4 Easiest Steps to Make An Email Marketing Campaign Successful

4 Easiest Steps to Make An Email Marketing Campaign Successful

Ever wondered what the easiest way to make your email marketing campaigns successful is? If not, here's your chance to look at a step-by-step guide to achieve this endeavor.

Email marketing isn’t dead. According to McKinsey, Email is 40 times more effective at gaining new customers than Twitter or Facebook. Email marketing is ever-growing from last few years. 2016 is going to be the year of email marketing.

For any marketing strategy, email marketing campaigns are the most crucial elements. They build and communicate relationships with customers & target, collect important data and assist in boosting marketing ROI. If done correctly, email marketing has an extraordinary ROI of 3800%. As important as these email marketing campaigns are for marketers, most ends in disappointment and continue to break down on the campaign’s return.

Today, email has become one of the easiest and most affordable ways for businesses of every size to reach their customers and prospects. Affordability, shareability and the speed have made email campaigns an indispensable component of marketing strategies for most businesses.

For building, executing and managing successful email marketing campaigns, what you need initially is to pay attention to your target audience, the message, and get out of the common trap of blasting out only promotional messages. If you’ll keep sending them only promotional messages, it’ll only provoke recipients to click on the ‘delete’ button instead of opening your mail. You can use tools like SPF records that specifies the mail servers authorized to send email for your domain.

Regardless of the dramatic multiplication in new platforms for marketing your product or services, email marketing campaigns are still one of the highest rating ways available. If you’re not well aware of all the tidbits of email marketing, it can be difficult to get started.

When you’re on the way of marketing your business, you need to be as strategic and well-planned as possible. If you don’t want recipients to unsubscribe from your list like hotcakes, you’ve got to ensure that you’re delivering them great content which is actually making some sense to them. In this post, I have mentioned some steps which will make sure that your subscribers will eagerly wait for your next mail update.

Why is email marketing essential? What actually makes an effective email marketing campaign? What are the essential ingredients of email marketing?

Why is using Email Marketing Important?

Today, email marketing is one of the most important ways of reaching people; it is indeed a competition runner with the most popular “social media”. According to Pew Research, 92 percent of online adults use email, with 61 percent using it on an average day. And according to Radicati Group, by the end of the year 2016, the total number of email accounts across the world is expected to boost over 4.3 billion accounts. Use this fact to your advantage; when people accept your emails, you’re acquiring many potential customers.

Here are 4 easiest ways to make your next email marketing campaign successful

1. Brainstorm Subject-line

To make your email marketing campaign successful, the foremost thing you need is “a great subject line” that will hook your readers, instead of landing up in spam folders. Keep them concise and short, and avoid using words like ‘discount’, ‘free’, ‘sale’, etc.

According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more probable to be opened and marketers have found a 760 percent boost in email revenue from fragmented campaigns.

campaign monitor

A personalized subject line gives a completely personal touch, and will provoke the recipient to open the email.

It’s better to use a clear subject line in the email that exactly tells the readers what is there in the email, the content that expresses what benefits you’re offering and creates an instant emotion (urgency, curiosity, etc.), and then give an appealing CTA (call to action) driving them to the landing page which contains the action you want your customers to perform.

What does this means— sacrificing opens for more click to open rate, or generating more opens where reader leave without going through the content? Or driving more clicks directing to lead generation? The answer is pretty simple— the key focus of email marketers is “conversions”.

Subject lines are something that precisely describes what’s there in your email content. Here are a few examples of subject lines by Hubspot, check them out for yourself!

2. Outline Email Body

Looks do count for sure, but you must have a proper thought of what you want your email to do. Think about the key objective of your email— why you’re writing this email, what’s your main objective, what you want your customers to do? Think these and write down, tell your customers what you have for them.

To make your email marketing successful, you need a good design and an engaging copy to grab their attention— this includes the attractive subject line as we have discussed in point 1 to pass the hurdle of getting your email opened and the headline which is actually the space that’s initially seen even before hitting button to read the email. But the next most important thing you need to do is to ensure the main body of your mail tells your customers what to do next. Add up an encouraging call to action button. Here are some of the CTA buttons you can try out.

Overall, it must be a personalized piece of communication, instead of simply throwing out little information expecting that your customers will come to your website.

A couple of other outlining points comprise of including your social media links which will let your customers share and spread your message, which is beneficial for reaching out to more prospects.

Also, you must add “from email address” to their safe senders list to prevent it from landing in the spam box. Moreover, don’t forget to add “unsubscribe” option to make it clear to your customers and prospects that they’re getting your mail through their own choice.

3. Create Beautiful Email Newsletters Across All Devices with Wix ShoutOut

If you’re a startup or brand wishing to leverage the power of email marketing campaign and get successful, a well-designed email is essential to get through the pack. Among today’s tough competitive digital business world, a great and beautiful email design needs to grab the attention of your readers straight away to evade the risk of being deleted and the probability of never being seen.

You need to create successful email marketing campaigns and engage your customers to reach out a massive audience. I came across Wix ShoutOut which is quite good and worked well for email marketing campaigns.

Wix ShoutOut is the easiest and moreover the best email marketing solution for businesses of every size. Using Wix ShoutOut, you can create, share and send beautifully designed invitations, product updates or announcements, newsletters and sales promotions that will fit every device— whether its tablet, iPhone, Android, laptop, desktop or any other. There are several designer-made beautiful templates, an instinctive editor, thus letting to easily interact and engage with customers worldwide.

Kelsie Gibson Wix Campaign

The above example is of Kelsie Gibson who is a passionate hair stylist. With this email newsletter, she has announced the opening of her own studio with a completely professional tone but with a beautiful newsletter, which will actually make people read it.

Wix ShoutOut is a product of Wix, that has so many features that’ll not only make your email marketing campaign easy and successful but also fun to do and making you say Goodbye to the outdated email marketing. Some of the features include—

  • Intuitive Editor: adding your own background, logo, images, text, and more.
  • Creative Templates: No matter what industry is your business into, Wix ShoutOut has a right template for you. There are lots of options for creating artistic and enterprising newsletters reflecting your brand.
  • Custom Sign Up: Send your ShoutOuts instantly to your contacts through Whatsapp, social media, text messaging and email, and make them subscribe to your mailing list easily.
  • Simple Contact Integration: Import and group all your contacts’ email address easily in just a few minutes
  • Powerful Social Media Tools: Share your email marketing campaigns on Whatsapp, email, text messages and leading social media.
  • Stats Tracker: An essential part of campaigns is to track how it is going! Monitor your campaign and see how many people hit your email, saw it and clicked your ShoutOuts.

4. Track and Monitor

So, once you send an email to your customers and prospects, you must be thinking did my email marketing strategy worked or do I need to tweak my strategies?

Today, millions of people are making use of email tracking tools to get the actionable understanding about their customers. Recognizing if and when an email is opened can assist close deals faster and create more relevant interactions. It can let you know which subject lines are working and which are not effective to convert. For marketing point of purpose, tracking emails is a must-have.

Email tracking software provides advanced analytics and reporting to track email opens, downloads, and link clicks. Features usually also include email scheduling and reporting for device types, time of open, and location. It is usually used for identifying best possible engagement points and thus perfecting communication with customers and prospects. There are many email tracking and monitoring available in the market including— Google Analytics, Campaign Monitor to name a few.

In closing

Nothing in life is a warranty. But using 4 easy but effective steps gives your email marketing campaign a better chance of getting opened thus leading to higher sales for your company.

Sawaram Suthar (Sam) is a Founding Director at Middleware. He has extensive experience in marketing, team building and operations. He often seeing working on various GTM practices and implement best one to generate more demand. He is also founded a digital marketing blog - TheNextScoop.

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