7 PPC Campaign Strategies Appropriate For Niche Specific PPC Campaigns

7 PPC Campaign Strategies Appropriate For Niche Specific PPC Campaigns

What is the correct way to do advertising with your niche business, product or service? Here are niche specific PPC campaign strategies for your niche business to thrive.

Pay per click advertising can work very well for niches if they are applied intelligently and efficiently. Niche refers to a specialized market that offers products or services that meet very specific needs. Using the right keywords in your LMS PPC campaign can drive the right audience to your business.

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PPC strategies are a great way to get relevant traffic your way, but what is the correct way to do it with your niche business, product or service? Targeting the right customers and audience for your niche is different and more complex.

Here are seven niche specific PPC campaign strategies for your niche business to thrive:

1. Create the Desired Demand

The first strategy to get your niche specific PPC to work is to educate and create awareness regarding your product or service. There may not be much or any demand for your product or service as of now, but you can use PPC to your benefit to generate an interest in it.

It’s the best way to start off a conversation for new products or services in the market when it comes to niche businesses. This strategy is not aimed at getting people or your target audience to talk and discuss your product, but rather just know about it.

So, this would mean educational and awareness generating content to be pushed through ads to get users to learn more about your product. Once the education and awareness have created curiosity, a relevant keyword search will automatically increase, which is what we are targeting at.

To catch the interest of your target audience, try strategies like creative video demonstrations, quizzes, blogs, etc. Check out the need that your product is solving and see what kind of language is being used for the products solving a similar or inferior need than your product, in case you do not have any competitors.

2. Micro Conversations

When creating awareness and interest regarding your product, you target a larger pool of conversation. However, to get users to go deep into the conversations about your products, you need to aim at micro-conversations.

A conversion on the first encounter of your product is probably not going to happen, but if you offer discounts, deals, tutorials, free demos etc, you might attract eyeballs and get them on your email list. This will lead to more education of your product which may eventually lead to conversion.

Before you get down to launch a follow-up campaign more focused on conversations, ask your users about their valuable ideas. The awareness stage is the best time to get a hold of tactics that might work well for your product.

So go ahead and ask the users in your email list, how did they come across your product, what did they type to search for your product, what else will they type to search for your product, what features attracted them, what they disliked etc.

This will give you a lot of information for further directions that your campaign should take.

3. Look Out For Fads

It is very important that you be on a constant lookout for fads while making your audience interested or aware of your niche using PPC campaign strategies. You could either be generating a long-lasting interest or a passing fad. This is something you need to be very careful about.

Do not enter a niche just because of a temporary fad, because once that passes, you will have nowhere to be. What you need to do is create a lasting interest which is profitable.

If you are already a niche and invest in digital and online marketing, then you can expect a constant increase in interest which will be profitable. However, this will also cause an increase in the competition along with the interest.

Be loyal to your audience and fans. Leaving your audience alone after the passing of a fad can break your niche. Create good quality products and services so that you have a loyal force of audience behind your niche. Digital marketing will do the job of renewing interest in your niche.

4. Be ‘the’ Stop For Your Niche

Be the one-stop platform for your niche. If anyone is looking for your niche products or services, then they should only want to come to you.

Beat low-cost platforms with unique, good quality products and services so that you are dynamic and set apart on the internet.

5. Be Up to date

A lot of times due to budget issues, small and niche businesses avoid spending on digital marketing strategies and expect their audiences to follow them at their usual websites and marketing.

This might be more harmful than helpful. Do not shy away from taking a chance with some good keywords, which can be low costing in their cost per click.

Apply strategies like paid video and social to reach out to more customers.

6. Revise Your Marketing

Remarketing your niche can be a good way to get the conversations continuing and going. Remarketing of niche is very beneficial because it allows a lot of focus based on behavior.

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Encouraging your customers to repurchase can be much cheaper and easier to do than getting new customers, so you definitely want to tap that.

7. Target Broad General Terms as well

You may be a niche but that should not stop you from targeting broad, general terms as well. It will attract a bigger audience. Examine and understand who is your audience and use relevant keywords for the same.

You may not have exact keywords for your niche, but by using keywords which are more general will get your audience and potential customers quickly.


While there are no written rules about what works and what doesn’t, these strategies are definitely aimed at bringing about some change and success in your PPC campaign strategy.

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