9 Employee Tracking Apps That Can Benefit Small Businesses In 2021 [Updated]

/ April 3, 2018 | 6 Mins Read

9 Employee Tracking Apps That Can Benefit Small Businesses In 2021 [Updated]

This article is having top 6 employee tracking apps that are available on the market today for getting more benefits for your small businesses in 2019.

It is said that time is money, something that small businesses need the most. If you are starting a small business, you don’t want to waste any resources including valuable working hours. There are many systems put in place for time tracking and management. However, some manual methods aren’t as effective as portable automatic systems.

When we talk about portable time tracking systems, we mean employee tracking apps that can be installed either on a smartphone or a tablet. There are various apps on the market today that can help you track your employees working hours and movement.

Depending on your needs, there are those that offer facial recognition clock in, employee alerts in case they forget to clock in, and even payment integration. Here are some of the top employee tracking apps available on today's market 2021.

1. Timesheet

Timesheet is perhaps one of the oldest and most recognizable time tracking app. It’s basically a simple version of the desktop site. Since it’s a free app, you should expect some compromises.

However, it’s a good app for anyone running a small business and interested in tracking employee time on a smaller scale such as by project. Options available include monitoring projects, creating notes, and adding breaks.

Basically, a timesheet is an app dedicated to small-scale business owners who aren’t looking for complicated or premium features.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right app for your business, consult the index time clock for professional advice.

2. Traqq


Traqq is a user-friendly yet feature-rich time tracker designed to boost productivity among freelancers, remote teams, and organizations. The tool works online and offline, ensuring accurate billable time. Even without an internet connection, Traqq will still log working time and monitor productivity. Once the user gets back online, the app will sync the data and add the offline time to the report.

What sets Traqq apart from other time trackers is how it promotes ethical employee monitoring. The app takes random video recordings and screenshots of a user’s desktop. Even so, the images and videos it captures are blurred to an extent that prevents sensitive information from becoming legible. Managers will only get an idea of what their employee is doing at a given time. Moreover, they won’t be able to read passwords and private messages.

3. TimeDoctor

Timedoctor is an employee monitoring software where you can track your employees working time.


This app gives you an x-ray view of what your employees are doing during their working hours, details of the websites they are visiting, the amount of time taken for each task, and to an extent where you can even track the employee's GPS location.

One of the advanced features includes screenshot which also integrates mouse and keyboard stroke activity of the employees. It’s one of the best features if your team is based in the remote.

Also, it allows creating a payroll inside the application. This app comes in a single pricing plan at $9.99 per user. You can also try out the 14 days trial to find if Timedoctor is a good fit for you.

Hubstaff and Timedoctor are the two most popular apps in the market today. Learn the pros of cons of using these apps in this Hubstaff vs Timedoctor article.

4. Hub staff

Hubstaff is a time tracking software developed for managers and business owners who want to understand how their companies operate. Hubstaff tracks time, keyboard, and mouse usage to generate an activity rate, and captures optional screenshots so business owners can view work as it happens.  


The app has a mobile version built with GPS tracking and geofences. This allows your team to automatically start and stop tracking time once they enter or leave specified job sites.  This makes for more accurate timesheets and works tracking. Hubstaff has a free version for solo freelancers, and the Basic plan starts at $5/user per month.

Although it might seem heavy on monitoring features, it’s a good app for business owners who want to better understand how work is progressing or how teams operate.   

5. T sheets

Not to be confused with timesheet, T sheets is an extensive time tracking app that allows business managers, supervisors, and employees to communicate on their whereabouts projects they are working on, availability, time worked, and invoiced.

It comes with extra features such as the ability to log in using Twitter, voice call, email, and messaging among others. It also has a unique feature dedicated to crews where the project manager can take bulk actions such as clock in or clock out his/her team.

For the business owner, they can monitor what their employees are doing at what time and at which location. T sheets is a premium app charging four dollars a month per user per month but has a desktop site that can be integrated.

6. Harvest

Harvest is one of the popular time tracking apps available on the market. Its main strong point is the ability to integrate future scheduling and expense tracking. Just like the apps mentioned above, it will allow you to monitor your employees’ movements, time worked, and invoices.

Using its sister app even allows you to make future employee schedules. Pricing for the up starts at $12 a month per person.

7. Toggl

For nine dollars a month, you can be able to track your own or employee activities and the time taken for every project. Toggl is one of the most popular apps as it is very easy to use requiring you to literally click twice to measure the time spent on a project. It has extra features such as integration to project management apps and hundreds of web apps.


Employee time tracking is important especially if you do it on the fly and nothing does it better than a dedicated employee tracking apps.

Let us comment below if you have better employee tracking apps that you already use in your small businesses to make it faster and easier.

8. EmpMonitor

EmpMonitor is an employee management software that provides amazing monitoring solutions and security to companies of all kinds. It comes with great features that help organizations to measure the productivity of their employees, especially the remote teams.

With this incredible tool, you can track the activities of your employees during working hours and that too from anywhere without being visible. You can also get screenshots of your employees' screens, a list of URLs visited by them, keystrokes as well as user logs.

In addition to this, you can also analyze your employees' performance on a monthly basis as EmpMonitor specialized in generating reports in the form of graphs and charts that are easily understandable. You can set the duration as per your needs and make the process more streamlined. 

To ensure that the EmpMonitor can be used by small as well as large companies and storage issues should not be a problem for any of them, the tool saves all the data in the cloud. So, you don’t have to invest in buying extra space. 

It is amazing software with all the advanced features that are not only helpful for companies but also for employees to assess their growth.

9. TMetric

If you are tired of keeping your employees’ time in spreadsheets and need help with tracking their productivity, check out TMetric. The app will become your digital helper in employee monitoring, managing tasks and projects, teams, and time off. With TMetric you’ll be able to generate the most detailed reports for data analysis and better optimization of workload.


TMetric will also allow you to track employees’ activity and see the screenshots of their monitors. Both options are available for extra team management and will help business owners to keep employees’ performance as high as possible for company success. 

In addition, the employees themselves would enjoy using the tool to simplify their workflow for better efficiency, count each minute of a workday and make sure they are paid accurately based on the tracked time.

The app would become a great fit for teams of any size starting at $4 per user per month.

Fredrick is the writer of this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business-related topics. He also writes for a site advancesystemsinc. offering automated workforce management systems.

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