5 Ways to Make Sales When You Have Nothing

5 Ways to Make Sales When You Have Nothing

Ever wondered what’s the best way to make sales when you have nothing? Here’s a blog that talks about five unique ideas to achieve this feat with minimal fuss.

There’s a saying in the world of business that goes as, “It doesn’t need to be good, it needs to sell well.” What this means in the real world, is the power of sales. And as weird as this statement might seem, there’s no denying that a good product sold badly is even worse than a bad product that is sold well!

So, if you’re looking at improving the sales of any of your products or services, and if you don’t have anything substantial to back it up, don’t forget to give these ideas a quick read:

1. What looks good, sells well

The power of looks is a world divine, they say! And we agree with them. The technology giant Apple has been following this ideology for ages now. Steve Jobs, the founder of the company believed that selling a product a more about presenting it in a way that it looks well than showing what it actually does!

Who would have thought that first impressions and looks mattered so much? But there’s no denying that anyone who looks at a product that looks prettier, chic, and stylish has more chances of being sold off the shelf than one that may not look good!

If you’re working on a product or a set of services, make them look alluring! Allure your customer into buying that product. Companies are focusing a tad more towards how their products look, and how they’d sell in the real market. The mantra for the perfect sales for your product: Look at the product/services that you’re trying to sell from the customer’s eye. If you’d want to buy that product, there’s no cat in hell’s chance that the world wouldn’t want to buy it.

2. Packaging says it all

Ever bought a $15 coffee? Or an expensive avocado toast?

If you have, or if you’ve ever tasted one, you’d know that it tastes almost like any other coffee. With some extra effort, you might even be able to make a beverage or a snack quite similar to the one you just bought, for exactly half the prize. Try using packaging or personalized boxes for shipping that shouts elegance and style..

Inviting people to a sales event? Try using some of those fancy envelopes the next time you send out invites. The sale is becoming much less about the product and more about how you package it. Consider the famous “Old Wine in a New Bottle” tactic.

3. Make them pay for the experience and not the products 

The Executive Chairperson for the famous Starbucks chain, when bashed about selling over-priced coffee came out with a statement that was pretty hard to forget. It goes as, “We don’t charge our customers for the coffee; we charge them for the experience!” The aroma of coffee beans prevailing in a Starbucks outlet, with Jazz music flowing through the ears of the customers, and those brown, green, and gray textures throughout their stores, this is what every business owner needs to understand. Millennials want to buy into experiences, and not just products. If you’re selling a product, do keep in mind the experience you provide.

On occasions or festivals, try sending them some greeting cards, maybe?

4. Do the customers feel the right connect?

Every product that is sold today has some paperwork or print material attached to it. This constitutes the overall style that a product carries with it. If everything in and around your new purchase feels like home, you’d wish to be closer to it, and furthermore, wish to buy it even more often. This is where the impression about ‘connect’ comes into play.

If you sell your products that go with a lot of auxiliary material to go with them, never forget to make them personal and friendly. A company that sells t-shirts from famous movies and television shows sends out enveloped letters to their customers when they buy Harry Potter merchandise. That envelope is an exact replica of the original letter that students receive when they get into Hogwarts! Fancy, right!

Try using such dramatics in your business model the next time you get in the ring!

5. Marketing collateral does the work

A very famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer was known to make few of the best smartphones in the world. Their products had style, the looks, the features, and almost everything that a user might need. But at a particular instance, they almost came on the verge of being extinct from the world of technology.

Still, couldn’t figure out what we’re talking about?

Does HTC ring a bell?

H.T.C. or Hong Kong Technological Company is one firm that produced top-notch products with great services and better-than-the-competition style. But where they lacked was the domain called marketing.

The marketing collateral that your company comes out with, for any product needs to be at par with the best that there is. From the best graphics and design themes to top quality print and social media adverts!

Final word

With these small changes in your business and sales strategy, you can move forward from nothing to something so substantial that you’d see the output in your sales.

Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Founding Director at Middleware. He has extensive experience in marketing, team building and operations. He often seeing working on various GTM practices and implement best one to generate more demand. He is also founded a digital marketing blog - TheNextScoop.

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