How to Find Fabulous Blog Topics and Create Awesome Content [Brilliant SEO Hacks]

How to Find Fabulous Blog Topics and Create Awesome Content [Brilliant SEO Hacks]

Whether you are an e-commerce site or a chain of florists, you need to learn these simple yet mind-blowing tricks to level up your SEO game in style. Read this post to find out more!

SEO tactics may change, Google may bring out a thousand new updates for algorithms, and new-age tech may bring about more innovative tools for marketing, but the content is here to stay.

Great content is the essential tool that you can use to pave your way to the most glorious SEO rankings that make sure increased traffic comes your way. And we all know what that means – revenue rates going up!

As we move towards a fast-paced digitized age powered by the almighty Internet, strategizing SEO effectively is the need of the hour. Making sure that you reach your target audience with relatable and the finest quality of content through your marketing tactics is thus the crux of the matter when designing SEO.

Here are some fascinating facts about SEO and Internet marketing that are sure to blow your mind.

How to find fabulous blog topics and create awesome content

If you are stuck with the problem of how to improve your SEO rankings using blogs and other forms of content on the web, then the chances are that you will find the solutions in this blog.

Some of the ways that you can improve the SEO rankings of your business is by learning how to streamline your searching capacities, be it for content or keywords. Mastering the art of producing authentic and relatable content will also earn you brownie points with your customers.

This post brings the best of the tools you can find on the Internet for identifying great blog topics and creating awesome content to drive your SEO rankings right through the roof!

1. Enhancing search capacities

By looking for ways to enhance your searching capacities on Google, you can tap into a world of resources offered by the Internet and focus your content accordingly. Here are a few tools to help you with finding exactly what you need, and just what your target audience is talking about.

Do you want a region and time-specific mapping of the trendiest topic and searches on the Internet? Try your hand at Google Trends. You can key in any topic related to your business domain and see what the rest of the world is talking about.

Google Trends maps the topics as per interests over time and interests by region, so it becomes way easier for you to identify the topics that you need to address in your content.

(ii) Google Suggest

Well, this one is a no-brainer. All you need to do for this is to take note of what Google suggests you when you enter a specific set of keywords. Not only will you get valuable insights into what the world is searching for, but you will also have a unique and firsthand account of new and emerging keywords in the domain as per the requirements of the customers.

If you want your content to cash in on the micro-moments, make sure that you keep a close eye on Google Suggest.

Scroll down right to the end of the first page of Google searches. You will find a section named "Related Searches", and it is, frankly, a goldmine of opportunities for clever marketers who know how to cash in on even a sliver of possibility.

Related searches will show you surprising results related closely to the main topic of your concern and present ideas galore if you want to go for an unconventional take on, say, a price of breaking news.

Pro tip:

Form a team of the best minds to get brainstorming on blog ideas. Keep a blog idea journal to jot down topics and ideas as they come to you. Once you get your hands on the trending topics, merge them with the ideas in your journal to create unique content that is sure to go viral.

2. Making the most of keyword tools

Coming to the matter of keywords, yes they matter. Searching for and categorizing relevant keywords in your business domain are sure to aid you in planning for a content marketing strategy that clicks. Here are two keyword tools to help you with streamlining and filtering your keyword search on the Internet.

(i) Google Keyword Planner

If you have a Google AdWords account, you can make great use of the Keyword Planner that Google offers. A planner in the truest sense, it helps you keep track and schedule all things. Log on to Google Keyword Planner using your AdWords credentials, and you can explore the whole new world of keywords.

Use Google Keyword Planner

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Finding relevant ones, researching trends, discovering new keywords and comparing trends are just some of the things that this awesome planner lets you do.

(ii) KeywordTool.io

KeywordTool.io is your friend in need when you want to take into account a list of all relevant keywords in your domain. Enter your primary keyword in the search bar on KeywordTool.io, and you will get a list of all related and secondary keywords that you need.

Listing popular keywords gathered from all search engines on the web (not just Google), KeywordTool.io makes sure that no keyword goes past your watch.

Pro tip:

Once you have identified the long-tailed keywords that are trending in your business domain, create a list of the same. Go over the list and compare them with the list of blog ideas that you have found from the Internet.

Merge relevant keywords for the topics to create a keyword-rich content that strikes a chord with your readers. Make sure that you maintain the required keyword density as well as keyword relevance when composing the copy.

3. Brushing up on the quality of content

Keeping a tab on research and other resources is pretty effective as long as you ensure that the quality of the content that you produce is at par with efforts put in for research. Sure, you had a superb idea and immediately turned it into an informative and interactive blog with loads of stats and infographics to draw in your readers by hordes.

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What if it turns out that there exists one that is quite akin to the one you wrote? Or worse still, what if you publish a copy riddled with errors without giving it a final read?

You can easily avoid such scenarios simply by ensuring that you take help of digital plagiarism checker and proofreading services online. Only these will save you the time and effort of having to go into an elaborate editing mode after you have finished writing a brilliant copy. Online tools for plagiarism detection and proofreading are great ways to ensure high-quality content for your business.

4. Swinging by social media for SEO

With almost half the world being on social media according to leading surveyors, it is high time that you follow this trend closely to unearth a thing or two about consumer behavior and buyer choices.

social media for SEO

When catering exclusive and superb quality content for your target audience, you can rope them in using a variety of methods. The most ingenious of them is undoubtedly designing content in a way that is relevant and relatable to them.

Here are the social media tools that you can use to know what your customers are excited about, and how.

(i) Reddit

Reddit users have communities for specific interest groups. Subreddits – community notice boards of sorts that you can save for later viewing – can also help in bringing out the best of blog ideas in your brilliant mind.

Look for inspiration in the discussions that your target audience is engaging in, and you will find no dearth of ideas there on Reddit.

(ii) Quora

Quora lets you put through a search query of topics, and you can find a list of questions and answers on the site that your target audience is excited to know of. Filtering questions by the "by type" or ‘subject' enable you to streamline your research as well. Create innovative blog ideas based on the questions and answers put forward by Quora users.

They are real people, looking for solutions to their real-life problems. As a marketer, you can cash in on those ideas to create content that blows their minds.

(iii) Facebook Groups

Finally, Facebook Groups also offer a plethora of opportunities for you as a marketer to come across some of the best topics of discussion. Turn them into blog ideas, and you will have the readers eating out of your hands.

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A haven of long-tailed keywords, search queries that are long and elaborate can be answered precisely with blog ideas taken from community discussions and posts on Facebook Groups.

From cute kitten lovers to adventure sports enthusiasts, Facebook has it all. Take your pick and blog away!

Pro tip:

Apart from unique blog ideas and topics, social media also helps you improve your content in ways you probably have not thought of. For example, following groups and communities on social media gives you insights into not only what your target audience is talking about, but also how they are discussing the same.

Take a cue from the discussions to pick up trending phrases and introduce a conversational style in your content that helps you make it even more relatable for your target audience.

In conclusion:

Searching for relevant posts, articles and blogs on the Internet will give you brilliant insights into what the trending topics for discussion are for your prospective customers online.

From the topics to the way you can design click-worthy headlines, you will find it all on the Internet. Make the most of its resources, and you will be sure to find a way to improve your SEO game that brings you a lot more revenue than before.

Conscious strategizing and positive actions suited to the trends and needs of your industry will thus unlock the doors to a world of possibilities for you.

Take a cue from our suggestions, revamp your content, and take your SEO game to the next level right now! Good luck!

Nathan William offers prompt cdr help for students through MyAssignmenthelp.com. A passionate digital marketer based in Adelaide, Nathan is also one of the most sought-after custom assignment experts.

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