Top 10 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

/ May 30, 2017 | 5 Mins Read

Top 10 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

Do you measure Instagram hashtag performance for your business? If no, here are ten tools that will help you analyze your hashtag performance.

Instagram has become one of the most effective business marketing tools lately, and almost half the brands are using Instagram for increasing their marketing activities and promoting their products online.

Hashtags are the easiest way to reach out to your target audience when it comes to Instagram. Your Instagram posts engagement will increase to a great extent if you use hashtags in your posts. Posts with hashtags receive a high amount of audience as compared to posts without hashtags.

There are many tools which help in analyzing your hashtag performance for you, let’s have a look at these tools.

1. Sprout Social

It is a very renowned tool for social media management and luckily offers extensive reporting for Instagram accounts. This tool will help you analyze your Instagram account hashtag performance by a very simple yet very detailed hashtag analysis of your Instagram account.


Let’s discuss the benefits of this tool.

  • It mainly helps you in tracking the progress of your hashtags as you continue using the new ones.
  • It differentiates the ones working well from the ones who are not.
  • If your hashtag shows on the top of this report, you know they are working for you.
  • The left column hashtags are just not working as good.
  • This report gives you quick interpretation of your hashtags.

2. Simply Measured

Simply measured is another great tool for Instagram fanatics out there. This tool focuses on providing you comprehensive reporting, analytics and a lot more. It gives you proper stats about the performance of your hashtag campaign.

instagram-analytics-Simply Measured

There are a lot of great benefits which come with this tool, let’s have a quick look.

  • You can have a good analysis of individual hashtags.
  • Compare the hashtags to see which one is performing better than other.
  • It offers detailed scorecards; charts and so much that help you in an excellent analysis of your hashtag campaign.
  • The reports are very simple, so you can just as easily analyze them.
  • You can get a visual analysis for detailed insights via the charts.
  • You can have a look at the most engaging posts during the specified period.
  • Check out the users who are using your hashtags. You can also check the location of these users.

3. Command Analytics

It is the all-rounder for Instagram analytics, but sadly it just works for iOS users for now. This app lets you have a complete look at the performance of your Instagram hashtags.

With this tool, you can perform a lot better hashtag wise.

  • Check out which hashtags are working best for you.
  • Check out the best engagements when it comes to hashtags.
  • Check the average number of likes and comments associated with hashtags.

4. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a well-known tool for Instagram management. It does a lot more than just analyzing, it offers you to schedule posts, respond to engagements, and have detailed analysis and so on.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of this tool.

  • It measures the post engagements with the hashtags you are using.
  • It helps to analyze the growth of your campaign hashtags.
  • Compare the performance of your hashtags.
  • You can even analyze the data of the number of hashtagged posts and location wise hashtags.
  • View engagements for photos and videos separately.
  • You can even filter out your results by the type of engagement.
  • Download all these stats in CSV format.

5. Vibbi

Known for mainly getting you to easily reach your target audience, Vibbialso helps in targeting your audience with the Hashtags. Thanks to Instagram, you can effectively reach your target audience just by using the right hashtags.

Let’s look at the benefits Vibbi offers.

  • Uses hashtags to target the right audience in your industry.
  • Provides great in-depth analysis of which hashtags are working best for you.
  • It offers free three days’ trial to help you assess the tool without any commitments.

6. Keyhole

A keyhole is a well-known tool for social media fanatics. It is used by many popular brands.

There are many insights that are provided by this tool to analyze your hashtag performance.

  • It tracks the status of hashtag usage at both the account level and real time level.
  • It helps you track real-time progress of your posts hashtags wise.
  • It tracks the number of audiences your hashtags have reached.
  • It tracks the number of posts that are using the same hashtag.

7. Hashtagify

It is a great tool to research your hashtags for business use. It helps you find the best hashtags available and their detailed analytics. This tool has recently launched a new feature to help you track your Instagram hashtag.

It offers the following benefits.

  • It lets you track the conversations that are happening with the specified hashtag.
  • It helps you track likes and other engagements with your hashtag.

8. Instagram Hashtag Contest Winner (TINT)

It is the winner of best hashtag picker for an Instagram contest, and that’s why it is awesome. It offers some great features that can be very beneficial for your hashtag performance. Let’s have a look at the benefits this tool offers for hashtags.

It lets you specify entries for a social contest and select a random winner by this tool.

9. Free Instagram analytics (TINT)

This is a great tool for you to get a great deal of in-depth Instagram analytics and all of them are for free. TINT has provided this tool specifically for Instagram users to analyze their post-performance.

It helps in great ways, let’s have a look below.

  • Find the influencers and most famous content for a provided hashtag with great ease and rapidly.
  • It provides you in-depth but basic analysis for your Instagram account because it’s free.
  • It lets you find the post and its engagement time for the specified hashtag.
  • It helps find the most engaging content based on likes and comments.
  • It also helps you find the most influential contributors.

10. Twubs

It is the best tool for Instagram and Twitter users. It is a very easy to understand tool which helps you find and follow particular hashtags and engage in new diversified conversations. It helps you to find the best hashtag for your brand which is even customized specifically for your brand. You can even register that hashtag and will officially have its trademark. However, you want people to use it, and it will help you spread it.


Let’s see what benefits this tool offer when it comes to analytics.

  • It provides some great in-depth about your official hashtag.
  • It offers detailed analytics for hashtags.
  • It offers landing page for all your hashtag associated content which updates real time.

Final Thoughts

Hashtags can uplift your Instagram engagement and help you reach the target audience in a more concise way. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching and analyzing your hashtag data. There are a lot of tools that provide you detail in-depth analytics for your hashtags.

These tools take care of everything for you, so you just basically have to use the right tools, and you will be successfully using the hashtags for your business promotion. The benefits of these tools are countless but a lot of them are paid, but there are free versions also available. Use the one that suits you best.

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