How Exit Intent Popups Help You Increase Your Sales

How Exit Intent Popups Help You Increase Your Sales

Exit-intent popups can have irreplaceable positive results for your website. Use the most effective marketing tool and record unsurpassed growth in your business.

Today, popups are considered one of the most essential ways to collect multiple subscribers and increase your website awareness. It’s a key tool that helps to expand online sales, prevents people from leaving your website, and reduces its bounce rate. 

Despite the widespread belief that popups annoy visitors, many people still keep using exit popups, because they really help your online business grow. 

To understand how this marketing tool works, let's figure out what exit intent popup is, the main benefits, and how it increases your sales. 

1. What is an Exit Intent Popup

An exit-intent popup or exit popup appears when a visitor is going to leave the website. They are created to grab visitors’ attention with some relevant engaging offers on popups aimed to prevent their leaving. The content and the design of the popup can be implemented based on the website. They offer discounts, gifts, push to a demo, or a newsletter page, etc. 

It is better to use exit-intent popup than any other kind of pop up, as they do not appear every moment on the website and interfere with visitors. Exit-intent popups display only when the user is about to leave the site. 

Website exit popups can contain the same content that visitors see in the site or there can be displayed a popup as a last resort to keep the customer on the page and ensure frequent visits

2. How Exit Intent Popups Work 

The exit-intent pop up aka exit intent technology is aimed to track the movement of the visitors’ mouse and appears when the user is showing a purpose to leave the website. The goal is to target visitors when they attempt to leave the browsing area, and not only when the cursor of the mouse moves to the exit button. 

The exit popups are used not only for displaying offers but also promotions, warnings, collecting emails, and many other purposes. You can customize popups depending on your requirements, for instance, what kind of results you want to achieve after displaying the popup.

One important thing to mention here is that exit popups can not be displayed effectively for mobile devices, as they work based on the movement of the mouse cursor. Though you can track on-load, on-scroll types of activities on your mobile device and increase the effectiveness of popup on your device. 

3. What Are The Key Benefits Of Exit Intent Popups 

If you are aimed to grab visitors’ attention and remain in their memories for a long time then exit intent popups can be great solutions. 

Here are the key benefits of exit-intent popups. 

  • Preferable than Time-Based Pop-Ups 

Exit popups are much better than the time-based popups. 

Time-based popups appear the moment you open the webpage or after a few seconds before you could read anything. 

It is better to give preference to a popup that appears at the last moment of completion of the work on the site, rather than the one that appears immediately in order to distract the client from what they joined the website. 

  • Reducing Bounce Rate 

Exit popups prevent people from leaving your website and are keys to reducing its bounce rate. A potential customer can wander on your website trying to find something helpful and if their efforts are in vain, probably they will bounce off. This is why exit popups were created, to appear at a risky moment when clients are about to bounce off and interest them to stay on your website for a very long time. 

  • Becoming Helpful and Effective Feature 

There is a misconception that exit popups makes people more irritated than it helps. Exit-intent popups appear at the last moment so as not to cause anxiety in people. And if the popups contain useful content, they will become even more effective for both users and for the further development of the website. 

4. How Exit Intent Popups Increase Your Sales

As we mentioned above, an exit-intent popup appears on the visitors’ screen when they are about to leave the website. It is very important to take into account the reasons why customers leave and how much time they spend on the site. 

To increase sales using exit popups it’s initial to take into account some useful factors.

  • Care About The Design 

The design can tell a lot about your website, products, and goals. If you want to increase your sales and make a good impression on your customers you have to take care of every detail of your exit-intent popup design. 

The exit-intent popup should match your site's layout, with all its parameters. The color of your exit popup fit great with your website, as well as the content and the logo of your brand. 

  • Goals 

If you are eager to increase your sales or grow your email list or anything that will contribute to the development of your site you need to choose the right incentives, for instance, free shipping or raffle, and make your clients follow them. 

  • Setting up 

If you have already taken care of the design and goals of your exit popup, it’s time to set it up. You have options like showing your exit popup right after the user has been particular seconds on your site or show your popup the users every 30 days in order not to irritate them.

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