Video: The Future of Personalised Sales

Video: The Future of Personalised Sales

In a digitised era, a new approach to personalised sales is key. In this blog post Accordium outlines why video is the future of personalised sales.

Personalization tactics have existed in sales for many years, but are starting to lose their shine. To hook end-users in with personal messages, salespeople are going to have to get a lot more creative.

Birthday emails and recommended purchases have a proven record of encouraging customer loyalty and boosting revenue. However, these traditional methods of personalized sales have become so common and so overused, they’ve lost the effect they once had.

As such, more and more businesses have begun to explore more innovative and impressive methods of sales personalization, including video.

In this blog post, we outline everything you need to know about video sales personalization, and why it looks to be the future for personalized marketing.

1. Traditional Personalisation

Named emails, birthday offers and the like once proved effective in engaging customers for repeat business. But over time, the popularity of traditional personalization methods has been their downfall. Target customers receive a large number of similar personalization emails on a daily basis—not to mention the onslaught on your birthday.

As such, consumers have become used to ignoring these emails, more often than not they read no further than the subject line!

With traditional methods now proving inadequate, businesses need to find fresh new ways of engaging prospects and making sales. This doesn’t mean eliminating personalization, merely updating it.

According to a survey carried out by Campaign Monitor, 50% of companies feel they can increase interaction with emails by increasing personalization. It’s more a case of knowing the best way to personalize to get the desired result, leads and sales.

As such, businesses are experimenting with new methods of personalized sales which they can implement, with the aim of standing out from the crowd. With the 21st century consumer surrounded by digitized content, this unsurprisingly includes video personalized sales.

2. What is Video Personalisation?

Video personalization is exactly what it sounds like: video content produced to target a specific consumer profile!

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The style of video, the content and the platform used to broadcast will all depend on the target customer, the industry and the desired messaging.

Video has proven a successful new way to personalize sales because it offers humanized contact between the business and the customer. Seeing a human face and hearing a human voice can be the factor that encourages a prospect to trust your product or service, engage and, ultimately, spend.

3. Why Choose Video Personalisation?

If a picture expresses a thousand words, a video expresses a million. With a good video, you can quickly and efficiently communicate your message, your company demeanor, your enthusiasm and more.


It’s a common misconception that you need to be a professional videographer to produce a great video. In reality, with all the great technology we have access to in the 21st century, you can make great video content with nothing more than your laptop’s webcam smartphone.

As such, producing personalized sales video content can be low in cost, and easily distributed in the same way as regular emails, or even featured on your website.


Engaging and informative—that’s what consumers love about the video.

The modern-day prospect doesn’t have the time to read your business mission, trawl through emails or open a letter! They want something instant which is easy to engage with. Video offers just that.

4. How to Create Personalised Videos

Video sales might seem like something you need prior experience to even attempt, but the truth is anyone with a camera can create video content. Once your video is produced, it can be sent out to prospects in the exact same way as a personalized email. And once you get the swing of recording and talking in front of a camera, you really are good to go!

Deciding on your message

One of the most fundamental things to decide in the early stages when creating personalized video content is exactly what you want to communicate.

The message you want to convey will influence everything from the length of the video to the style. Although you shouldn’t read from a script, it’s a good idea to get all your ideas down on paper and get a really clear idea of what you want to say as part of the planning and preparation process.

Producing your content

We’ve said you don’t need to be a videographer to create great personalized sales videos, and it’s true. There are plenty of platforms out there which you can create your videos and give them the air of professionalism they need to grab prospects’ attention.

Specially-designed personalized sales video software can help you to create high-quality videos which help salespeople to build meaningful, humanized relationships with their prospects.

Using video software designed specifically for this purpose can be the step that takes your video from good to great, and can be what gives your message the flair that makes it stick with your audience and encourages them to make a purchase.

Why Videos are the Future of Personalised Sales

Video is one of the most popular, widely used communication mediums used today. As such, businesses looking to connect directly with customers to promote their products and services shouldn’t ignore what it can offer.

With consumers proven to retain up to 50% information from videos than from text, it’s evident that this is a platform which can greatly influence the impact that what you have to offer has on the prospect if used in the correct way.

Personalized video is also used nowhere near as much as email in sales. And let's be honest, what would you rather click on? Another spam-like email or a short video? What’s more, video marketing is proven to obtain 66% more qualified leads per year. So, by adopting the trend early, you’ll stand out from the crowd and win extra sales.

It’s clear that personalized sales videos are more effective than some traditional methods. The effective use of personalized sales videos has the potential to elevate the visibility of a brand to its prospects which, importantly, can generate more meaningful interaction, leads, and sales.

Author: Alexander Brix

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