16+ Content Marketing Strategy that Helps You To Viral Your website

16+ Content Marketing  Strategy that Helps You To  Viral Your website

Viral content begins to run for you on autopilot, as your brand gets revealed to a complete different audience that you couldn’t ever actually reach naturally. If you’re looking to create noise for your business I’ve put together 16 strategies to make your content marketing go viral.

What do you think is mean by content marketing? Just the article, blog post? With writing, start my online life. One time, content marketing means only to understand the article, just like you.

However, if you are seeing the previous all post of this Website you may start to understand that content marketing means not just articles or blogs. More than that.

If you focus more on content marketing, then you have two main tasks:

  • Started writing
  • Start your site/blog

Your task is to make the site extraordinary with the new extraordinary content. After doing this work, you will see new visitors coming to Your site.

Target visitors increase, conversion rates and SEO are doing much better. However, the main problem you will face in this case is that the next article will write on a title.

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Which will force your visitor to come to your site the next time. My article will try to see You some of those Tips, which will help you to get new traffic And Also teach You 16+ content Marketing  Strategy that Help You To Viral Your website.

1. Variation:

One type of content is very useful for a type of product, brand or blog.
There are no words that you will have to use all those things that will be discussed in this chapter. Use the plan that's perfect for you.

2. Schedule:

Anyone of the following plan seemed good to you. What to do this time? Your first assignment will be to make a schedule.

If you start working without a plan, then the chances of getting good results will decrease and you will miss the real fun of that plan.

If you start working without a plan, then the chances of getting good results will decrease and you will miss the real fun of that plan.

3. Idea:

It does not matter what content will do well, depending on many parts, how good your article idea is. So, before writing the article, get a good idea, start writing later.

So let's get started …

4. Infographic:

This word is very familiar to all of us. Increase the number of infographics from any type of content and the Result is getting more views.

The biggest thing is that your infographics that Any Kind of visitor love infographics from any type of content. There is no attachment for infographics to be used for the visualization of information.

Infographic works better than any content in social media. Infographic is the best option for viral in social media.

Now you can wake the question in your mind How to make?

If you have a graphic designer around you, you can make it. If you are looking for a little more in the online marketplace then you will get good quality infographic designer specialties.

If you have enough budget in your pocket then you can take help of this site.


Now, at what time do you think my infographic should be spelled? There is nothing to worry about that.

You can use Infographics anywhere. There are no restrictions or rules. Can be used to publish any statistics, data, results, research.


The cost to make infographics can be a bit more. There is no such thing that will make the infographic and it will become viral.

Once someone gets his fun, he will always try to make Infographic. So, you have to create something that is really worth sharing.

Infographic means only that you will not only keep data but it is not. For this, you can use GIF. I think it is much better to use GIF than to publish it through photos.


5. Mimi:

Mimi has an amazing tool for me to think. The main reason is that spelling is very straightforward. Maybe viral.

The biggest thing is to laugh and laugh at you. There is no scope to bother you.

How to make it?

You do not have to be a graphic designer to make Mimi. Mimi generator and Quick Mimi can easily make the Mimi.

Mimi is not the best option for your blog but there is no comparison between social media.

Sometimes, it may be a good way to Mimi to reveal your fan mood information.


Mimi works well for any reason. You can use Mimi as your niche anyway.
I think many times, do not use anything extra.

Use it a little bit while using it. Any kind of misuse can stand for you tomorrow.

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6. Video:

This video can be of different types. If you want to write articles, you can post it in the form of video. Works much better than writing a video.

Because there are two different things to hear from someone and to see what happens in front of them.

The things that happen in front of you will be remembered for a long time. If you can make good quality videos, then there are a lot of benefits.

How to make it?

Before you can make any kind of video, you need to write a script. The video means that there must be a moving picture there, but not so.

Its main purpose is to publish the words that you want to say.
After the video is made, publish it on YouTube or Vimeo.

If you search on Google, you will see YouTube's video show. So, YouTube plays a very important role in Google's popularity. So, your video will play a very important role in SEO.


If you try to make a good quality video then your budget will be good. But you can try it on a small scale for spellings,

but if you contact a video specialist then it will be a little expensive.
But do not ever make the video big enough. Perfect for two-three minutes a video.

7. Guide:

The guide is a bit bigger content. We can call it the epic of the blog post. The guide will be bigger than the length, style, and expression of any blog post.

How to write?

If you go to write a guide then you need a good writer, designer, and an idea. Writers need to know how to write a written form. And the designer's work will be interesting.

And ideas will be something that your visitors are looking for all the time. If you wish, you can publish your guide in PDF form.


You can use the guide to collect mail addresses. When someone wants to download your guide, you can tell him to "register to download guide."

If you can write a good quality guide, you will get benefits for a long time without any extra work. So, be sure to take a little time while writing the guide.

If you can not make a good quality presentation, then the original purpose will go to the water.

8. Book Reviews:

A book review is written on any one book. After reading the book, you need to feel good, bad, and do something better. Discuss this topic.

How to write?

It depends on how the reviews will be written to you. But when you write, keep in mind that the issues are:

  • Writing a start: in 1-5 sentences.
  • The author's identity is in 1-5 sentences.

Special points: Point to the special points in the book: 1-3 in sentences

Those who did not like the rose: after reading the book, you did not like the things that you liked: 1-5 in sentences.

You can give advice to those who read your reviews to read the book: 1-3 in sentences.
Do not forget to mention that the book can be found in the end.


This type of review works very well if your visitor is a little less educated.
If you can write a review on a new publication or a few days later, you will get better results.

And if you can take the author's interview in some way then the consequence is to go past the reproach.

9. Opinion:

This is different from the article we usually post. You try to write an article to write a good quality research base article.

If you are working on a Niche , then you will be able to get out of that work. After that your opinion.

How to write?

The first thing to do is to find your current hot topic. If your nose gets any change, try to write it down.

When you write about a popular topic, the search engines and shares will get the best of both.


Whenever it does not happen, every day will start talking about something else. Try all the time to stay normal.

Your opinion should not be the cause of others' anger, it becomes.
Always write your own words clearly. You do not have the jargon in your logic.

10. Product Review:

Product reviews work just like book reviews. If you can write a good quality review on your own, then everyone will start thinking you are a Boss.

If you take a little time with your knees, then there will be a lot of reviews, such as product, software, and service. The thing you need to do is share your experience.

How to do?

  • Introduce the product first.
  • The product's producer.
  • Write about the product.
  • The thing that's liked.
  • Which did not like.
  • If you have a suggestion.
  • Any link can be found in the Product.


Try to give a product while keeping product reviews while giving product reviews.

How to
Most Popular Content on How to Articles How to Articles work much better on Long Tail Searches.

How to write?

  • Talk about the problem.
  • Say solutions.
  • Say every step of the solution well.
  • Enter the essence.
  • And finally the conclusion.


Writing articles about those problems faced every day, trying to find them
As you can write clearly

The visitor will appreciate your article. You can use diagrams, videos, and pictures to make the article better.

Link Page is a page where links to good quality articles are good for you online. Such resource pages play a very important role in SEO.

How to do?

The job is very simple. The work will be like a link round up. The month's best article is a link and the title of the article is linked to the hyper link. Finish the job.


You can give a little specification if you can add links.

12. Book:

The book is a long content that can be done in different formats such as PDF. You can have the option to download free books.

In return only subscribe with the mail address. Books are a lot of work from general articles because a book is the best option for sharing your knowledge.

How to write?

Whenever you think that you write a book, make sure that the amount of the content in a book contains the same amount of content and the quality is accompanied. 10 thousand words are perfect for a book.

You can share the book chapters in a small sub heading. It will be useful to understand what will happen.


Of course, take time to give a good title. How much of your book will be reader? It depends on many titles, depending on the title.

You need Add  a HTML version of the PDF its makes your Pdf Much Better And Its help Your pdf looking Soo Amazing.

13. Case Study:-

A case study will tell how much your product or service benefits the consumers.

How to write?

Write a summary and the results may be that's why the customer started taking your service and how successful it was.

What was your solution?

Of course, this step-by-step discusses that the acceptability of the reader increases. At the end, a conclusion and a link for anyone who wants to take that service.


If you do not think of writing the case study, you are writing this article just for marketing publish like a compliment. But, the story will be a success story.

14. Audio:

Podcast content is still very popular as And above all, you do not have to work hard to make it. There are many people around you who listen to podcasts like listening to music.

How to do?

A good quality microphone and a little technical knowledge. You can follow this guide.


You can keep a voice version of your publishing content through the podcast.

15. Interview:

Make a list of your niece leaders. Try to contact them regularly. If you get a good taste then you can take an interview.

If you can take a Leader's interview in any way, there will be a lot to increase the acceptability of your product, site, service, and there will be no new talk about the increase in the visitor.

And the biggest thing is that the interview will be completely unacquainted - who does not have you, only you have it.

How to do?

The first thing that will take the interview is to invite them and get a time schedule. After finishing this task you will need to decide how to take the interview?

Introducing the person whose interview is introduced to everyone
After giving any kind of questions, give him a good reply.

The questions are solved in such a way that you can reach a final conclusion. Thanks a lot, and a link to where it takes to take such a service.


This way you can keep the interview.

  • Video.
  • Audio.
  • Writing.

16. Research and Data:

If you have acceptable data with your writing, then give your writing a different acceptance. You are the best way to get data analyzers'

Visitor to share with others. Writing a research base article is not straightforward, and Visitor + Google very well knows how to work hard to repay this.

People will not be afraid to share your writing, which shows no data without data.

How to write?

Of course you have to research. If you give good time for research then you will get what your title should be.

Express the data beautifully. Your data may be number, percentage, and other which will increase your credibility to the visitor.


Well if you do research you may have to spend the money a lot.
You can keep an infographic of the data. Infographics with text, attract more attention from the visitor.

Final Word:

For so long I have been trying to introduce you to many  Kind of Secret Tricks. Now your job is to try to use all thes tips that are perfect for you. The more you can use the better, the more likely your site is viral.

And if you have any plan, question and advice on your own, then please comment.

Which is the best plan in your opinion?

Al last Thanks For Your Valuable time to Hard to read!  Wish the Best Luck for You! Good Bye.

Author: Ahmed Parbes

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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