can track employee’s location and distance via this GPS based apps.

3. Social Media

When it comes to branding, social media play a vital role. Earlier the social media was used to create brand awareness, but people not just stick with that and they amplify it for brand promotion, customer services, and lead generation. Activity on the social media defines and determines the credibility and desirability quotient of a brand.

A well-defined social media strategy, a dedicated and updated sub-team for handling this portfolio is very crucial for successful marketing. Even some big company like Facebook has built enterprise social apps for their business. This app for business help employee to share valuable information, discuss among employee, store resource at a single place and more important is that all these updates are running in real time.

4. Updated and attractive website

When a new client wants to get in business, he firstly starts by looking in the web sources of information. This includes the official website that may attract the prospective client on its merit. You should focus on creating the website that includes all necessary elements and it should look awesome.

5. Extensive and credible research

Good research always helps in achieving better results. Marketing strategy should be backed by extensive research of the market condition and consumer choices. This is very helpful in deciding targets, thresholds, and benchmarks.

If possible then try to find out deep information, their online presence, and do SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threads) about the company. Along with these, you can also prepare brief competitors analysis and list out top competitors, how they are doing better than your client etc. These all research helps a lot while you’re presenting a company.

6. Organizational Setup

An efficient and well structured organizational setup is essential for backing up the marketing claims and for achieving the targets set up by the research wing. Along with organizational structure, you can mention your organization’s employee strength, expertise, and accreditation if any.

7. Visual Presence

What seems better mostly sells better. This quote is the basis of the advertising industry. To increase the scalability of any brand or product, its visual presentation is essential. This can be easily incorporated through issuing advertisements to TV, newspapers and other marketing stuff like hoardings. Apart from traditional marketing, having the focus on visualizing digital entity like client proposal (an awesome proposal in infographic format), updated blogs, industry news etc can help a lot to acquire more customer.

8. Customer Interaction

Somebody said, “Customer is king”. That’s true, and we should focus on proper strategy to handle clients query. A proper channel for interacting with the customers, recording and redressing their grievances adds to the credit of the brand. If a client is not satisfied by the service, but his issues are heard and heeded to then only there stands a chance that he may retry the service.

9. Technical Support

A well trained and tested technical support team helps in constant evaluation and improvement of the product specifications and thus forms a major pillar of the marketing strategy. If you’re big company and have bit more budgets then you can implement technology like IVR (interactive voice response) to automate your technical support.

10. Well-designed content publishing

Words carry more weight age than most other arrows in any quiver. It is essential that whatever content is published under the brand tag is credible and attracts the attention of the clients. Publishing content on some big publication like Techcrunch, Mashable and VentureBeat can make your brand famous within their readers.

11. Good public relation (PR)

A good public relation team not only sorts out the issues coming from various sources but is also instrumental in bringing in business to the firm. It is essential to hire a team with proficient speakers who can mold the situation in your favor at all times.

Marketing your brand is necessary, so is handling your clients. Living up to your brand name and making it bigger is what you should aim at!

Sawaram Suthar is the founder of TheNextScoop and Jagat Media. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in branding, promotions, page optimization, research, and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on Twitter @sawarams.