Choosing a Reputable Web Design Agency

Choosing a Reputable Web Design Agency

A good web design agency is pretty hard to find. But when you find one, it becomes one of the most valuable parts of your company’s marketing strategy.

Looking for a decent web design agency may become a challenging task, especially if doing it online. The top five search engine options are for sure paid to be there, but the other variants seem to get lost because they do not even correspond to the intended search. 

It is not a rare event when some smart entrepreneurs launch consulting businesses offering to find a solution for seekers but, is it so hard to come up with on one’s own? Let’s cover the most popular obstacles depriving people of choosing a reputable web design agency, and share tips on what to look at when selecting.

1. What Is Your Purpose?

It might sound strangely obvious but a person should know what he needs. It does not necessarily mean these agencies have a specialization in some services but they may differ in proficiency and competency regarding them. For instance, modern web design agencies perform the following tasks: 

  • Web-design and redesign;
  • User experience testing;
  • Landing page design;
  • 508 compliance design;
  • Rapid web design; 

These services may already narrow the search because some companies are limited to delivering some works only.

2. Price Matters

If you are employed, you want to be paid decently, especially because you are 100% sure of your skills and mastership. The same concerns web-designer who won’t even wake up if you require much but pay less. Of course, different paying capacities can be met but there is no need to talk about the quality, it won’t correspond to what you expect to get.

Thus, decide on the budget you can spend on work. If one has no idea of how a good-looking work is paid for, surf the Internet. Find genuinely top companies and ask for their prices, then compare them with not so promoted options. 

Note, the cost will greatly depend on the task you set to them, or most importantly a deadline. Such a service as web design can be affordable or even cheap but if you order it for the next day, expect to throw money down the drain. 

3. Check Reviews or Feedback

Modern Internet users or youngsters know how the Internet works, and what are the jobs online. One of the marketing tricks a few companies turn to is ordering the composition of only positive feedback. So, whenever you scroll down to the Comment Section or Feedback from Our Customers, filter everything you read.

To avoid being wound around one’s little finger, you can find independent websites where people post true opinions. There you may feel secure and confident knowing they are not paid for them. 

One tip in advance, if you refer to independent review sources, check their rates. Usually, they designate their pages in the way, people can rate services on Speed, Quality, Price. Note, do not expect all three to be 5-star rated, choose what you will exactly need from one agency. 

4. Where Is Portfolio?

Okay, let’s imagine you finally made a decision and contacted one web design company. Please, do not hurry up to pay them for your order but ask for a portfolio. It should not be screenshots or names of the websites they had a hand in.

Regularly, web-designers make a presentation with examples of their works, and some even manage to attach case study. The latter option will reveal to you how an agency achieved the targets of one client, what steps were involved, and methods. And, how much budget was funded to accomplish one project.

In very rare cases, some fraudsters steal works of others, so try to play with copy-paste of presented works in Google to spot illegal borrowings. And, do not agree on full payment but only a deposit or full payment after receiving your task done. It can protect potential buyers from losing their money. 

5. Communication Is a Key

If a person agrees to collaborate with one agency, it is high time for a qualitative conversation. Note, what a client explains to a task performer, that he will receive.

It may sound funny but continuous comments to a web-designer when he already started your order irritate tremendously, and may even spoil his mood. Yes, try to provide him with a plan of what you expect to see, features you need, or discuss with him what he can add to make your order better. 

Creative web-designer is beyond money if he has no fear of saying one idea is a disaster, it means he cares about his agency reputation, and accordingly yours. He should risk ideas, offer crazy but working strategies, and it is a person who may even recommend how to change other aspects of one site at no cost. That’s a good sign. 

The next precaution concerns deadlines and comments. Remember, the more corrections you make during the ongoing work to a web-designer, the more time he will need to comply with them. It does not work like you change the whole design one night before submitting a result.

These workers also sleep, spend time with their families or on their own, no one will wake up for you late at night to start from scratch. Or, there are such crazy-dedicated workers but prepare to pay extra. 

6. Mistakes When Choosing a Web Design Agency

Check the top 5 mistakes people make when selecting an agency. There is nothing left but encouragement for you to avoid them as much as possible. Otherwise, you will be deeply frustrated, and most importantly, bankrupt.

  • Feel the difference between designers and developers. Web-designer is a kind of artist who can decorate or enhance the look of a website. A developer is the one who develops applications, programs, builds websites from scratch, and works on the functionality of the Internet environment;
  • Compromise on quality for the lower price. Yes, you may have a limited budget but is it worth receiving a mediocre result? It will only frighten away your targeted audience and no one will ever stay on your site for more than 5 seconds. Make advances with web-designer or lower your requirements. Decent work cannot cost less, never;
  • Ignoring international agencies. People may find it difficult or unreliable to work with international web design agencies because they are far and you cannot check them on-site. Some popular agencies from other countries are open for tasks from anyone, they accept major payment gateways and are ready the same to stay tuned to your communication 24/7. And, they won’t differ in prices;
  • Set extremely short deadlines. Of course, many agencies are experts in managing them but do not expect the top result with the low price in particular. So, additional tip for you, never leave the urgent tasks for the last moment, and you will have a variety of online or local agencies to turn to;
  • Trust web-designers with average sites. Once you find a company that offers the best terms, prices, speed, take a look at their website. If it looks average, your result will be the same. Or, another suspicious manifestation is when a local agency does not have a website. How do you think is it even legal to promote web services without having an official site? 

Finally, there is one opinion that young web-designers are more prospective in terms of creativity. They can bring a fresh touch to work, and impress clients with exceeding their expectations. However, it is up to potential clients whether to choose them or not. 

A reputable web design agency is the one that never compromises on quality with a speed, the one with affordable prices for regular tasks, and a little bit higher for urgent ones. And, it is a company that is not scared to make amendments to your vision of an ideal project. Their workers can offer you an extraordinary approach.

Author: Dany German

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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