6 Reasons Why Video Marketing is the Nearest Future..!!

6 Reasons Why Video Marketing is the Nearest Future..!!

Does your organization have enough resources to create and publish content in regard to video marketing? Here are a few reasons why you should divert yourself to video marketing.

It has not been very long since you were being told about Video Marketing as the upcoming Future. Let me clear your dilemma about this upcoming future, stated that whatever is being told to you is cent-percent correct.

Marketing as an essential domain has been experiencing the extreme power of Video content for a certain period of time. But it is in 2018 when the video marketing is gaining more popularity.

A recently published statistics of a report stated that the purchase decision of around 80% of the audience was affected by the video content that they consumed of a particular brand. The audience tends to prefer graphic content than that of the textual or written content as it becomes very easy to process and is more effective compared to the textual content.

It is very easy to observe the reason why Video marketing is very popular these days. It is an easy to digest format that gives relaxation to our eyes from the overabundant textual information that we come across these days.

According to the current research results, it is stated that the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube each day. Publishing video content is not only the fun part but also one of the best ways that a brand can adapt to build touch points with its audience and give them the glimpse of what they as a brand are doing.

There is always a question that pops up stating is really worthy of considering the use of video advertising to promote your business..? Does your organization have enough resources to create and publish content in regard to video marketing? Well, the answer is quite easy: Yes, all the effort is totally worth it. Here are a few reasons why you should divert yourself to video marketing.

1. Customer trust Visual Content as compared to other:

There have been various researches that have been conducted in order to measure the authenticity of the video content. Among them, certain Research studies reveal that video content generates more trust among the target audience, that the textual content or info-graphics.

Some studies also suggest that customers feel more confident while making a purchase decision when there is a high-definition video. Can you imagine the impact on the conversion rates?

Well, we can state that video content can act as a compelling pitch to trigger the purchase decision of the audience leading to increasing in conversion rates in the more effective manner than that of a readable content.

A visual content is hyper-focused that helps to get the specific points one needs to get across the minds of the consumer as quickly as possible. With the help of the video content, the page viewer will get know if they want to continue reading.

2. Video Content increases the rate of conversion:

While you are looking forward to a single solution that has a major impact on your sales and conversion rate, the answer to it is Video marketing. Video content is more self-explanatory to that of the textual content.

Marketers are leveraging the content to the visuals in order to attract more sales and increase brand awareness. And today if observed, the major number of people will prefer to see a video than to spend time reading the same content.

content that your video will be displaying

Video content is easily able to establish an emotional connect with the audience and hence they can relate to the brand. They will feel their presence in the brand communication channel. The effect of the visual content is easily differentiated to that of the website content since social media platforms post more visual content to that of the websites.

Moreover, people are likely to stick around to enhance their process of learning something interesting and compelling about your company.

3. Impacts the buying behavior:

Video content gives the liberty to demonstrate the usage of the product and services. These days the e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Myntra use videos to demonstrate the usage of the product.

Impacts the buying behavior

The major reason why Video content seems to be a greater advantage for the brands is that people tend to look at it for more time.

When the audience sees someone using and reviewing the product, they tend to connect themselves to the product or the brand. This builds their trust in the brand and relates to it.

These feelings of the audience will influence their purchase decision and will boost the sales for the business. Creating video content is a great way that will help you build rapport and trust among the targeted audience of your brand.

4. More time Investment by the Visitors:

Video content tends to be more engaging than that of the verbal or textual content and easily understandable, visitors may spend more time on your social media pages or websites. Users feel that it is very easy to consume visual content than that of textual content.

Adding visual content to your social media profiles is an assured way of gaining traffic to your website, including the regular and the new visitors. Publishing visual content will help your brand be easily recallable and recognizable.

5. Bounce Rate:

The market has taken video marketing as a way to get over with a high bounce rate. In the previous years, it would be like the viewers visit your website, and they will leave as soon as they don’t find any engaging content.

However, the popularity of video marketing has been changing this perspective, as it is an engaging and creative form of content present in the market and is attracting the eyes of many.

Well, and then arises a question if this can make any difference? Yes, it does of course. Because when people visit your website, they want to watch the video content. Hence they will spend more time on your website to consume the content. Thus, publishing a video content in one of the successful ways to bring down the bounce rate of your website.

6. ROI:

Speaking of marketing, video marketing generates the maximum number of return on investment. The upper hand that Video content always provides id that it is attractive enough to keep the audience engaged.


Statistics show that an average user spends 88% of his time on the website or the social media page that has video or visual content. The websites or social media pages with more video marketing content are expected to receive better responses from the audience when compared to the written content.

Marketers in various fields need to approach audiences with a value-based offer instead of the sale. Marketers who wish to excel in the domain of marketing are using Video Advertising content to utilize the maximum impact and output. In return to this, they are successful in generating more sales and profits.


In this impersonal world of digital marketing, the brands crave for connection and personal touch. The bottom line is that digital marketing video content will continue to be one of the best ways to make your website stand apart from that of the crowd.

This marketing season is been taken over by Video Marketing Content, and the internet is all set to see the major amount of the video content being published on the internet in these upcoming years.

If you make an effort to deliver a qualitative video content to the audience, it is an assured fact of you getting good results. Well as a marketer you need to be totally equipped with all the tools that will help you adapt the new marketing trends in the coming years. Get all geared up to establish a strong online presence for your business.

Sweety sorathiya is part of Digital marketing team at GR Imagine working as a problogger, Inbound marketing in GRimagine. GR imagine serves in providing SEO, Digital Marketing services, graphic design and web design & development company in Ahmedabad. At GR Imagine, we’ve experienced and creative team experts who know what it takes to reach your audience in the digital as well as in the real world. Follow GR Imagine at LinkedIn.

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