Email Marketing Campaign in 2024: 6 Best Practices You’ve Ever Seen

Email Marketing Campaign in 2024: 6 Best Practices You’ve Ever Seen

Email marketing is one of the best and most effective communication channels. Learn six best practices to make email marketing campaigns successful that you've never seen before.

Emails are a massive marketing channel, rendering maximum ROI for an extended period. However, technologies like cloud computing, smartphones, and messenger apps have never dominated marketing channels similarly.

The age-old marketing channels have transformed to serve more effectively. According to the survey, in 2021, 77% of businesses had a rise in email marketing engagement; this suggests that email will still be helpful in 2024 and further. In addition, new technologies have pushed aside many sound improvisations and innovations within the marketing domain. As a result, emails have become more personalized, predictive, and valuable.

To be a successful email marketer, one must know how to utilize all the values appropriately. Follow the six best practices below to create a perfect email marketing campaign.

1. Ascertain Data-driven Endeavors

Email marketing has seen a monstrous progression over the years. This outgrowth wouldn't have been possible without minding data. Data science helps marketers devise better strategies and tap into new experiences.

Endeavors become scalable with data-driven email marketing strategies. And eventually, campaign analysis and improvisation will sharpen.

What does a compelling data-driven strategy offer?

A.) Extensive Personalization:

Perfect data doesn't just include a voluminous list of email IDs. It includes assembling pertinent information about the person and profile and relating it to every identification. It also provides to have them on the list. This can be done by understanding various behavioral information for the customers.

Specific email marketing tools like Getresponse or Omnisend allow you to customize your email marketing campaigns hassle-free. Those looking to explore further options that specialize in detailed personalization and behavioral analysis should explore Omnisend or Klaviyo.


In this way, personalization is ensured. This is a crucial aspect of the success of any email marketing campaign.

B.) Calibrated success:

Absorbing the correct data and behavioral instances will drive your campaign down the right path. For example, you wouldn't direct your emails to people who aren't interested in your niche. In this way, you concentrate on targeting people interested in a higher success rate.

path to attain success

For example, emails that include the recipient's name in the subject line are proven to achieve higher rates of being opened.

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C.) Heightened Email Validation:

Email marketing often runs into deliverability issues because it involves many emails. However, with accurate data, the email validation process becomes more efficient. This overcomes the deliverability issues.

A competent email validation system entails removing invalid email IDs, eliminating bounced emails, validating IP addresses, and correcting spelling and syntax errors.

2. Ensure Extensive and Comprehensive Segmentation

You have heard the same thing no matter where you discussed your email marketing campaign. Though clichéd, it's still important to note.

Wrongful segmentation will resolve the pain endured from assembling appropriate data in vain. Because it's only an attempt to direct your emails to the right inbox, there are varied kinds of segmentation techniques.

Which are currently the best segmentation techniques?

A.) One-to-one Segmentation

It is the most exceptional technique today. It involves sending partially-crafted emails to the people they've been crafted for. Are you wondering if it's possible? Consider the following example:

Amazon, the current ruler of e-commerce domain emails, sends details about new iPhone 7 cases. It wouldn't make sense to send this email to people with a Galaxy S8. In this way, they segmented their list - pulled people who had previously bought the iPhone 7 from their site.

In this way, the mail is relevant to everyone receiving it.

B.) AI-based Segmentation

Like anything else, email marketing segmentation has become sophisticated, using technology more innovative than ours. Yes, it's an AI-based system. Appearance diminishes when data is voluminous, but the AI system can handle it persistently. In addition, their machine learning enhances predictive capabilities, so they fetch a higher CTR through thorough segmentation.

3. Be Mobile Specific

The world has gone mobile, and so have emails. "Smart "has become so prominent that about 75% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Email marketing can do its best in this domain because they aren't OS-specific, like apps (iPhone or Android).


You need to ensure that emails are responsive and confined to concepts relating to smartphones and tablets.

How can you be more mobile-specific?

  • Mobile email templates - Develop or choose templates that are invariably good for all mobile devices.
  • Limited time - People spend very little time reading mail on their mobile devices. Instead, they should be sure to have restricted yet strong content.
  • Buttons - There can be problems clicking desired items when they're tiny. Design your buttons large enough so that customers can click on them.
  • Landing page - Ensure your landing page is optimized for a seamless transition to mobile.

We've addressed various examples of landing pages that significant players have implemented, but you can also try cloning identical landing pages for assured results.

4. Equip Optimum Automation Practices

Automation has already obtained prime importance in email marketing campaigns and is expected to thrive immensely. About 65% of email marketers already use basic automation after deducing that more methods were making their way into the domain. But, a good automation & outreach process will only come after accurate segmentation.

  • Envision customer journey - Devise solutions and consider every possible customer. Intelligent automation includes the appropriate ins and outs.
  • Prefabricated content creation -After evaluating all customer choices, ensure that you've developed relevant content for all of them. It'll ensure an uninterrupted automation journey.
  • Frequency is the Key -Automation wouldn't make sense without the right frequency. For example, a delayed-response email would leave the customer wondering after opting for it. On the other hand, more frequent emails appear annoying.

5. Consider Creative Design and Narration

Now that you've managed to reach the inbox and persuaded the customers to open the email. What's next? You want them to run through the email entirely. That's where your email's design comes into play.

Creative Design and Narration

To grab customer attention for reading along, it's essential to keep the design of your emails in vogue and creative. Further, you can push utmost pursuance to take the desired action.

What are the various new-age creative design factors?

  • Background -The boring white backgrounds of long ago are gone. Paint your email background with plain colors, gradients, patterns, or anything else that gives it a definitive look.
  • Fonts -The exact text with appropriate font choice acts like a compelling design, conveying the right signals. For instance, you can use a Grumpy font when you email scary men's motorcycle accessories.
  • Emojis -Communication happens with emojis rather than texts today. Adding emojis in addition to the email info helps grab the customers' feelings.
  • Commercial GIF -GIFs today have attained a new level of sarcasm. Email readers will feel elevated by using some commercial, funny GIFs.
  • Infographics -People love to know the statistics and data before deciding. Help them by adding detailed and persuasive infographics.

6. Allow your Emails to Interact with the Customers

Concerning marketing, emails have always been a read-only, one-way communication channel. Today, marketers sell to millennials, who love interactive communication channels instead of one-way, monotonous mediums.

Emails to Interact with the Customers

Interactive emails have resulted in groundbreaking advantages and are already ruling the domain. For this reason, emails no longer carry text contents, images, and static buttons; they now feature variegated lineaments through which customers can interact.

What are the distinct interaction methods used lately?

  • Interactive embellishments -Email marketers are open to using numerous interactive features to get input from customers, like polls &surveys; carousels for quicker browsing through a range of products, countdown timer urging customers to act faster; accordions to elaborate product segments, and more.
  • Call-to-Action - CTA buttons can be cheeky in an interactive email, luring customers' attention. CTA buttons aren't static anymore; they move, animate, and even change according to customers' clicks.
  • Landing Page - With these interactive features, the shopping experience is completed right from the inbox. They could be shrewdly called shopping emails instead of marketing emails. As a result, the need for a specific landing page is greatly alleviated now.

So, the payment page should replace the landing page and correspondence by using the CTA buttons that are now mainly used to proceed with the payment options.

Wrap Up:

Email marketing channels have been around since the era of digital marketing began. However, we could still see marketers succumbing to blunders that are now widely prevalent. It's time to enforce the aforementioned best practices to assist your campaigns and fetch your shrewd results; we could find no reason for it to deplete or vanish. Instead, it'll only continue to rise to widen its prevalence.

Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Founding Director at Middleware. He has extensive experience in marketing, team building and operations. He often seeing working on various GTM practices and implement best one to generate more demand. He is also founded a digital marketing blog - TheNextScoop.

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