Instagram Video Marketing Advice: 6 Most Significant Strategies For Explosive Growth

/ September 29, 2016 | 5 Mins Read

Instagram Video Marketing Advice: 6 Most Significant Strategies For Explosive Growth

By employing these strategies, you can increase your social media presence through Instagram video marketing.  So, just go ahead and try these tips on Instagram.

Do you know that Instagram has introduced a recent update on its videos? Yes, video sharing has gone from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and that's a huge bonus for businesses and brands. Also,

this awesome social network platform plans to bring in unique video features like slow-motion potentiality and video view counts.

No doubt, in the past few years, Instagram has shown remarkable growth. And this has enhanced the video content of various brands. As Instagram’s major goal is inclining to videos, video marketing will soon be one of the must-dos for many businesses.

Famous brands have started to take advantage of this interesting marketing gimmick to communicate with their customers using value-added, creative and engaging approaches.

Enhancing Video Content Of Brands

In fact, many studies have shown that about 50% of the best Instagram videos come from brands and not individuals. So, now is the perfect time to begin integrating your video marketing tactics using Instagram videos.

Instagram Video Marketing Strategies :

With the photo features, Instagram has already provided a significant advantage to digital marketers. And now adding the video feature, it has increased its value exponentially. So, let’s check out some of the major marketing tactics you can use to boost your business with Instagram videos -

1) Design A Visual Portfolio

You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, a 60-second video can communicate more information than 1000 words. Now based on the nature of your industry (whether it is food, beauty, fashion, technology, digital media, etc.) you need to shoot videos of the recent work done for clients as a video lookbook which can be viewed by potential customers.

Irrespective of whether you are the owner of a café who wants to show your cake decorating skills or a makeup artist who wants to display the latest elegant looks, there are endless possibilities with video visual portfolios.

2) Shoot Product Demos And Reply To FAQs

Rather than spending a lot of time answering customer inquiries and questions through Twitter and email, it is beneficial if you create a list of the common and popular questions that customers ask. Then you can shoot a short Instagram video where you provide answers to those questions.

Sometimes your customers will be having many questions related to how your product works. Through your Instagram videos, you can show step-by-step instructions along with narrations. This can help your customers get additional and helpful information regarding your product. Frankly, this is a great value-add for your audience along with the added bonus of videos being easy to share and follow. And it is somewhat better than paging through long pages of images and paragraph of texts.

Shoot Product Demos

3) Highlighting Special Events And Offers

Sometimes you might feel that 60 seconds is quite a long time for promoting special events and offers with videos. So, if you are having a contest or a special sale for certain services or products, you can display to your prospective customers and fans what they might win or what they can buy from the special sale.

By flipping the view mode of the camera to record a personal message that helps in event or special sale promotion, it will bring a personal touch to the marketing strategies of your customers.

Here you need to use the description field to highlight a video message related to sales, events or contests and add a hashtag to keep track of conversions and even expand your reach. Frankly, a short video is all you require to reach a huge audience.

Whenever you create a video, be it for Instagram's Reels, Stories or Posts, or any other social media platforms, make sure to keep an eye on the file size of the finished video. Because almost every platform has a different cap in terms of maximum expected file size, we recommend running your finished video through video compression software. Here's a detailed blog by Bazaarexpert that has compared some of the leading video compression software. 

4) Humanizing The Brand

Currently, social media has blurred the lines of communication among audiences and companies with brands, increasingly turning to real life and real time social engagement among customers to compete in the marketplace. So, this encourages firms to be more open and transparent with their audiences.

Instagram videos provide brands with an opportunity to do this and that too in bite-sized chunks which showcase their style, their culture at a workplace and provides customers an inside look at how things have to be done. Also, it assists brands in standing out among its competitors and easily connecting with customers, thereby showing that there are no secrets to hide and creating trust.

Humanizing The Brand

5) Getting Followers And Fan Submissions Through Hashtags

You can invite your fans to submit Instagram videos by using the hashtag of your choice to enter a contest or assist in promoting live events. Now if you have a huge Instagram audience, then this can be the best method to engage with them, get the best user-generated content, and develop brand loyalty.

Furthermore, this is an organic method of getting genuine content for live event promotion. Many potential fans will trust the content which their friends create and share and assume it to be genuine in comparison to the ones of a firm or brand.

6) Increasing Facebook Engagement

Photos and videos inspire and provide most of the engagement through likes, comments, and shares via Facebook. Now the fact that you can view Instagram videos directly from your Facebook account is a great benefit for you in improving your community engagement and giving fans the chance to post questions, provide comments and share directly with the brand.

Instagram Video Marketing

Final Verdict

As Instagram videos continue to grow and develop, there is going to be a better opportunity for many marketers to reach targeted audiences.

By employing these strategies and tips at the right time, you can increase your social media presence through Instagram video marketing.  So, just go ahead and try these tips on Instagram.

But do keep in mind that you cannot expect them to give results as soon as possible. You must know what you want to achieve, whether it is to increase the number of followers or brand recognition, before using any one of the tactics. Take your own time and analyze the market trends as it is safer to have hands-on experience regarding the value of your brand and products.

Sandra Christie, a writer for iDigic, has several published articles about social media that talk about the general improvement of your social feed, and get more brand presence using it.

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