Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Content Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

No contemporary business is complete without a proper content marketing strategy. Here is a list of top 10 content marketing tips ensuring successful entrepreneurship.

When it comes to drafting a digital business strategy, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the context of content marketing. From videos to texts; from catchphrases to indoor and outdoor advertising; every single thing depends on the fundamentals of content marketing.

If you are not adopting the right marketing strategy and implementing the same during promotional campaigns, then content marketing will not work in your favor.

Thus, in order to buckle up, and remain at par with the rat race out there; simply go through these helpful content marketing tips and effective strategies that you can incorporate for the best Return on Investment, at the end of the day.

1. Analyze your target group before creating a content

According to the anatomymedia.com, a report suggests that two out of every three millennial use ad blocker applications on their mobile devices. Now you must be wondering what could possibly be the reason behind it. Well, chances are that they might find those ad contents irrelevant, disturbing and probably of no use to be precise.

Now that the competition is strong and ad-blocking technologies are popping up almost every single day, it will be quite crucial for you to analyze your target groups closely. This will help you to come up with customized ad campaigns, so that your prospective clients find your sales pitch interesting, rather than over persuasive.

2. Merge your content marketing strategy with the concept of visuals and storytelling

In today’s world of rapid growth and advancement, one should not doubt the potential of a great storytelling strategy and visual presentations. Posted on smartinsights.com, Nat Geo has a whopping 81.7 million followers on Instagram. Wondering how? They use some brilliant images, engaging posts and storytelling methodologies in order to rope in enough visitors, eventually turning them into consumers.

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They are said to add that extra charm and awesomeness in their posts. This, as a result, allow the followers to get something new, interesting and fascinating to read, explore and engage.

content marketing strategy with visuals and storytelling

Thus, here’s the catch! Now that you have understood the game plan well, try coming up with similar strategies that can intrigue your target audience, rather than merely spinning the same old content in new wraps.

3. “Outreach” is the keyword every entrepreneur should focus on

Your content marketing strategy might just prove ineffective and weak, if it isn’t reaching out to a global base of audience. Especially in today’s era of digital advancements, localizing your content and limiting yourself to a domestic boundary is no less than an act of foolishness.

In order to reach out to a wider base of clients across the globe, you need social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the likes. In addition to making your content’s presence felt in such platforms, it is equally important for you to add infographics, interactive videos and graphical representation with the content you wish to share and promote.

4. Your content marketing strategy should successfully retain all existing customers

If your content is not powerful enough to retain the already existing consumers, then the efficiency of your content strategy might be questioned in the long run. Come up with something more relevant this time, learn from the past mistakes and create content based on the taste and preference of your existing clients.

It is to be remembered that if you want to expand your digital trade and flourish in the near future, then “word of mouth” is one technology that will always come into play. And this is possible only when your existing customers spread few good words in support of the services your business provides.  It is to be remembered that retaining a customer will cost you less than what it would appear to be while venturing out to rope in new ones.

5. Choosing the right set of keywords is certainly important for your content

Quite similar to the concept of the target audience, every entrepreneur should learn how to come up with targeted keywords as well. For example, an academic writing website like MyAssignmenthelp.com, the target keywords should ideally be “online writing service”, “Academic assignment help” (if service affordability is their lookout)” and the likes.

right set of keywords

The idea is to add relevant adjectives and come up with words that are directly connected to your product or the service. From primary keywords to secondary keywords; and LSIs to broad-match keywords; you gotta pay heed to each and every one of them. While the density of the primary keyword could be anywhere between 2-2.5%, consider using secondary keywords based on an equation of 1-1.5% of the total word count.

6. Consider blogging as an important part of your content marketing strategy

Merely adding a couple of catchy contents to your promotional campaign isn’t really enough if you aren’t following up the trend accordingly. In order to keep your clients engaged, consider blogging as an important activity. Consumers these days are smarter and more interested in reading articles and blogs that can add value to their choice.

Thus, the idea is simple; if you are promoting any particular product via content marketing strategies, then make sure you are adding a series of good blogs relevant to the specialty of the service or the product, on subject matters that are closely related to the commodity, on global consumerism and the likes.

This, as a result, will make your target consumers realize that the company isn’t merely bragging things for the sake of bragging, thus, adding more value and insights to what you plan to pitch.

7. Opt for lengthier word counts and leverage SEO to the fullest

The graph mentioned above shows the average content length, Google prefers. If you look at the word count ranked at #1, it is evident that the search engine giant prefers lengthier content.

Now that you already know how to use keywords in your post, it is important for you to understand and get the hang of yet another vital aspect. A substantial set of keywords might just go waste if you couldn’t find enough scopes to use them in an article or a blog.

If you are coming up with lengthier blogs and articles comprising an ideal word count between 500-1000, then you get to insert keywords more effectively. This, as a result, will help your blog look complete, and the keyword implementation would look natural; not something which has been forcefully incorporated.

8. Rope in content influencers to promote your content

This particular point of concern is undoubtedly one of the most efficient tips all modern entrepreneurs should try incorporating. The job of the influencers is to promote products and services by talking about them, writing blogs and sharing thoughts via social media and other digital platforms.

content influencers to promote your content

At times, consumers tend to believe or buy opinions of renowned personalities, bloggers and techies rather than that of the in-house executives promoting their own products.

This is where the role of the content influencers comes into play. So, try and persuade influencers to promote your content and talk about the products on your company’s behalf. This is one efficacious strategy and result driven actionable point, which can be used as part of the new-age small business trend and content marketing technicality.

9. A content shouldn’t necessarily be formal and business-oriented; add emotions too

Talking of an effective content marketing strategy for entrepreneurs, it is to be noted that a synonymous term that describes this concept is a conversation. And how do we converse? Rather what do we add to our conversation? Emotion! Isn’t it? Now there’s the drift of it. You gotta add emotions to your content so that all prospective consumers could relate to your sales speech easily, and with a different perspective.

For instance, you can beautifully merge your product features with daily life characters, characteristics and behaviors based on the grounds of societal trends. Talk to your consumers through the ad campaigns, highlight the problems initially and offer a solution soon after.

Represent all ethical values and tell your consumers what role does your product or the service play for the betterment of the society and the likes. Rope in nostalgia, and merge your product’s value to it. The motto of your content marketing strategy should be “Of the consumers, by the consumers, for the consumers”.

10. The idea is to promote a theme or an idea, and not the product

Remember, a direct sales approach might at times backfire if especially your target audience feels that you’re merely pushing in the service for the sake of some quick promotion and revenue.

Why don’t you choose to promote a theme or the very idea behind a particular product launch instead? For instance, if you sell baby care products then what should be the ideal theme or an idea behind your content promotion and marketing?

The theme and the idea should revolve around words such as care, affection, mother’s love, tenderness and the likes. Instead of laying stress on these themes and ideas, if you venture out to adopt direct selling techniques with a couple of product descriptions and the likes, then the target consumers might not like to invest on your service.


11. Listen and analyze before you speak; this is one key tool to consider

Consider being all ears before you come up with an idea or any particular content marketing technique. You may conduct the survey, carry out in-depth research and monitor consumer behaviorism before coming up with a strategy. But it is to be noted that during the entire process of research and analysis; make sure that you are listening to what others have to say.

You may initiate a Facebook Live, or create engaging posts for your target consumers to read, and share their concerns and opinions in the form of feedbacks and comments. This, as a result, will help you understand their mindset and what all necessary developments and instructions of products and services could get rid of the dilemmas discussed and highlighted.

To conclude, let’s assume the world of corporate affairs as a stage where content marketing strategies are the scripts. All you need to know is the right technicality and wait for the right time to incorporate the same. Modern day business and digital trades are mostly based on good content marketing that fetches maximum exposure thus, ensuring decent ROIs end of the day.

Sienna Brown is an independent content strategist cum academic assignment writer associated with MyAssignmenthelp. Apart from being a corporate associate her passion is to write the blog on Content Marketing.

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