SEO Keyword Game – Your Assumptions Play A Role In Keyword Selection

SEO Keyword Game – Your Assumptions Play A Role In Keyword Selection

Keywords are the vital part for online marketing efforts. Here are simple and effective way to improve the position of a website on the internet through SEO keyword.

Selecting and implementing the right seo keywords is usually one of the first tasks for ready a site for the search engines. Although the likely value of a keyword can be estimated in advance using various resources, it can only truly be measured in context i.e. once it has been in place on the site for a few months. SEO keywords selected in haste and without proper planning might lead to poor results in search engine rankings.

Whilst research may indicate that a keyword such as ”traditional bookbinders” will deliver good rates of traffic, or that it will deliver less, but higher quality traffic, the verdict can’t be made instantaneously. Also, for a niche site in a small market, the value of a keyword will be entirely different to that of a site with a more generic proposition.

A major part of the decision-making process for selecting SEO keywords is the understanding of searchers intent- and how that intent translates itself in a search. Given that there may be thousands of people looking for the same thing it would be wise to assume that there will be many permutations in the words used to try and find that particular thing.

In order to help research and understand the complex part that individual intent plays in searching Vertical Leap has created an SEO Keyword Game. It’s an online resource that requires the user to enter the search terms they would use to find the item pictured. Once a search term is entered it presents all the other search terms entered by other searchers, with an indication of the diversity, and a number of searches.

In one example there is a simple product photograph of an mp3 player. If you were selecting SEO keywords to get traffic for the image your own bias and assumptions would dictate what keywords you would apply. However, Vertical Leap’s research shows that there are at least 21 different permutations that could be used. Remember, these results are human-tested, so contain misspellings:

  • Mp3 player
  • USB
  • Mp3
  • Flash drive
  • USB key
  • USB mp3
  • USB mp3 player
  • Flash memory
  • Generic Mp3 player
  • Budget Mp3 player
  • Memory stick
  • Memory pen
  • USB memory Mp3
  • Pixel
  • Mp3 player
  • Mp3 player
  • Pen drive
  • USB memory stick
  • USB memory stick mp3 player
  • USB stick

1. What or where is the value of this keyword tool?

While it can’t give all the possible options for every object available on the internet (that is quite an impossible task) it does show how different people will use different keywords to search for what may seem like a more obvious choice to someone else.

Keyword tool

It clearly presents the challenges faced in basing SEO keyword research on your own set of assumptions, and it highlights some long tail alternatives. The images provided are simple but the keywords that people use to find them may surprise you. It happens as each person determines the words to describe the image based on his/her own set of assumption. 

2. Does a SEO company help business online?

When it comes to being successful online one of the smartest moves that a business can make is to hire an SEO Company to help with their marketing campaign. While many underestimate the usage of an SEO firm, it cannot be denied that they have a major impact on how well online business preforms, giving them a huge advantage over their competition. The reason for this is that SEO is necessary to get maximum exposure from organic sources such as Google. Is Google making us stupid? I don`t think so. This is what separates the winners from the losers in the world of online marketing in many cases.

SEO company help business online

The first priority of an SEO firm is to get more exposure for their client through organic search traffic. This means doing tons of keyword research to see which keywords should be targeted both for maximum traffic and minimum competition. Once the keywords are selected the client’s website is optimized for them in a smart, search-friendly way.

This will indicate to search engines what keywords to rank the website for. This, in turn, leads to tons of new traffic that is very targeted thanks to the keywords that are used. Getting exposure like this can be great for both sales, branding, and other marketing activities.

Thanks to the changes to SEO recently, it can be very easy for businesses to shoot themselves in the foot when coming up with SEO strategies. Many of the old methods not only don’t work anymore, they can come across as spammy and cause search engines to penalize the website instead. SEO firms know exactly what strategies to avoid and can ensure that no spammy tactics have been used. This will ensure that the search engines continue to favor the client’s website and not penalize it for factors that the owner may not even be aware of.

3. SEO specialist good for Google

Often forgotten, but there is a simple and effective way to improve the position of a website on the internet, and Google in particular.

a. The Page Rank:

Google assigns each website a note called “page rank”. This page rank determines positioning on its website. If the page rank is high, the site will appear in the top results. If it is low, the site will appear only after several pages. The calculation of this note is based on the notion of popularity. In other words, the more popular a site is, the more it links it will accumulate this will point to it on the internet.

Logically, to get a high page rank, you must have traffic link from other sites pointing to yours. Not easy I hear you say, and to implement this mechanism can be long and costly. Fortunately, there is a shortcut! To enrich ranking websites, most search engines use third-party directories.

These directories rank websites by topic and have very stringent controls to ensure the quality of sites that are included. Accordingly, these other search engines believe that these directories are trustworthy, and the mere presence of a website in recent enough to make him gain page rank.

The trick is simply to list your website in these directories. From a practical point of view, it is very simple since it is sufficient to submit an electronic form with details of the website: an URL, description, title, and it is gone.

b. The strength of directories:

Note that even when the submission site does not guarantee inclusion in the directory. Indeed, as mentioned above, the strength of these directories based on the quality of the websites that are listed. It is a prerequisite to submit a site of interest to users.

The calculation algorithm of a page rank is based primarily on two directories: Yahoo directory and Dmoz. The first is the book of the famous firm of the same name. The second, Dmoz, is a directory maintained by a community of volunteers.

Enrollment in Yahoo directory is free for non-commercial websites, if the modest sum of 200 Euros is required, but in exchange insertion will be performed within 48 hours Home Dmoz is a bit more complicated and may take some time as it depends on the goodwill of volunteers who are usually very busy, and manage waiting lists of up to several thousand websites.

c. The integration:

The mere presence of your website in these directories can save you up to two points page rank (out of 10). It is a very good time report/results is obviously one of the largest and most used search engines on the internet. What makes Google’s search engine is so amazing is their “top-secret” search algorithm that searches through a course on content pages. Yes, no pages sites.

Many newcomers to search engine optimization Melbourne (SEO, or for short) seem to think that search engines or Google to search your entire site including and identify key.

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