Why Influencer Marketing Plays An Important Role For Your Brand Promotion In E-Commerce

Why Influencer Marketing Plays An Important Role For Your Brand Promotion In E-Commerce

Why you should consider influencer marketing for your business? Check out this article to know why influencer marketing plys important role in brand promotion with examples.

Bad is a businessman who doesn’t want to make more money and promote their product in the most efficient ways. If you are engaged in the e-commerce business, then influencer marketing can become your good assistant and help you earn some more coins.

Influencer marketing today surpasses other methods of brands promotion, that is why you should pay attention to it.

Well, let’s spell everything out, and speak more about influencer marketing, what it is, and how it can be beneficial for your business.

Influencer marketing: detailed definition

What is influencer marketing? Everything is simple indeed. First, influencer marketing consists of influencers - popular users of social media (bloggers, vloggers) that already have a large number of subscribers and fans.

When you start cooperating with an influencer, he or she tells his/her audience about your product or business, advising them to use your product.

But it doesn’t mean that you can contact any influence for brand promotion. It is important that the audience of influencer could be related to your target audience. It will be quite rashly to ask sports blogger to promote your tech business, right? So when you cooperate with the right influencer, it will help you get a maximum benefit from it.

Now let’s proceed to the main benefits of influencer marketing.

Advantages of influencer marketing

Why do many brands actively cooperate with famous influencers today? The matter is that TV ads is not already trusted so Internet ads came to replace it. Customers like to get recommendations from famous people and it really works.

And when you read it, you should know - probably, the majority of your competitors already cooperate with influencers. Many famous influencers admit that they either have cooperated with some brands before, or they keep on doing it by now.

If you still have some doubts, let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should consider influencer marketing for your business.

1. Influencer marketing really works

The recommendation of a popular influencer can bring much more profit than if you post your ads somewhere on a banner. Nielsen company that is engaged in analytics proved that more than 90% of customers tend to trust recommendations given by influencer they subscribe for.

Thus, it makes an influencer marketing a more advantageous way of promotion than conventional old-school advertising types.

2. Social media contributes to brand promotion

Even when you have created a website or app (or both) to sell your product, it is still not enough. People should know about your website or app. That is why you should promote the product in social media as well. Social networks became another arena to promote the product and attract more target audience.

So that is where influencers may come to the rescue. They will actively promote the product in social media where millions of users can see it and start buying your product. Bingo! But, of course, for a start, you should think about attractive website development.

3. Customers need it

As we noted above, previously people have been watching TV advertising, read newspapers and listened to ads on the radio. Now everything has changed. Nobody already trusts such advertising and it starts becoming a history by now.

Nowadays users have switched to the Internet environment and they spend their time surfing web pages. That is why brands had to change something to move with the times.

That is how influencer marketing has gained momentum. Brands also need to spend a lot of money on promotion, but influencer marketing in e-commerce returns in the form of sales growth. If it works, why not to invest money in such way of promotion? It is obviously worth the candle.

4. SEO can be improved

SEO optimization can be improved in a few times if you create an influencer marketing campaign. You will be able to achieve a higher ranking in search engines since the number of inbound links will be increased, social reach will also be increased that has a direct impact on your rankings.

Thus, your potential customers will be able to find you faster in Google and other search engines

5. Tracking is in priority

You should track the whole marketing campaign, check all metrics. You need to track everything that can bring you a profit. Well, it may be not so easy to track each detail but the more you control it, the more chances that you will keep an eye on things and will not lose your money.

In such case, you should think about tracking the number of visits to your website, the activity rate on social networks, and social conversations.

Well, we will show you 5 good examples of how influencer marketing brings customers’ loyalty and profit.

Example of successful influencer marketing campaigns

There are many large companies that successfully use the power of influencers. We will not confine ourselves only to one niche, so let’s study a few examples in different business areas.

i. Glossier

A beauty startup based in the US that invited regular women that were involved in the brand promotion. No popular influencers, just regular women. How was it done? Customers took a picture of themselves, put a Glossier hashtag on their post. Alternately, the company shared these photos and answered the main questions they were asked.

That was a rather working method, and the number of customers has grown in a few times.

What brand has achieved

More than 90% of the profit was gained due to social media users that were acquainted with a brand deeply.

ii. Nikon

This famous and popular brand has also decided to make use of influencer marketing campaign. They have cooperated with Warner Music and they sponsored music festival held by Warner Music. The whole festival was recorded using Nikon cameras, and all visitors were able to use these cameras, take a picture and share this photo in social media.

All performers of the festival also used Nikon cameras to stream backstage videos for fans.

It is not a surprise that this event became one of the hottest and discussed.

What brand has achieved

Almost 20K of posts with a relevant hashtag all over social networks, about 1M of users watched the video and so on. Impressive? Of course.

iii. Buick

Buick decided to present its new car model called Encore and the company attracted Pinterest influencers to promote this event.

Despite the fact that influencers were far from an automotive area, Pinterest influencers were chosen not accidentally.

The matter is that influencers were asked to create boards where they could create their interests and hobbies, show it in a row.

The most amazing board was used to create new colors of Encore model and modify its design.

So Pinterest was a very good choice for Buick.

What brand has achieved

Almost 20M of visitors watched this post on different social media.

iv. Zara

Zara didn’t reinvent the wheel and the company simply cooperated with famous Instagram influencers to promote clothes.

Their main goal was to show people that Zara clothes are high-quality clothes.

What brand has achieved

Almost 10M of new followers on Zara’s Instagram account.

v. Walmart

Walmart was involved in the charitable move for Feeding America organization. Walmart cooperated with seven influencers on Instagram to raise as much funds as possible for Feeding America to feed starving people.

What brand has achieved

Each comment with #FightHunger hashtag or post sharing brought $0,90 cents to the charitable organization. As a result, they’ve collected almost $1,6 million. Moreover, Walmart increased a customer’s loyalty and trust with its gesture of good.

As you can see, the influencer marketing strategy can work for you. You just need to think about it and build it properly. So follow the right road!

Nataliia Kharchenko is a Technical Writer at Cleveroad. It is web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. We are focused on helping startups, small, and medium businesses create competitive and winning software. I enjoy bringing a digital world closer to people and writing about technology, mobile apps, innovations, and progressive management models.

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