Simple Guide to an Effective Retro Logo Design

Simple Guide to an Effective Retro Logo Design

Finding ways to make your company stand out as an endearing one? Put forward these simple techniques with which you can create a logo which is unique with a classy, vintage feel to it.

Retro logos are quite in trend these days. It imparts a timeless feel to your brand. A retro logo is heavily influenced by symmetrical designs, geometric designs and rich color variations that bring back the nostalgic vibe which is why it is so dominant in the present scene.

In the present day, art is the only way to go to the golden era that was characterized by the revolutionary trends and which is why a retro-styled logo can bring about the visual styles of a unique era.

Now you might wonder how you can create a retro-styled logo that gives that vintage feel yet stand out as an original and how you can add your own personal twist to it and make it stand out from the crowd.

This can be quite a challenging task but in this article, we will put forward simple techniques with which you can create a logo which is unique with a classy, vintage feel to it.

How to Create an Effective Logo Design

Before you start creating a logo for your company or brand, you need to keep the fact in mind that once you have created your logo, it’s going to stick around for quite a long time, so create a logo that you would like to see for all the years to come.

Also, remember that not every logo element has a vintage touch, so in order to create that perfect logo with accurate details, you need to know about the suitable elements. You can also learn more at logo design sites before you start creating your own.

Let us now look at this guide to learn how to create an effective retro-styled logo design.

1. Do Your Research

Now that you have decided on creating a vintage logo, you cannot just dive into it at your whim. A proper research on the theme would be a good way to start. What makes a retro logo unique is its capability to capture the feel of a time that has gone by.

People tend to value old things that stand the test of time, and hence by incorporating a retro-styled logo design, you can use it to your advantage.

Research well about how you can integrate the modern design with retro elements so that your logo invokes that retro feel and yet seems relevant.

2. The Basics

Understand your product well and the concept of it so that you can create a remarkable design that immediately connects with your target audience.

You can start out by creating a rough outline of your logo. You can draft rough sketches or as many abstract ideas as you want. Dig around for popular retro logo designs to get the inspiration for your work.

Conceptualize your design and revise it by adding more and more details, and before you finalize your work, seek feedbacks regarding your idea.

3. Selecting the Colors

Colors play a crucial role when it comes to designing a logo. When used in a particular context selecting the right colors can grab a positive attention from your audience.

Retro logos are usually designed with rich as well as subtle colors that complement the overall design of the logo and make it stand out in your target audience’s eyes.

Also, complementary colors can help make your logo pop out. Choose an effective color scheme that works best to your advantage.

4. Selecting the Font

Fonts play an extra crucial part in designing a retro-themed logo. If you fail to choose the correct font that invokes the retro feel, then it can potentially destroy the idea that you aim to impart.

For a retro logo, try to avoid sleek modern-day fonts like Century Gothic or Helvetica, but don’t go for too old fashioned fonts like Times New Roman or Baskerville Old Face.

Stylized fonts are generally a good choice and you can also include a mix of different typefaces but make sure you don’t make it too messy. The idea is to be bold that catches the eye.

5. Deciding the Details

Detailing can add to the overall charm of your logo. You can use scratch filters or fade your logo to make the retro vibe stand out. You can also add popping colors with proper highlighting of all the details.

Final Words:

A retro logo definitely adds a timeless touch to your brand and a very easy way to make your company stand out as an endearing one. You can take help of the guide mentioned in this article to design that perfect retro logo you want.

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