21 Hacks in Creating Evergreen Content

21 Hacks in Creating Evergreen Content

As the name suggests, Evergreen content is search-optimized content that is continually remains relevant and stays “fresh” for readers over a long span of time. evergreen content is considered sustainable and lasting as it continues to be relevant long past its publication date, with search traffic growing over time.

Want to learn how to create better evergreen content this 2022? Take a look at these tips to help you create solid content for your business.

Creating content to bring in traffic, clicks or even sales can be tricky. If you continue to struggle coming up with trendy content then you are missing out on a huge part of your content marketing strategy. Though there are tons of content marketing tools that can help you out, these tricks will help you create solid evergreen content this 2019.

1. What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content plays an important part in your digital marketing strategy that can drive online success. It can be a video, image or write-up that will always stay relevant to your audience. These types of content can be re-posted and gain enough traction to give your website or business a boost in traffic, clicks, and/or sales.

2. Plan your evergreen content

When it comes to creating evergreen content, everything needs to be planned. Look for potential events, trends, and other things that you could use to create evergreen content. You can even plan when to publish each down to the time of the day to maximize traction.

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3. Make sure your topics qualify as evergreen content

Not every idea you think of can be good evergreen content. You might want to check with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert for keywords or trends to find out what your audience wants to know about your niche. You can also take a look at Google Trends and Google Analytics for guidance.

4. Get the right keywords

Speaking of keywords, Hubspot says that 75 percent of internet users have never scrolled beyond the first page of a search result. That’s why keywords are so important to have in your evergreen content because it will make it easier for people to see it.

5. Optimize for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There’s more work than simply placing keywords across your content to get you on the front page of a search engine. Get your content optimized by an SEO expert. If you prefer to do it on your own, it would be best to check SEO best practices.

6. Make it beginner-friendly

Most evergreen content is targeted to beginners than experts. That’s why it’s a good evergreen tactic to make your content easy to understand and concise enough to retain the attention of people new to your niche.

7. Choose the right visuals

One way to attract an audience or retain their attention is by adding captivating visuals. According to a Skyword study, total views increased by 94 percent in an article that contains a relevant photograph or infographic compared to content without images.

8. Infuse your brand on the visuals

While using stock photos to liven up your content might sound like a good idea to you, having more authentic visuals is better. Marketing Experiments compared how well a real photo did against their best stock photo. They found out that visitors were 34.7 percent more likely to sign up when they used the recognizable image of their client’s founder for a campaign.

9. Be the authority

As you build your audience, you’ll have to be mindful of how you deliver your message across. You can’t be unsure or not confident of the things you share with your audience or else you’ll lose traffic and credibility. While you wouldn’t want to be overbearing, try to subtly assert your authority in the niche you choose.

10. Know what kind of media to use

How do you know if you need a video, write-up or image for your evergreen content? If you have a social media manager or SEO specialist in your team, consult with them to see the best media to use to get your evergreen topic across.

11. Choose the right type of evergreen

There are many types of evergreen that you can do such as “how to” guides, top list, question-and-answer interviews, checklists, and case studies. Make sure you choose the right type of media to maximize its benefits.

12. Write creative clickable titles

Whether it’s a video or a write-up, titles are very important when it comes to creating evergreen content. According to Grammarly, you need to have a focus word and build your title around it. You also need to make sure that it’s 70 characters or less, or else Google will consider it too long to index.

13. Evergreen content should be relevant to brand/business

Part of your marketing framework should be to make sure that all content—especially evergreens—are relevant to your brand/business. Focus on what your brand sells to create a following.

14. Do your research

When creating evergreen content, you just can’t make up stuff or else someone can file a libel case against you. Spend some resources for market research or simply read up about your niche.

15. Use statistics and data

Speaking of research, using statistics and studies support your content will add credibility to your work. You can start your own research or perhaps cite a credible source, just make sure to link it back to them.

16. Create reliable content so websites consider you a reliable source

You, too, can be a credible source to other websites. With your expertise in your niche, create studies, researches, and/or experiments that other websites will need your information to make their own point, thus, increasing your web authority and improving the search engine rank of your website.

17. Avoid current events

One of the worst evergreen content ideas you can come up with is to use trending topics. While trending topics and current events might sound great for a blog, these types of topics stay relevant for a short time. Your evergreen content should be timeless.

18. Break the TL;DR habit

Evergreens tend to belong—especially in written form. To prevent your readers from getting bored and skipping to the bullet points, offer something of value in key areas of your content such as freebies or post a quick slideshow or infographic.

19. Make sure it’s easily accessible

Just because your evergreen has been published means it will get visits. Make your evergreen content easily accessible on your website by dedicating a spot on the homepage for it so that visitors can easily check it out.

20. Don’t forget to update often

Although evergreen content are designed to be relevant for a long period, these should be updated from time to time. There may be new information about the topic that simply needs to be included or changed for it to stay relevant and accurate.

21. Promote your evergreen content on the right social media platforms

Even if you have awesome content and great SEO, you might be missing out on a huge group of internet users if you don’t promote your evergreen on the right social media platforms. Share your evergreen content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

22. Re-post it on a timely basis

Whenever an update has been made or when a relevant event happens, make sure your social media manager doesn’t miss the opportunity to re-post it. You could be missing out on a chance to revive an old, trendy evergreen content.

Evergreen content is an important piece in a digital marketing framework and strategy that drives online success. With these tips, you’ll be able to maximize it and drive traffic to your website.

Aby Nicole League has a Masters Degree in Biology and works full-time as a researcher. But more than research, she is always on the look out for new innovations. As a part-time job but in full-time passion, she writes about Technology, Online Banking and Shopping, Investing, and Market Research at abyleague.com .

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