4 content marketing tricks that will help in customer retention

/ March 21, 2019 | 4 Mins Read

4 content marketing tricks that will help in customer retention

There's a special attraction that comes with winning new customers, but retaining customers will costs 5 times lesser.

Content marketing is the act of creating and sharing online material that attracts and engages the audience. Content takes many forms, and it includes anything that is created and shared by a company to tell its story. Content marketing has become an indispensable element of a marketing strategy that drives profitable customer action.

Despite its importance, many organizations overlook content marketing because of their understanding of this crucial form of marketing is low. So, they only produce content without getting any profitable results. For content to produce great results, it must include certain characteristics. When prospects turn from visitors into loyal customers, they have to pass through certain stages in their customer journey.  These stages include:

  • Awareness: Visitors need to be informed about an issue and its solution. If they aren’t aware of a problem, they won’t come for the solution that your organization offers.
  • Evaluation: After the prospects become aware of the problem, it is time to provide them with the content. This informs them about the solution available for that problem. It must address all the solutions including your competitor’s and tells them why your solution is better than others.
  • Conversion: In this stage, your goal is to convert the leads into dedicated customers.

Retention is the most important part of a customer journey. This is because stats suggest that a 5 percent increase in customer retention augments your profitability by 20-90 percent. Also, customers who have a great experience with your company are 7 times more likely to try new offers and buy from you again. They will also recommend you to a friend and increase your customer base.

We all know the importance of customer retention, yet we see a lot of marketers focusing on sales rather than creating a pool of loyal customers. According to the Content Marketing Institute report, 84 percent of UK marketers still prioritize sales over customer retention.

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Customer retention is an area for growth and a crucial final step. Customer satisfaction and loyalty efforts will grow your business by leaps and bounds, as satisfied customers return for more services.

Using content marketing to increase customer retention:

By now, you are well aware of the fact that content marketing is the key to engaging new customers. It also earns higher rankings in search engines. But only a few people know about retaining the existing clients. One thing that most marketers don’t include in their content arsenal is a compelling business email signature. A well-designed email signature is an integral part of your corporate identity and can significantly impact a customer’s decision.

In this post, we have compiled 4 content marketing tactics that will help you retain your customers even after you have landed a sale.

1. Publish quality content regularly:

The best practice that everyone tells you, but few accomplish it, is to publish quality content on a regular basis. The key is to provide prospects with the right content at all the stages of the customers’ journey. To move customers through a full marketing funnel and retain them, you should offer content that facilitates them at all three stages.

Each stage requires different sorts of content. Blogs, podcasts, and magazines, for instance, works better at the awareness stage. They help you to bring your product or service in front of potential customers. Educational resources, surveys, and webinars are best facilitators at the evaluation stage as you aim to convert prospects into leads.

However, at the final stage in the marketing funnel, you aim to build a base of loyal customers. Demos, spec sheets, and customer stories are effective facilitators here. The content you provide at this stage convinces a customer to stick to your product or service instead of your competitor’s.

2. Keep your audience informed of the latest news in your industry:

Whether you are running a blog, publishing a newsletter, or launching an email marketing campaign, your customer is your prime focus. The best way to keep your customers hooked to your product or service is by turning yourself into a one-stop shop for them. You should serve as a medium for all the news and updates related to your industry. Keep yourself informed of the latest trends and advancements and let your audience know about the exciting things happening in your field. This way, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Email marketing can be extremely effective when it comes to customer retention. Emails can be personalized according to the needs of a particular customer. They can be used for the announcement of offers& discounts, seasonal tips, reminders, and the latest news and updates in the industry. Make sure you incorporate best email signatures that include your name, business contact info, and website URL so that customers can get back to you with feedback.

3. Go multi-channel:

Successful content marketing is cross-channel. It engages customers across multiple channels. Most successful marketers today publish their content across popular websites, pages, and social media platforms. Many marketers publish the same content across various platforms to maximize exposure.

Another way to stay relevant with the audience is by developing an app, extension, or plugin that your users can download and use. Make sure it is always up to date and constantly improved to provide value to your customers. The aim is to keep your audience engaged so that they do not look out for the competitor’s solution.

4. Connect with your audience:

One of the most important factors in customer retention is to make them feel they are heard. Share exciting news related to your industry and respond to users’ comments. Encourage your audience to provide feedback and ask them about further improvements that are needed. Make sure you resolve their issues quickly and professionally. This gives your customers a feeling that you care about them more than their wallets.

Also, keep an eye on the negative reviews and try to address the issues raised by them. These reviews will influence the purchasing decision of people who read them.


The most important part of retaining your customers is providing them with a reason to return. For this to happen, your service needs to be impeccable, and the transaction needs to be seamless. And of course, your content needs to be informative and engaging. Be transparent with content like price guides, product description, and warranties. If you offer top-class service to your customers, many of them will reward you with positive reviews and five-star ratings.

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