5 Types Of Content That Get The Highest Engagements

5 Types Of Content That Get The Highest Engagements

Do you get a chance to improve your content engagement? It is time to start writing content that gets maximum engagements so your business can get maximum exposure.

The Information Overload

The information age is certainly saturated with information. Every second, the number of websites and blogs multiply rapidly. As at the time of writing this, there are 1,928,196,437 websites and more than 440 million blogs.

The numbers will not decrease. It will continue to increase as more individuals and businesses realize the importance and the potentials of the digital media.

The great task for every website owner, blog owner and the online business owner is how to give visibility to your particular blog or website when there are hundreds of thousands of others. Why should I read your blog or website when there are multitudes of blogs or websites that offer similar value?

The question will be answered in different ways by different people. Many will say that the key to becoming visible more than your competitors is to implement the best SEO strategies and practices. They argue that with the right SEO strategies, you will be above the fold.

Others affirm that while SEO is important, content is the most important. They believe that quality content will always win any time any day. As Bill Gates puts it, content is king.

Digital marketing experts have offered a lot of advice and tips on how to craft quality content to give your website the maximum visibility. People have written on the importance of content length, keyword research, infographics, headlines, and images.

But even at that, the competition is still high. A lot of people are implementing the same SEO and content strategies. The most important keywords will always have a high level of competition.

The term “digital marketing agency” has a search volume of 49,500 per month and a cost per click of $10.89, but there are 256 million search results.

But even the search term, “digital marketing agency in California” has 46million search results for a monthly search of 390 and CPC of $11.13.

Improving your business visibility

We cannot overemphasize the importance of SEO strategies and practices. However, content marketers must understand the importance of paying much attention to the kind of content they are writing.

As much as readers and buyers are looking for information, they have preferences. Some particular types of content seem to resonate well with the buyer. Those types of content seem to sell themselves to the readers.

My thesis is, apart from implementing relevant SEO strategies, content marketers must pay careful attention to the types of content that readers engage with the most. The potentials are limitless if these two worlds can be brought together.

When you write the type of content readers love, the content will go viral, and your brand will become more visible within your niche.

Content marketers and content writers must pay careful attention to these trends and make maximum use of the endless possibilities it affords.

5 types of content for maximum engagement

1. Disruptive Information

Example 1 : The New Facebook Algorithm

This article from the buffer app blog had 9300 engagements and 24,800 backlinks. The word “New” in the headline made all the difference. The writer was bringing something disruptive: a new algorithm that people have not seen before. As a result, the content had massive engagements and backlinks.

Example 2: Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the master of disruptive information content. Below are some examples:

This particular article had more than 1300 backlinks

Just this week, he published an article with the title: The future of content marketing: It is not what you think. The article already had almost a 1000 engagements and is ranked third for “content marketing” articles that have performed the most in the last seven days.

content marketing

2. Informative List

Nothing still beats informative list. Lists are easier to read. They give the readers lots of information but in an organized way.

These three articles on SEO tips have more than 2ooo engagements even though the articles do not rank on the first page of Google.

seo tips

Numbered lists are one of the most popular content with readers.

content with readers

3. Explanatory guides

These are content that helps the readers understand a process or guides them on how to implement a particular system.

This article on how to use Facebook Custom Audiences had 11,200 engagements and more than 1000 backlinks.

For the search term, “LinkedIn Marketing,” two of the best content (in terms of engagements) are guides.

LinkedIn Marketing

Guides and how to content are easily engaged with because they give valuable information that is actionable. Moreover, such actions are also measurable. The readers can easily get the benefits from such articles.

4. Research results

As an example of the importance of Research results, I searched for the best-performing articles in terms of engagements for the keywords, “SEO best practices.”

The result is instructive.

Research results

The article from Searchengineland.com has 736 engagements. The article is just 350 words and does not even appear as one of the top articles in the SERP for that keyword. But the article has more engagements than even an article that gave the best SEO practices for a new year.

The top article in the SERP has 219 engagements.

Research article gives new perspectives on an issue. Hard facts, survey results tend to get more engagement from readers. We all love the feeling of having made an informed decision. An article that publishes, announces, interacts with research results will be a great addition to your content marketing strategy.

5. Experts’ Opinions

Aggregating expert opinions on a subject is becoming a gold mine in content marketing.

These two articles have 4000 engagements and 2500 engagements respectively. They aggregate expert opinions on SEO trends and social media trends respectively.

SEO trends

One of the top performing articles for the keywords: “Facebook marketing tips” is an experts’ opinions aggregation.

Facebook marketing tips


There is a content craze all around us. The importance of content marketing for business success is well known to businesses. Therefore, they have been seeking to enjoy the benefits and advantages. Consequently, the web is filled with so much content.

Getting your business before your target audience is hard but not impossible. The right use of SEO strategies will go a long way. But SEO strategies alone will not cut the deal.

Writing quality content: the kind of content that readers love to share and comment on is the key.

These five types of content have consistently proved to be hot potatoes. Content marketers must begin to make maximum use of these types of content in addition to good SEO strategies.

When crafting your digital marketing strategy, remember to pay much attention to your content marketing strategy. Content marketing strategy is an integral part of your marketing strategy. It is time to start writing content that gets maximum engagements so your business can get maximum exposure.

Paul is a content writer who is specialized in the digital marketing industry. His goal is to see businesses transformed through the power of the pen. He blogs regularly at paulthecontentwriter

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