Five Things to Keep In Mind While Managing Digital Marketing Projects

Five Things to Keep In Mind While Managing Digital Marketing Projects

Whether you’re starting a digital marketing project or in the midst of a digital marketing project dilemma, you need the following things to look out for projects..

Digital marketing, as simple as this term might seem, the proclivities hidden behind it are too many. Involving yourself in a digital marketing management project is more 'management' than 'marketing'. You need to be a good manager to see the bigger picture. That's where your project management skills might come into use.

Along with digital marketing skills, you always need project management training to understand the project flow and managing the whole team.

Whether you’re starting a digital marketing project or in the midst of a digital marketing project dilemma, you need the following things to look out for:

1. Follow a template

Never forget to work on what's important: Planning! In almost any and every project you carry out, planning should be at the top of your priority list. And while it might seem that planning a project is easy, there are more chances than not, of missing out on some very crucial things. This is where a template comes into the picture. Draw out a formal template for all the fundamentals of project management, and work around it using various ideas and changes.

Consider the following template for instance:

  • Initiating – define the project.
  • Planning – establish the scope of the project.
  • Executing – complete the tasks you have established in the planning stage
  • Monitoring and controlling – identify where any changes need to be made to bring the project to success
  • Closing – finalize the activity and ensure the value of the project exceeded the expenses

Workaround the IPEMC methodology mentioned above, and I am sure you wouldn't have problems in moving forward with the planning phase.

2. Learn online

There are many professional qualifications that marketers can undertake in order to gain certifications that will drive their careers. Some popular courses are CAPM certification training, ITIL 4 Foundation, and APMP courses. Achieving a professional qualification gives the candidate the knowledge and capability to undertake any marketing project in a systematic way which will result in consistent success.

Certified Associate in Project Management training and PMP certifications are both available through online courses or classroom settings. Taking time off work to learn in a classroom may not be suitable for most workers. It explains the success of their online course: “88% of our customers opted for digital learning solutions over traditional classroom this year alone, thanks to the flexibility and proven efficiency of work-based learning”.

You get to learn a variety of things using such courses, including:

  • A system based method for successful project management.
  • The skills to increase project productivity.
  • A globally recognized qualification for premier project management approaches.
  • The best practices in project management.
  • The ability to manage the expectations of stakeholders and clients.
  • The skills to accommodate the risk and ambiguity of projects.

3. Automate your workforce

With the hype and the entire buzz around automation, machine learning, and the likes, you can use a number of tools and software present online to help you out in managing your projects better. At extremely affordable prices and competitive ranges of features, automation of your digital marketing projects is easy as ever.

With the benefit of finding a single-stop solution for all your media marketing automation tools, you get the benefit of keeping track of all the analytics that you might need for your business's growth.

Features such as scheduled tweets and bulk posts allow for the best way to send out millions of posts every day, without having to worry about any time constraints. Other benefits of automation include complete client management, content suggestions and feedbacks, social media analytics, and so much more.

4. Overlook on all your projects

Success will only be achieved consistently if it’s measured correctly. It’s important to keep track of metrics throughout your project. Look back at your goals, is traffic increasing? Do you have more email subscribers? Often when analyzing metrics we are drawn to the ones that look more appealing, but if they do not truly impact your business and are not related to the project then they should be disregarded.

Online software such as Brightpod allows marketing managers to keep track of all their projects. With so many tasks on multiple projects, it is easy for the system that you are using to break down. Features such as the page allow users to zoom into stuff that matters the most.

  • Overdue Tasks
  • Upcoming Tasks
  • Tasks Delegated by you
  • Files that you uploaded

5. Always stay up to date: Keep your eyes on the new updates

A big part of any digital marketing project involves using search engine optimization tools to work towards better search rankings for your businesses. This is where Google Algorithmic Updates come into play. With Google being one of the biggest search engines in the world, the algorithms launched and updated by the tech giant called for consistent tracking of the ins and outs of marketing algorithms.

Some of the more famous algorithmic updates include the Google Penguin update, the Google Panda update, the Google Hummingbird update, and many more.

Now, with these quick and easy patterns of learning and developing a digital marketing project, we're sure you'd be able to work towards developing and managing one pretty soon.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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