13 Popular Mobile Ad Networks for App Monetization [Updated]

13 Popular Mobile Ad Networks for App Monetization [Updated]

Almost everyone is on smartphones. Every business should leverage this fact by running mobile ads. Here are the best mobile ad networks to use in 2021.

Datareportal recorded 5.22 billion unique mobile users, In January 2021, which makes upto 66.6% of the world population. Additionally, the number of social media users has grown by more than 13% over the last year. Social distancing obviously has played its part in that one. 

As mobile users increase, the opportunity for having successful ad campaigns on mobile increases as well.

If you are looking to run a mobile ad campaign, here are the best mobile ad networks of 2021, you need to know about!

A brief guide to a mobile app monetization platform 

Mobile app monetization platforms or mobile ad networks are marketplaces where publishers or app developers can sell ad space to marketers or advertisers. These platforms help developers sell ad space to monetize their apps, and they help marketers purchase ad space to advertise. 

Who is a Mobile Advertiser?

A mobile advertiser looks for ad spaces on different digital platforms, for instance, mobile apps. They use a Demand Side Platform (DSP) to find ad spaces at the best prices to run campaigns. 

A mobile advertiser looks to get the best return on ad spends. How is that gotten? Ad return is the revenue generated by the campaign divided by the amount of money spent to produce and execute the campaign. The bigger this number, the better the return on ad spend. 

To do this, a mobile advertiser needs to find an ad space that will attract the most potential customers and will also not cost you that much. 

Who is a Mobile Ad Publisher?

A mobile ad publisher is someone that offers space for advertisers to publish ads. For instance, if you have a mobile app and are looking to monetize it by giving advertisers ad space to advertisers. Ad publishers use a Supply Side Platform (SSP). 

Their goal is to maximize cost per mile (CPM). CPM denotes the revenue generated by 1,000 ad impressions. 

In a CPM-based mobile ad network, an advertiser is billed every time they gain 1,000 impressions. This makes it the most loved mobile ad model for publishers as it is stable, predictable, and rewarding. 

In comparison, a Cost Per Click model is not very profitable for publishers because here, an advertiser is only charged when a customer clicks on an ad. Advertisers like the CPC model because they only pay when a viewer clicks the ad. 

Types of Display Ads

  • Native Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • OfferWall Ads
  • Video Ads

How do mobile ads target prospects?

Mobile ads target prospects on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • Age
  • Location 
  • Sex
  • Employment 
  • Interests 
  • Hobbies 
  • Social Status, and many more 

Here are the best mobile ad networks to look for in 2021:

1. Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads 

Facebook is one of the most rewarding mobile ad platforms. This is because of the massive audience base this platform will provide. Facebook and Instagram will provide you an audience base larger than any other mobile ad platform, simply because of the number of users of these social media platforms. 

Moreover, running ads on Facebook and Instagram is very easy. An advertiser can easily create a highly personalized campaign by choosing a target audience based on several factors. You can filter audience based on demographics like age, sex, religion, location, hobbies, interest, education, job, relationship status, even the device they are logged in from. Also, you can find very attractive and eye-catching ad display formats. 

2. Twitter Ads 

Twitter is another social media platform that works as a highly potent ad network. You can choose the audience depending on their activity on Twitter, like their interests and location. Another advantage is that you have to pay for the actions that you want people to carry out, - for instance, downloading your app.

Here also you can choose the target audience for your ad campaign as per your need. Advertisers can choose Twitter users to display ads to based on their interests and also their location. A unique advantage that you get while running ads on Twitter is that you only pay for the action that you really want your audience to take; for instance, if you are promoting your app to increase your app downloads, you then will be billed to pay only for those times when someone downloads your app.

3. Mopub

Social media giant Twitter acquired one of the top mobile advertising companies in the world, in 2013. It is considered to be a brilliant option for developers for revenue generation from their mobile apps. Mopub also has an in-app RTB exchange called MoPub Marketplace. This marketplace connects buyers and publishers across all countries of the world. 

Additionally, this company has more than 180 DSPs working with it who the ATDs, agencies, marketers can access. It has a reach of more than 1.5 billion unique devices, more than 50,000 mobile apps connected on the platform, and more than 450 billion monthly ad requests. The platform supports multiple ad formats, including opt-in video, rich media, video, native, native video, and display ads

4. ConsoliAds

ConsoliAds is acknowledged among the best mobile app monetization platforms around the world. The platform offers out and out in-app advertising for monetization and the acceleration of in-app revenue. We leverage monetization with quick and easy SDK integration alongside optimal technical support at every stage. Our platform mediates and grows in-app revenue by serving ads from the best mobile ad networks for publishers.

We give hands-on control of monetization optimization and performance enhancement in the hands of mobile app publishers. ConsoliAds to date has impressively achieved 3.5 billion-plus impressions from all over the world while providing ~20% instant incremental revenue for mobile app publishers.

ConsoliAds for Mobile Advertising

The ConsoliAds Ad Network offers dynamic innovative mobile advertising campaigns for marketers to enjoy. ConsoliAds Ad Network empowers advertisers to serve quality ads with its powerful inventory of 15000+ mobile apps and games. The ad network leverages 3-5% successful conversion for quality user acquisition and a 30% click-through rate for unparalleled results.

We guarantee greater ROAS by providing the best mobile advertising solutions for mobile advertisers. ConsoliAds enables crisp audience targeting with the power of Appographics that streamlines campaign goals with audience interests. 

5. Google AdMob

AdMob is recognized to be the top tech-giant mobile ad network from Google. You are sure to get flawless functionality in addition to easier app integration from this mobile ad network. If you are a newbie in mobile advertisement, AdMob is the best starting point.

The advertising network of AdMob is far less intrusive and aggressive as compared to the other networks. However, users reported having lower revenues while using this network. Hence, if you are an experienced person seeking higher revenue, you can look for something else.

6. AdColony (or Opera Mediaworks)

AdColony is one of the most sought-after ad network company's top mobile publishers in the world. Some of its features are finding rich media & video to use in your ad campaigns, carrying out demographic targeting, and easily integrating with both Android and iOS. 

Moreover, AdColony happens to be the first advertising platform to offer Instant-Play™ HD video ad technology that works across devices regardless of their quality and internet speed. It allows users to change the quality of ad content as per their needs. Adcolony also has a premium service that allows publishers and advertisers with more filters to target their audience, ensuring precise targeting.

7. Unity Ads

Unity Ads is considered to be the leader of the best mobile ad network companies for the monetization of mobile applications. 

It is a comprehensive monetization platform for iOS and Android developers. It helps you easily monetize your existing player base or fuel your player acquisition strategy by advertising your game across the world's largest gaming community.

8. Publift

Publift is one of the most popular ad networks with a focus on helping small to mid-sized publishers gain access to premium advertisers. It has a customer base of over 350 publishers spread across 60 countries.

Publift helps publishers increase revenue through programmatic advertising and website optimization services. They especially pride themselves on their friendly customer service, and, by their own admission, a great sense of humor.

To be eligible to work with Publift, publishers must have a minimum monthly revenue of  $2000 and good quality content on their website.

It allows easy integration of its Fuse ad tag with a publisher’s website with additional onboarding support if needed. Once installed, Fuse continues to help publishers with ongoing optimization to their website that go beyond mere advertisements.

It is also a Google Certified Publishing Partner, and has been recognized by Deloitte as one of Australia’s fastest growing tech companies in 2019.

9. Chartboost

Chartboost is highly recommended by game app publishers for the monetization of apps in a perfect way. It is considered to be a mobile-only ad platform that focuses on gamers primarily. It has gained high excellence in the cross-promotion of applications.

The advertisements are focused on encouraging installs of game applications. Chartboost is recognized to be the prime choice of Game app publishers for keeping the user base together. Publishers go for new game apps in the already existing ones.

This platform offers you analytics. Thus, you will get a plethora of insights for the improvement of campaigns by the analysis of data. Developers will get access to the data that are generated by Chartboost directly. It is much easier to integrate with the Chartboost SDK.

10. Epom Apps

Epom Apps is a top-rated ad mediation platform for smart app monetization. Epom Apps has in-house experts who help app developers generate revenue from their applications with winning ad strategies. Epom Apps team handles the whole app monetization process - from the selection of best-performing demand sources to include in the custom SDK to everyday ad placement optimization.

11. Smaato 

Smaato is another mobile ad network company worth mentioning. It offers programmatic advertising and real-time bidding. Smaato has a network of 390 demand partners, and the different platforms are free for integration. Hence, no actual downsides are present in this mobile ad network. If you are successful in catching the fancy of demand partners, you can expect promising revenue.

Smaato Publisher Platform confers a Dynamic Demand platform that allows per impression competition for different advertising sources to raise the publisher's revenue.

12. Flurry 

Flurry is another ad network company that Yahoo acquired in 2014. Flurry's analytical part is unique. It has the ability for a developer or company to monitor a whole portfolio of applications distributed on different application stores across platforms.

Its funnels also measure customized consumer conversion metrics. You can also categorize the analytics that you gather, for example, separating paid users from free users. Officially part of the Yahoo Developer Network and their App Publishing, Flurry shows great potential for high revenues with its extensive analytics features.

If you have the patience and the drive to optimize and test your ad campaigns over and over again, you can most certainly make some really interesting observations with Flurry.

13. Snapchat Ads 

If you are thinking of carrying out social media advertising, you should absolutely not miss Snapchat. Snapchat is the only social platform along with Instagram that will allow you to reach out to a younger audience (Gen Z). Snapchat ads have very quick and easy features that would guide you to select your target population and design your ads.

Bonus: Apple Ads 

Only recently, Apple launched its own advertising platform – Apple Search Ads, also known as ASA. Here mobile developers (publishers) would only pay per install of their app. The Apple Search Ads platform lets you decide what keywords and what audience you want to select and set up your budget and goals.

Unfortunately, Apple Search Ads is not yet available worldwide – so far, it is active in Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. 


Mobile advertisement is something that every business needs to adapt to. Not only because the majority of the population is on the phone, but also there are very potent mobile advertising tools available that can help you scale-up your brand and business effectively. 

We hope this list of mobile ad networks of 2021, will help you run successful mobile ad campaigns. For more content on all things marketing stay tuned to The Next Scoop.

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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