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11 Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales And Grow Your Online Business






11 Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales And Grow Your Online Business

It would e challenging to select a few apps to grow your business when there are hundreds of Shopify apps available. We made it easy by picking the best Shopify apps. Have a look here.


Shopify, an e-commerce platform that is simple enough for budding entrepreneurs to launch an online store and start earning some extra cash right away yet sophisticated enough to please experienced retailers and established businesses.

And that’s what sets Shopify apart from numerous other ecommerce platforms in the market.

It’s super simple, easy to set up and does not require much investment. In fact, the basic Shopify plan starts as low as USD $29 and comes with all the features you need to get off the ground. Ideal for e-commerce start-ups looking to start their e-commerce business and earn some money.

For those who have started their business with Shopify and are looking to scale up, Shopify is for them too! Shopify has a range of free and premium apps that can help you boost sales and grow your business.

There are thousands of apps like that and to choose the right ones for your business growth can be a challenge. But not to worry, for we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of most popular apps that make shopify product upload and other related tasks easy to scale your business.

Here are some of the best Shopify apps to help you grow your business:-

1. WhatShare


As a growing business, you can’t afford to spend a lot on advertising and promotions. WhatShare allows you to share your products  with your clients and customers on Whatsapp, a popular communication and chat app. If you engage with your clients on WhatsApp, WhatShare offers an intimate and personalized way to showcase your products. It even allows customers to recommend it to their friends and family on WhatsApp.

2. Omnisend


It’s a wonderful app for email automation. It sends fully automated personalized emails and SMS messages to customers. It helps to send relevant messages to customers in the right context. Whether its sending festive greetings or some discount offers in the new year, Omniscient can go a long way in customer retention. The fee is only USD $10 a month with 14 days free trial.

3. Optin Monster


The best Shopify marketing app to gather email addresses and boost sales.  It has all the advanced features you would possibly need to grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, retargeting, etc. It’s a bit pricy at USD $49/month but it’s worth all the features it offers and the benefits it promises.

4. Referral Candy

Referral Candy.jpg

It’s the ultimate Shopify app to gain referrals. This app lets you give your customers incentives to refer their friends and family. You can choose from the list of incentives. At USD $ 49 a month you get automatic rewards delivery and a dashboard to track referrals. Another one of shopify’s amazing ways to help you boost sales.

5. Smile


An app to boost customer loyalty to your brand.  Smile app lets you create a loyalty program on your store for loyal customers. You can issue reward points based on sales, social media mentions, brand following, etc. This is a freemium app. The above-mentioned features are available for free but you can upgrade to give additional rewards or create a customized rewards program.

6. Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell.png

An app that suggests complimentary products to the customers at a discounted rate. For instance if a customer is ordering an iPhone, the app would offer him an iPhone case or cover at a discounted rate. Anybody who is ordering baby clothes might be interested in baby toys too and so on. It’s a paid app with 30 days free trial. The price is a meager USD $ 9.99 per month or 19.99 for small business plan.

7. Outfy


An app to automate your social media promotion and enhance your social reach.  This app helps you promote your products on twelve social media platforms simultaneously thereby expanding your reach to thousands of potential customers.

8. Katana


A cloud-based software with Shopify integration that helps you with complete production planning, scheduling and inventory management. It empowers small manufacturers with the management of workshop operations and inventory.

Manufacturers can now manage their production activities, purchase of materials, order deadline, etc by having a complete view of the order fulfillment process. It's priced to scale with your business starting at USD $ 49/month with a single user, single inventory location and a single e-commerce channel. You can upgrade to multiple users, multiple inventory location and multiple e-commerce channels by paying additional charges.

9. Privy


An app that is designed to help your conversion rates by displaying highly convertible popups, flyers, banners, etc that can be used to showcase discounts, special offers, etc. It also creates exit pop-ups to display to customers who are about to exit your site without taking any action or without completing the purchase. It’s a freemium app. The free version lets you enjoy all the above features and the paid plan lets you track your site’s numbers so you can see if its having any effect on your website.

10. Product Reviews

Product Reviews.png

Another one of the very useful Shopify apps that let you integrate customer reviews into your store page. We all know that positive reviews play a great role in building trust amongst visitors. Also reviews have been proven to play a role in influencing purchase decisions as well. Customers always go for products with a lot of positive reviews.

11. Optimonk


An app for exit intent pop-ups, messenger and email pop-ups, it is designed to help you increase your subscriber base, reduce cart abandonment and increasing cart value. It comes with a 14-days free trial thereafter USD $ 29/month going up to USD $399/month.


That’s it, folks! That’s the end of the list. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means but it does a fairly good job of introducing you to some of the best Shopify apps one can use to grow your business and boost sales. Please note you should not use too many of them as it will only serve to confuse you and distract the visitor. Instead, your best bet would be to use these and see for yourself which one works best for your business!

Don’t get overwhelmed with the prices as most of these apps offer a free trial without asking for your credit card details. Try and test these apps before you decide to invest in them! Alternatively if you’ve used any of these apps, do let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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