YouTube Influencer Marketing: 7 Awesome Ways Brands Can Use YouTube Influencers

YouTube Influencer Marketing: 7 Awesome Ways Brands Can Use YouTube Influencers

A YouTube influencer is someone who builds a substantial following on the video platform of YouTube, sets trends, and provides information for others looking to purchase a specific product or service. YouTube is a highly important place where brands can find influencers, learn here

Each social media was having a lot of influencers. Like that, YouTube is one of the topmost social media platforms to host and connect influencers to brands. 82% of internet traffic will be high in 2022. 92% of the business believed in influencer marketing. Also, influencer marketing is an effective form of internet marketing.

There are two marketing tools for online success that are video and influencer marketing. YouTube and influencer marketing can be a perfect combination to enhance your brands. Also, remember that YouTube is the second-largest video sharing network.

Increasing your subscriber counts is the simplest way to create a high quality and compelling content. And concentrate on getting YouTube likes on your videos to increase brand awareness. 

In this article, we offer the best ideas on YouTube influencer marketing. Indeed, this guide helps to boost your brand or business.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy that businesses use to enhance their products and brands by partnering with popular social media or bloggers. Influencers usually have a vast and engaged audience that helps reach out to your brands, drive more sales & build reliability.

What is influencer marketing

Collaborating with your video with the best influencer is one of the way marketing strategies for many brands. Influencer marketing strategies have included the following benefits:

  • Build trust among the audience.
  • Get a big audience 
  • Increase your social followers
  • Increase traffic & get more leads

Why do we use YouTube for influencer marketing?

As a video platform, YouTube is the most excellent & popular with 1.5 billion active users using the platform per month. And this vast audience base makes a YouTube video creator

 just as famous as YouTube influencers. Video makers have a large fan base, and they have quality content and engage the audience. 

Influencer marketing is when social media famous persons develop and become experts in a topic of interest or niche. Moreover, most audiences watch their activities and will follow them. They will become influencers when they get a vast fan basis and create recognition for their legality and subject knowledge. 

In the process, most people listen and watch their stories on that topic. These people begin to have an impact on the opinions of their followers in that topic of expertise. The audience also looks to their YouTubers to give well informative ideas about the relevant products.

How to Find the Perfect YouTube Influencers:

In addition to using YouTube significantly, you must have the perfect marketing strategy. You should be transparent about what your goals are. Once you clear about your ideas, you can work towards obtaining them by finding and partnership with influencers who are the perfect fit for your brand. It means YouTube influencers who have the type of online presence already and personality that fits your brand.

First, you should know about your YouTube influencer. Do they have an influence on the target audience? And do they make content and communicate in a similar tone as your brand’s marketing? Do they respond to their followers and reply to their messages? How do their followers respond? 

Get the information on all the above questions as you can on every influencer to find if they will be a good brand fit. Include all information about your influencers like followers, locations, ages, and interests. An attractive influencer can get impressive results.

Here are the seven awesome ways to use YouTube influencers:

1. Unboxing Videos

Inquire your YouTube influencer to make an unboxing video of your trending or new products on your YouTube Channel. It is one of the best social media platforms for the most viewed unwrapping and unboxing videos. Over 40% of the audience spend the maximum time for unboxing videos from their favorite YouTubers. With this, product traffic will be increased and lead to more sales.

2. Product Launches

For your product launch, get an introduction from a well-talented influencer campaign on YouTube. Reputation found that 80% of new items come up short. With a well thought out promoting methodology for your new item dispatch, you might drop into the 20% of useful results.

Every YouTube influencer that adds video marketing for product launches can help increase your exposure is more than static images. 

Here is the static for YouTube video marketing:

  • 72% of the audience would prefer to educate about a product or brand by with the help of video
  • 50% of website user views your videos related to a product or brand before visiting a store
  • 97% of the audience said that the specific video helped the users to gain a better understanding of their products and brands.

Three effective ways to promote your product launch through video marketing:

  • The YouTubers can make a teaser, or hint, or soon video for your brand. It is a better way to create curiosity about your products. It is possible to turn your familiar audience to subscribers. 
  • Ask the YouTubers to build a promo ad for your new product launch. It is a simple and effective way of your new product and lists out its features. Your YouTubers can provide an exclusive invite to their subscribers to help enhance attendance and YouTube brand awareness.
  • A new product launch helps to find influencers post reviews to enhance and highlight features.

3. YouTube Influencers for Ads & Promotions

A study related to advertising technology finds that 62% of the visual attention holds the YouTube ads rather than 45% of TV ads. Creating YouTube ads is a topmost challenger against Facebook because it’s a successful social media platform to run ads.

Also, there are several types of ads applicable to YouTube, which one is you need; you can choose and create a product-related ad. Thus, you can generate more views and likes.

4. YouTube Influencers for Reviews and Feedback

YouTube is not only for selling products; it is also a delicate way of getting useful feedback from your real audience.

We can live in a decade where individuals openly and boldly tell us what they think about a brand and celebrity on social media. But when it comes to guided and valuable feedback for companies, it can be challenging to discover. Why not inquire about your influencer to make an item video and ask about clients or viewers for your product surveys?

A good YouTuber will give the proper info about their products and before they hit the market. That’s because it gets a million subscribers, but also a community-engaged, comment, and buy from brands—70% of writing comments to support their opinions via feedback.

5. Work with Promote Discounts & Deals

It’s your first time working with YouTube influencers asking them to offer customized discounts and deals for their subscribers; it is a significant way to start the promotion. 

Brands can offer an influencer a gift or products to make a video or lookbook, and a different promotional code for their audience. Give discounts can range from 10-30% on their purchases. Make sure to create the authentic code for a reasonable time. Providing discounts for a valid time can develop a sense of urgency among the audience and fast and buy now.

6. YouTube Influencers for a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is a long term relationship with a brand owner and that particular influencer. It involves representing the face of the brand. Preferably, this representative uses already established networks and connections to market the brand with marketing tactics.

An influencer is anyone who simply has huge followers that brands can partnership with into their network to increase sales and brand awareness.

A brand ambassador is a long term and depth partnership with the owner. 

Once you will find the perfect influencer that your audience likes to work with and get significant results. Working with your lifelong partner and boosting your market strategies & supporters for your brand.

7. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Are you worried about no traffic on your website? Once your influencers work with your brand, the results are high traffic to your website. If you have launched your website or need to boost website traffic, tell them with your YouTubers. The influencer easily reaches out to the website and receives more traffic to your brand. And adding a link to your website is the easiest way for the audience.

This simple and effective method is sure to bring a high result from your website. However, using stimulants has a better way of creating people to click faster. Try to give a product, video, and exclusive content to more drive people to your website.


YouTube influencer marketing is the best way to improve your brand marketing. Nowadays, everyone believes in influencer marketing. YouTube influencer has millions of followers and a great fan base. Hence, working with an influencer is the secret way to enhance your product and become a success. 

I hope that this guide helps to understand the YouTube Marketing influencers. 

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet marketing for two years.

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