12 Free And Exclusive Graphic Design Elements Resources To Create Marketing Campaign

12 Free And Exclusive Graphic Design Elements Resources To Create Marketing Campaign

Graphic design is a continually growing medium. What worked in past might not work now, and if you want to push best results with your marketing campaigns, you need to stay on top of the trends and keep your eye on the beat of what’s happening in the world of graphic design.

First things first, promotions have never been as easy-to-make as they are today. Now, you can create an attention-grabbing marketing campaign just in a few hours. And the best thing is that you won’t need to have any special skills. No coding required and no design experience needed! Today, you get everything pre-designed and ready-to-use.

Long for a quick marketing campaign solution that won’t ruin your budget? In 2019, pre-packed graphic design elements is a must-have for any marketer, designer, or developer. With their help, you can create any showcase, from online ads to real-life presentation.

No matter which promo you need, you can make it without trouble. What should you start with? In this post, I selected 12 proven graphic design elements resources for you. Some of them are free, so don’t miss the boat!

Icons Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to any business promo, you should pay attention to the details. No matter which business niche you are going to cover, details always matter. They matter a lot if you want the audience to take your company or startup seriously.

Thus, when working on your company showcase, don’t forget about such small but still critical visual elements as icons! Where to get the right icon set for a marketing campaign? Here are 3 proven icon resources to look at.

1. UI-Basics Icon set Template

To make a long story short, UI-Basics is a stylish icon set template that can suit any business niche. The package comes with 50 simple UI outline icons in .svg format. As you can see, they have a neat, minimalist design. It allows keeping the look of your project clean even if you add lots of information. What were these icons made for?

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Just take a closer look at the illustration I added. This icons package covers all basic user interface needs. Each of these graphic elements is highly flexible. With it, you can style them the way you need effortlessly.

UI-Basics Icon Set is easy in use. It’s a ready-made solution for modern designers and developers. By working with such ready-made products, you can save plenty of time!

To sum everything up, the template is perfect to be used for:

  • website mockups,
  • different mobile applications,
  • promo materials,
  • presentations,
  • infographics, and much more.   

2. FlatIcon - Free Vector Icons Resource

Fortunately, in 2019, you can enrich any project (both online or a real-life one) with some eye-pleasing visual elements. No special skills needed! You can do it without touching a single line of code source. What is even more important, you can do it without running out of the budget! How? There are so many online resources for marketers, designers, and developers, and some of them are free.

As you can see, FlatIcon is one of such places. It is an open vector icons resource that contains 1,767,500 digital items. They are grouped in 37,000 packages, and the new ones appear on a regular basis. Honestly speaking, FlatIcon is the largest database of free icons. They are available in such formats as:

  • .png,
  • .svg,
  • .eps,
  • .psd,
  • and BASE 64.

To sum everything up, on FlatIcon, everyone can find the very templates. Whatever your business is about, there will be some classy vectors exactly for your niche.

3. 50 Food & Drinks Icons Template

So, nowadays, any company needs a top-notch website to hold the audience. This point becomes even more important when it comes to food-related companies. Being a part of such business, you should understand one simple thing. Modern customers are spoiled. Everything should be just perfect if you want to take place in the global market.

Do you long for bright icons set template related to food and drinks? In this case, the next product is your must-see. The package was designed and created for the projects related to cafes, restaurants, and bars. Basically, it will fit any promo that is somehow related to food or drinks. So, what is waiting for you inside the template?

As the name of the item says, this colorful set consists of 50 exclusive Food & Drinks icons that come in several formats. Each of the products is high-quality and super easy-to-change. You can edit the designs without trouble via Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Popup Elements Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

Just like icons, popups make another small but vital aspect of your business project. Although they may look simple, these web design elements influence the success of your company. When used smartly, popup windows can enlarge your audience without any additional payments.

With their help, you can notify customers and prospects about sales, special offers, and other exciting news. As a result, in 2019, popup elements became a must-have for any up-to-date website.

Here are several tips to use populs without annoying your viewers.

  1. Show popups only at the right time, like when a customer enters or leaves the site.
  2. Match them with your web design and branding.
  3. Create clean and compelling CTAs.
  4. Use fewer form fields.
  5. Provide an exit and offer the signup buttons.

4. JetPopup - Progressive CrocoBlock Plugin

To begin with, JetPopup is a new Elementor-oriented plugin which already became popular. Needless to say, the plugin requires no coding experience. Users of all skill levels can use JetPopup and create complicated scenarios for popup entrance.

To say more, you can use the addon for different purposes. JetPopup allows the website owner to style any popup they need. You can do it with the help of the following widgets:

  • Subscribe,
  • Discount,
  • Yes/No,
  • Countdown,
  • Contact Us,
  • Info Card,
  • GDPR,
  • and Cookie Policy.

Shortly, this intuitive addon contains ready-made popups for all possible purposes. Besides, by purchasing JetPopup, you also get a set of different animation effects. With it, you can create a unique website popups just in a few clicks. To catch the attention of today’s prospects, you can choose from these pre-packed animations:

  • Fade,
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out,
  • Move Up,
  • Bounce In and Bounce Out,
  • Slide Up and Slide Down,
  • Slide Left and Slide Right,
  • Horizontal Flip,
  • Vertical Flip,
  • and Rotate.

Finally, when working with JetPopun plugin, you can rapidly manage trigger events. This process is as easy as ABC. To do it, just choose the needed event and set timers and dates when you want the popups to appear. It will happen automatically. Here is a simple way to make your popups more successful and save several hours of your time.

Web Fonts Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

I suppose you already know that the typography you use on the website is as important as its content. Just think about it! No matter how voguish your business or personal website is, no one will ever like it without the right fonts.

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The thing is that the web fonts you choose influence on how future customers treat your project. You should be 100% professional to get their respect and attention. That is why I want you to choose only clean, readable, and eye-friendly typography.

All in all, there will be no use of your promo if the audience can’t read what it says. The rules are the same both for digital and real-life presentations. When creating a marketing campaign, you should work on this point.

Still, how can you choose the winning web fonts when there are tonnes of attention-grabbing examples? Well, I recommend you to start with the helpful web fonts resources I added below.

5. Mega Fonts Bundle

Let’s begin with this modish item with numerous groundbreaking designs called Mega Fonts Bundle. It can be used for various purposes, from simple office presentations to striking social media promos. Thanks to Mega Fonts Bundle, you can do your best when working on such things, as:

  • headings,
  • signature,
  • logos,
  • wedding or any other invitations,
  • t-shirt, cups, caps, and other prints,
  • letterhead,
  • signage,
  • label,
  • posters,
  • badges, and much more!

What can you see inside the package? Actually, the name of the product speaks for itself. This is a rich set of ready-made web fonts that come with various designs. Firstly, Mega Fonts Bundle includes 35 eye-friendly fonts that are versatile enough to fit any screen size.

Secondly, it provides the owner with 1000+ glyphs to ensure that all elements of your marketing campaign are well thought-out. Thirdly, inside the bundle, you will find some bonus graphics with a high resolution.

Finally, here are the fonts you get with Mega Fonts Bundle.

  • Sobbers
  • Rissa
  • Atora
  • Soulmater
  • Morracle
  • Morning Wishes
  • Tristan
  • Constanta
  • Tycho
  • Jarvish Blurry
  • Bottle Massow
  • Passion
  • Arkana
  • Elrotex
  • Roselowe
  • Sottafles
  • Mornin Awesome
  • Wolf Reality
  • Wossor
  • Asia Otasi
  • Valdemar
  • Karenina
  • Zurich
  • However Store
  • Palm Brush

6. Dafont - Free Fonts Online Resource

Are you still looking for a free way to improve the typography of your project? In case you are, stay tuned because this freebie is your quick solution. To put it briefly, Dafont is an old and well-known online resource of free fonts. Thanks to its simplicity and usability, Dafont already become a go-to place. On the whole, in 2019, the resource contains 41,950 fonts of which 13,000+ are with accents and 15,000+ are with the Euro symbol.

What is more, Dafont gallery regularly enlarges with new fonts. Every piece of typography is available to download. The website, by itself, is quite visitor-friendly. All the items are divided into categories, which makes the search process easier. Here are fonts categories you can see on Dafont:

  • Fancy,
  • Foreign Look,
  • Techno,
  • Bitmap,
  • Gothic,
  • Basic,
  • Script,
  • Dingbats,
  • Holiday, etc.

7. Bakersville - Exclusive Fonts Set

Now, it is time for some retro looks. By the way, they are making another comeback, so don’t miss it! Bakersville Fonts Set is a small package which contains 2 inimitable sketch fonts. They are fully hand-drawn and have easy-to-manage settings.

Historically, this yummy typography set was made for all types of food-related services. The bundle will be used for any purposes, from restaurant promotion to menu design and food packaging. By tradition, Bakersville is also easy in use, so any non-techie can enrich their marketing campaign.

In the end, would you like to create an authentic hand-made look? You know what to do tho!

Web Banners & Animated Banners Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

Although they are quite simple, banners make another essential part of today’s promos, projects, and campaigns. It may look like there is nothing complicated, but many beginners make the same mistakes when working on the banners. As always, I’ve prepared for you a few worthy online resources, and we will move to them pretty soon.

Before we get started, here are my personal tips on how to make your banners more clickable. So, to increase website activity and get more clicks, you should:

  • maintain hierarchy so that your banners will harmonize with the company logo, CTA buttons, and the rest of the visuals,
  • choose appropriate colors to evoke the needed emotions,
  • use imagery well and only when you really need it,
  • add animations,
  • and make all texts instantly readable.

8. 30 PSD Web Banners AdWords Bundle

Need an all-in-one decision to create successful banners for AdWords? Take a minute to view out this outstanding 30 PSD web banners bundle! The package comes with 3 sets of professionally designed banners, and each of them has 10 .psd files inside. They meet all the latest Google requirements, but they can be used for other advertising purposes.

All the items from 30 PSD Web Banners AdWords Bundle are well organized so that you can effortlessly customize new content. AdWords banners come in such popular sizes as:      

  • 160x600px,
  • 300x250px,
  • 300x600px,
  • 320x100px,
  • 336x280px,
  • 468x60px,
  • 728x90px,
  • 970x250px,
  • 600x314px,
  • 300x300px.

9. Bannersnack - Free Banner Design Templates Resource

Obviously, I can’t leave you without another impressive freebie! Bannersnack is a modern web banners resource which provides you with more than 4000 free animated banner templates. They are absolutely ready-to-serve and come in HTML5 format. You can transform any element in accordance with your needs and start advertising ASAP.

When working with these free ad templates, you can create multiple layouts without a hitch. No matter what platform you are going to advertise on, your promo will be on top! Free banner templates from Bannersnack are fully compatible with Google Ads and other major ad networks.

Here are the banners categories you can see on Bannersnack:

  • Automotive,
  • Blog & Lifestyle,
  • eCommerce,
  • Business,
  • Sport,
  • Travel,
  • Food & Services,
  • Real Estate,
  • Holiday & Events,
  • Education,
  • Fashion & Jewelry,
  • Software & Technologies, etc.

10. Premium 420 Animated HTML5 Banners Bundle

Here is another noteworthy animated HTML5 banners bundle to look at. Long story short, the package consists of 60+ premium web banners that come with high quality and awe-inspiring designs.

On average, you get 420 professionally crafted files you can quickly edit via Adobe Photoshop or Google Web Designer software. Although the customization process will be just as easy as it gets, there are also free guides video tutorials.

Here is what you get with the download file:

  • 420 wholly editable Google Web Designer files,
  • Photoshop files in .psd format,
  • published files,
  • and documentation in .pdf.

As expected, banners come in 7 popular sizes. The ads are compatible with Google Ads, Adroll, Google 360, and so on. To say more, the actual value of all components you get with Premium 420 Animated HTML5 Banners Bundle is $660. Thus, by choosing this product, you save a mint of money and get dazzling ads at the same time.

Social Media Banners Resources To Create Marketing Campaign

Without a doubt, in the 21st Century, social media grab the biggest part of our free time. Now, it is much more than a way to contact your mates or relatives. People all over the globe use SM to develop their companies. And not without reason! The number of social media users increases with a lightning-fast speed, which allows you to get even more engagement.

Are you ready to get a fresh portion of social traffic? To create a proper social media templates, you should:

  • include corporate colors and your logo to the ad design,
  • use only high-quality images and select the spectacular ones,
  • and create a catchy tagline.

11. Minimal Puzzle Grid For Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms. By publishing your ad banner on Instagram, you may get meaningful feedback, and here is why. This year alone, statistics show that there are:

  • 1 billion users who visit Instagram every month,
  • 72% of teens use it,
  • Insta users like 4.2 billion posts every day,
  • 500 million users view out Instagram stories every day,
  • and 60 % of these people discover new products thanks to the platform.

No doubts, social media engagement has powerful impact on today’s business. Seeing that, I recommend you to start with Instagram. Above you can a charming Minimal Puzzle Grid Instagram Template which contains 27 pre-styled Instagram posts that are 100% reusable.

In 2019, Instagram puzzles became a real trend. Therefore, this product is a must-have for those who want to stay in vogue. Here is what you will see inside the package:

  • 1 Photoshop file with preinstalled slices,
  • 27 ready-made Instagram posts,
  • 18 photos from the Unsplash archive,
  • adorable flower drawings,
  • and editable texts.

12. Palette Social Media Kit

Are you ready to finally improve the way your company looks on social media? Well, don’t miss this imposing Palette Social Media Kit! The package was created precisely for such reasons. It contains 20 square layouts that were designed for Facebook and Instagram.

Looking for a quick solution? All you need to do it to upload your text and picture. On the other hand, you can create unique layouts. Everything is easy-to-edit, which means you can change colors, images, texts, and designs at the drop of a hat.

13. Brand Social Media Kit

To end with, let’s take a look at this ace Brand Social Media Kit! The product’s features are the same as for the previous SM kit. You also get everything ready-to-use, and you can edit any details in a few clicks. In short, Brand Social Media Kit comes with 15 creative square layouts made for Instagram and Facebook.


To sum everything up, I should admit that there are no web design limits left in 2019. Many of you should remember those terrifying times when digital technologies weren’t creator-friendly. People spent big money on the services of professional designers but still got boring designs. Well, these days, technologies are mostly customer-oriented, and everything becomes much easier.

As you can see, promoting your business is not a hard task anymore. To do it, you can find numerous products, both free and premium. They are extremely easy in use. With it, even a beginner can create a groundbreaking marketing campaign and design it like a pro. Would you like to give it a try?  

Author: Lana Miro

Lana Miro falls in love with beautiful web design. She likes to share her experience and explore something interesting in UX&UI design, affiliate marketing, eCommerce trends etc.

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