10 Dos and Don’ts on Social Media for Business Promoters

10 Dos and Don’ts on Social Media for Business Promoters

We are all caught in the loop called social media. We share content and information with audiences in an ongoing cycle. It has increased awareness and knowledge of various subjects in ways unimaginable; a great deal of credit for which goes to business promoters using content marketing.

A big chunk of information you get from the internet is basically businesses spreading the word of their brand through content marketing. However, while at it, some fail terribly. How to know what tips and tricks work well in promoting a business on social media? After a lot of discussion and research, we put this checklist on the table. It clearly states the dos and don’ts of social media promotion business so that you may become an exemplary venture for your audience as well as other businesses in your niche.

1.  Don’t Just Advertise on Your Brand’s Social Media Feed

We are not ruling out the promotion completely, but the trend shows that people tend to try out brands which have a diverse, informative, and responsive social media feed. Principal analyst at Altmeter Group, Brian Solis has put forward the following three pillars on which the foundation of brand promotion stands: listen, learn, and engage. If you want loyal customers who bring in more, your social media feed’s sole purpose should be listening to clients’ concerns, using that knowledge to improve your brand/service, and organic likes and sales will follow naturally.

2.  Do Promote and Build Your Brand’s Culture Through SMM

Share your brand stories more than the specifications of the product. You can make your social media feed a better experience for the visitors by promoting the following:

  • The story which inspired you into starting the business/brand
  • A welfare cause your brand advocates and the work you have done for it
  • Your client and employee stories/experiences with your brand
  • Building a themed community where your customers interact with each other
  • Other blogs and articles which share useful information regarding your niche

3. Don’t Spam Your Followers’ Feeds

Don’t spam your audience by posting unnecessary or same information again and again. If you are constantly inundating your followers with the aforementioned several times a day, they are very likely to hit the ‘unfollow’ button, very soon. And rightly so! Make sure your posts don’t revolve around the same topic, same information, or irrelevant, nonsensical subjects.

4. Do Understand Your Audience

The 80/20 rules stats that you 80% focus of your social media strategy should be your audience, or how your brand can be of use to them. Only 20% of the strategy should be about self-branding. Hence, in order to succeed in social media marketing, you must understand your audience on a priority basis. Your social media feed must be tailored in accordance with the following factors of your target audience:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Country/region
  • Occupations
  • Peak times of the day when the audience activity is maximum.

5. Don’t Use Inappropriate Media

It’s better to choose from the variety of social media sites at your disposal rather than mindlessly running a campaign everywhere. The later can get you in trouble if you don’t have enough manpower to fuel all your campaigns, unique and independent of each other. Also, not all social media sites will be suited to your target audience and business needs. For instance, if you are running a business of bespoke jewelry, Instagram would serve your promotion far better than LinkedIn. Emphasize on quality more than quantity. Run successful, effective campaigns on social media sites which your target audience visits most often.

6. Do Provide Customer Service

Social media has become a vast customer care center where people post problems and concerns regarding a brand and the brand owners address the issue in the form of comments or tweets! Don’t cut the cord. Have handy at all times a customer service manager who replies back with free advice and solutions to your customers. Train the customer service manager to get things done for your customers over the internet and see how this streams in sales.

7.  Don’t Forget to Evaluate Your Social Media Strategies

You can evaluate the success of your campaigns almost on every social media site. Set metrics which define goals and success for your business. CPL, CPC, and CTR measure different conversions – know which are most important to you. If your pointers to success or failure are likes, shares, or retweets, keep track of them. But by the end of the day, don’t overlook the fact that evaluation is crucial to success. If you fail to recognize the specific factors which spruced up your social media campaign, to your loss, you might not ever use them again.

8. Do Make Checklists

We often come across checklists at the end of school course books which ensure that we don’t miss out on any detail from the chapter. Same works with social media checklists. Making a generalized checklist for your content keeps you very of committing small slips as well as big blunders. Here are a few key things you can check for before making your content public on social media sites:

  • The message is clear and easily understandable
  • Grammatical or language errors
  • People will be interested in sharing the information
  • The facts and figures are up-to-date and correct
  • The time the content is posted ensures maximum visibility to customers
  • Links and arguments are valid
  • Brand logo has been added to the content created by your company

9. Don’t Get Comfortable

It’s always reviving to indulge in experiments, try and err out of one’s comfort zone. If you get comfortable with just one approach to social media marketing, people will not stay interested and engaged for long. Therefore, make sure you keep tweaking your products as well as the social media campaign, introducing quirky new features and developing new links with other communities. These are all the reasons why the world is hooked on social media!

10. Do Plan Ahead For Your Social Media Content

It’s easy to lean on promotional content when you are out of ideas for the social media campaign. However, don’t rely too much on that. Keep a weekly or monthly schedule for the content on your social media accounts, design posts in bulk and keep them in store for the week/month. This will prevent your social media campaign from unexpected periodic dry spells and keep the audience engaged.

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