The Secret to a Successful Retail Brand: Influencer Strategies

The Secret to a Successful Retail Brand: Influencer Strategies

Ever wondered what is the secret to a successful retail brand? It has got to be influencer strategies. In this blog, we look at the influencer strategies and four common goals that every retailer should foresee and perform for great results.

You may have heard that an effective social strategy is a paddle for any business to keep on sailing, specifically for retail brands. It is a fact that we can't deny. However, this strategy alone became deficient nowadays. Especially that technologies are already involved in almost all of our daily activities.

Although retail brands depend on the needs of the final consumers, we businessmen must know the combined power of advertising and technology. Some may think that hiring public figures or famous celebrities on social are just a waste of money and time. This is a common misconception that is not fruitful at all. There is a possibility that it will be a waste of money and time, if and only if, you do it wrong.

Why and How Influencers Can Be Good for Your Business?

Influencers can easily grab the attention of the consumers, especially to their faithful audience.  These influencers can give awareness and spread the name of your product in just one click. Their loyal fans can never resist imitating everything their favorite celebrity do.


Next is the consideration which will result to a higher possibility of your product to be discovered through online and even the quantity of your qualified leads running on your sales funnel will increase.

Another is the decision. Influencers can actually raise your sales higher and persuade consumers through recommendations and product surveys or reviews. Furthermore, do not underestimate the power of influencers to establish a convincing brand sentiment. Their followers will trust them in that way and it is called adoption.

Lastly is the advocacy. Influencers’ job is not bounded to only persuade their followers to purchase the product. If you can mold a trusted influencer, even the consumers will also become your influencers just for free. They will spread a positive review and influence other consumers.

Four Common Goals:

Here are the five common goals aligned with the eight influencer strategies that every retailer should foresee and perform. These strategies are guidelines on how to achieve such goals that can lead to a productive use of an influencer to boost your brand’s online presence.

1. Look for influencers that are perfect for your brand:

Before having influencers as a part of your social media strategy, make sure to choose a suitable influencer for your brand first. If you’re an SEO consultant in New York for quite some time now, this may be an obvious significant step for you, but most brands tend to overlook this. Influencers cannot be picked randomly or selected through some limited reasons and qualifications only. You can follow this guide to learn how to find influencers for your brand.

Look for influencers for brand

You can choose the best influencer for your brand through consistent monitoring and by listening to your audience. Naturally, you have to deal with your audience’s voices or demand first. If you can create an appealing influencer, you can also create a more informative content that is parallel to your audience’s interests.

2. Establish online trust:

Almost everyone in this world are already into social media. With that in mind, why not use it to your advantage and start using it for your business? Except for the mentioned reality, social media can also be a short bridge to your consumers. Utilizing social media as your weapon can build online trust together with your influencer.

However, it is not an easy task. In order to successfully gain online trust with your chosen influencer, primarily you have to mold and gear them up. In other words, give them the prescription of your product. That is, the appropriate and unnecessary words that your every influencer should know.

Choosing the right words always matter. BUT, there’s this gigantic BUT. Never overwhelm every line of your influencer. Do not overpower them as if you are the influencer and not them. In that case, you can change the character you carefully selected and turn out to be the influencer yourself. Let your brand influencer use their skills and appear natural to the audience.

3. Strike your consumer to the track to purchase:

In other words, create every possible way to lure them. How to? Implement the skill of your influencer. Require your brand influencer to develop an enticing content. Brand content has less power to persuade the consumers but influencer’s content can give a great impact to them.

This is simply because of the convincing neutrality. Consumers will always think that brand content advertisements are full of lies, they tend to disregard all the overflowing positive labels of your product. Thankfully, influencers can convert these negative ideas and direct them to purchase.

Moreover, you can still upgrade the effectiveness of the influencer’s content by comparing and contrasting which of the contents are actually more effective. Which of the contents greatly influenced them and actually made them purchased? Supervise every result of the contents.

Always remember that your influencer’s audiences are different with each other, depends on the number of times your influencer posted, the variety of content they developed, and the uniqueness of their voice online.

For you to push your influencers to their greatest potential, you have to know your influencers, their audience, and the variety of the content that is effective to both the audience and your brand. Keep on track to how your brand influencer is navigating their audience to your brand and keep them engaged with it.

4. Make sure you bring traffic to your site:

Either to your brick and mortar store or to the website of your store, you need to make sure that you are bringing traffic to your site. You don’t have to print thousands of flyers just to attract customers. You can mobilize your influencers to share their actual purchase at your store through documenting and posting images.


This will help the audience to visualize your store that will lead to attracting them easily. Another option is to let your influencers live-stream their actual visit to your store.

In addition on how to ascend the traffic to your online store, providing promos or exclusive offers to your influencers can also help. Let your influencers share their experiences on your promo codes to their audiences. Through this, influencers can also demonstrate or review your product and promote your website.


Having an established influencer marketing strategy is not as easy as we think of it. Just like any other marketing techniques, there is this long list of Pros and Cons and Do’s and Don't. However, by applying these goals mentioned above in your strategy, it will make you narrow down your priorities and most especially aid you in making success surefire in your business.

Establishing her career in the digital age, Kathy was able to learn and practice the art and power of digital marketing. She loves moulding young minds and motivating them to go out of their comfort zone. Kathy also likes to share her ideas about ranking websites through writing. Follow her on Twitter.

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